Steve Bannon and friends – making America groan


Steve Bannon, Trump’s former strategist and best-buddy until his publicity seeking fell foul of the boss’s ego, has been arrested and charged with fraud over a fundraising campaign to build a wall on the US-Mexico border. Despite claiming “We Build the Wall” was a volunteer organisation and promising all the $25 million raised would be used for construction, some went sideways to the four in charge to fund their personal lifestyle. They issued “sham invoices and accounts to launder donations and cover up their crimes, showing no regard for the law or the truth” according to the SDNY prosecutor. If found guilty Bannon, US veteran Brian Kolfage and two others could face decades in prison. Trump denies all knowledge and recent contact with Bannon though the fund appeal had a stamp saying ‘Trump Approved’ and Don Trump Jr. visited one section in New Mexico in a year ago.

Bannon, born 27 November 1953, no birth time, is a Sun Sagittarius with a publicity-attracting, showbizzy Mars Neptune in Libra sextile a controlling Pluto, in a can-be-fanatical square to Uranus, and a confident trine to Jupiter in Gemini.

He has a sharp-shock from tr Uranus opposition his Sun/Mars midpoint exactly now alongside the radical-upheaval tr Uranus opposition his Pluto/Node midpoint running till late September, repeating on and off till January 2022; and worse a catastrophic tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint now until late this month and again repeating through next year till January 2022. 2021 from late January has the car-crash tr Pluto square his Mars/Saturn midpoint as the same time as the devastating tr Pluto square his Neptune, both running till late 2022. He will muster up some of his standard bullish bravado with tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint for the next year but it won’t outweigh the others. With a deep gloom Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Saturn by 2022.

His partner Brian Kolfage, 21 September 1982, is a late Sun Virgo square a slippery Neptune, with an adventurous Mars Uranus in early Sagittarius conjunct Bannon’s Sun. He’s also got Saturn Pluto in Libra which is under stress from tr Pluto in square for the next two years; plus some calamitous transits to two Mars midpoints in 2021.

Audrey Strauss, the Acting US Attorney for SDNY, who replaced Geoffrey Berman bounced by Trump, has been spearheading this investigation as she did the Ghislaine Maxwell one. See previous post: May 7 2019

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  1. Thanks Marjorie. I can’t help wondering if Bannon’s planets in Scorpio will seek a way of “stinging” people he’s been involved with with a view to mitigating any forthcoming prison sentence. He always wanted to destroy the GOP establishment, in much the same way that Sagittarian Dominic Cummings wants to reform or destroy the Civil Service. Both men favour flamboyantly scruffy outfits too, with similar disregard for personal grooming. There seem to be parallels between Trump and Johnson – two June Gemini leaders and their anarchic November Sagittarian advisors, although I realise the astrology must differ in a number of ways as well.

  2. So, Trump World’s great ideologist turned to to be a common conman. Who would have guessed? Seriously, I think this will turn to be the one Trump World Character whose downfall will prove most “satisfactory” to me, because of the layers here. For instance, I think we can now agree Bannon has a Leo Moon, given his appreciation if Italian Castles and superyachts. That he liked to gossip and turned into source on Trump’s WH for journalists and writers was apparent also astrologically – his Scorpio Mercury/Venus appears at its’ lowliest form. And, personally, I blame him for being much more helpful to European Far Right than just about any other Trump Admin. Breitbart has been vital divulging memes that originated on message boards mainly frequented by younget generations to less tech savvy crowd.

  3. The late Morris Beckman, writer of the marvellous “The 43 Group:Battling With Mosley’s
    Blackshirts” noted that the overriding factor of the Far Right is one of failure.

    Steve Bannon is no exception to this rule. Many “leaders” on the Far Right whether it be
    John Tyndall, Nick Griffin, Colin Jordan, Martin Webster or very recently Tommy Robinson
    and Katie Hopkins are ruined by their own stupidity. None of these people achieved anything.
    They are echo chambers for an embittered, vengeful group of individuals who feel that they
    have been “robbed” of their natural inheritance.
    Many of them had criminal convictions for a variety of offences.

    You reap what you sow….

  4. Mars is opposite his Neptune exact today, a lot of trump’s cronies has this in their natal (Manafort, Kilimnik) – criminals and scammers at heart.

    I find Mars in Aries to be fearless and has a way to not being bias while exposing their finds.

    This mars retrograde is going to be symbolic! Mars will square Trump’s Saturn-Venus conjunction on and off but what’s really interesting is Jupiter opposition Mars on Election Day. I’m sure all the tricks will be pulled out!

    • Yes, it’s interesting. It makes it sound like he really didn’t have much of a connection with Bannon after he left the fold and is not really too bothered about Bannon’s situation, he’s just paying lip service. The reaction to Ghislaine though is very illuminating, considering his plutonic dislike of women in general. There is a stack load of red flags regarding Maxwell’s sinister involvement in child sex rings, hence her apparently trading names for immunity next year. But zero evidence of Hilary Clinton’s Russia involvement and yet this was his reaction to the two women below. Bizarre!

      Clinton: Lock her up!
      Maxwell: I wish her well

      If he is found guilty of any involvement in these sex rings or even just basic tax fraud, corruption, or laundering, and if he is still President (God help us all), is he completely untouchable? If so, would that be a reason why he is desperate to stay in power (malignant narcissism aside)?

      • “It makes it sound like he really didn’t have much of a connection with Bannon after he left the fold and is not really too bothered about Bannon’s situation, he’s just paying lip service. ”

        He probably wasn’t. It is no secret he was ousted from WH by Ivanka and Jared, who are now largely controlling access to DJT.

        However, I think he still was very much in contact with Junior, who seem to have been Trump Campaign main contact to every shady operative. I wouldn’t be surpriced if Bannon had something on him. He has seemed even more high-strung – and likely high – than usual in the past couple of months. Incidently, this is what Marjorie wrote about his passages May 2019:

        “He looks panicked and uncertain exactly now (early April to 20 May) with tr Pluto square his Saturn/Neptune midpoint – Ebertin describes this as depression or torment. That influence returns early 2020 and off and on till late year. He is getting jolted as crises blow up in this June, and that again repeats this fall and into 2020. Tr Pluto is now moving through his 8th house for a decade plus ahead which can be very stuck and trapped especially…”

        • He’s facing a long prison sentence if found guilty. If he flips to shave some years off he may not flip on Trump but maybe Junior or Kushner.

  5. Maybe it was something to do with that Neptune opposition, but he was aboard a boat when his collar was felt and by some sweet irony it was the USAPA who arrested him.

    • And not just some old boat, a superyacht and a truly nice one! In weeks to come, I fully expect stories on how Bannon really wore custom made shirts as the bottom layer of his bizarre assambly.

      • @ Solaia – were you basing your comment on the shirts from the post-hearing photo where he was wearing two button down collared shirts, vertical stripes on the outside, maroon underneath? I did a double take when I saw that. Maybe his undershirts were all being laundered along with the money? As you said, truly a bizarre assembly!

        • @Jaques, he has rarely been seen without layered shirts. There has been a lot of talk on how he looks like and acts like an old drunk, and as a granddaughter of an old drunk, I must agree. Shirts might be related to an alcohol abuse related issues in thermoregulation, although my grandfather didn’t have these, I’ve seen this a lot.

          • It seems likely that the speculations of him being an old drunk are true. That was one of the thoughts I had as well, when I first saw his picture in 2016 (I was blissfully unaware of who he was before then!). He has been looking more bloated since then, and especially as of late. The reason for the shirt layering is anyone’s guess, I suppose. It could be due to thermo-regulation issues, his personal style sense, or a combination. I guess we’d have to ask him.

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