Taylor Swift – a steely determination to stay top

Elsewhere life goes on. Singer Taylor Swift described as a cultural juggernaut known for shattering records, is fresh off her billion-dollar, highest grossing concert tour of all time. Now a documentary film of the Eras concert tour is to be released worldwide which has pulled in $100 million in global movie ticket sales a week before release. Reviews are positive though audiences are treating it like a concert by screaming, singing and dancing from start to finish, with some teenage girls barely sitting down during the near three-hour runtime.

  Apropos of no connection whatsoever, Taylor Swift was born two years almost to the day after Hamas – and has the same Sagittarius Sun and Pluto and Mars in Scorpio. Pluto Mars especially in Scorpio in negative gear can be ruthless and destructive. In positive mode it gives a do-or-die-determination not to be distracted from driving ambitions. What is not generally recognized is the considerable weight of carrying a stratospheric career and worldwide public image. She may look as if butter wouldn’t melt but she needs to be super-strong to get to and stay at the top.

  She is also of the triple conjunction generation with her Mercury sitting amidst Uranus, Neptune, Saturn in Capricorn in opposition to (Moon) Jupiter in Cancer – highly-strung, chaotic with hints of genius, lucky. Her Jupiter is also in a confident trine to Pluto.

  At the moment her Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct her Sun, which can bring a blockage though in her case it may just be ramping up the pressure of success. Her SA Saturn is also conjunct her North Node in Aquarius which again might sound problematic but maybe just another indication of the magnitude of her situation. And she does have two helpful Jupiter midpoints this year attracting money and success.

  Her new found romance with NFL player Travis Kelce, 5 October 1989, may or may not be a useful PR hype. But it does seem a tight relationship. He is a go-ahead Sun Mars in Libra square the triple conjunction so every bit as scattered and changeable as she is.  His Sagittarius Moon chimes with her Sun and his Venus in Scorpio is conjunct her Mars for added zing and passion.

  Their relationship chart has a possessive composite Sun, Pluto, Mercury conjunction so will be intense; with an extra zest from Mars trine Jupiter and sextile Uranus, Neptune, Saturn. It looks a high-octane match.

4 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – a steely determination to stay top

  1. Hi. Taylor has a long term transit of Pluto conjunct her Venus which is close to Travis’s POF.
    They met around the time of Pluto into Aquarius.
    Pluto is square Chiron in the composite , looks like transformation will happen to her through this relationship.
    Transiting Neptune is Opposite Travis’s Mercury and opposite their composite moon.
    Her Mars is exact conjunct his Venus.
    Moon trine Venus in the composite.
    Chinese astro wise they are both earth snakes born in the same year they also have the powerful Neptune/Saturn/Uranus opposition Jupiter.

  2. I think she is amazing. She was not always as tough as she is now but she has managed to come out on top in so many ways. And not to be outdone, on Saturday (eclipse day) Madonna launches her delayed Centuries tour with 4 decades of iconic music, outfits and more. Perhaps worried about losing her Queen of Pop title to the steely (revenge is a dish best served cold) TS. I intend to see the film once the hype dies down.

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