Tabqa & Mosul dams – the carnage of war

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There is a warning from the UN this week of the risk of catastrophic flooding in Syria from the Tabqa dam, which has been deliberately sabotaged by ISIS and further damaged by US-led coalition air strikes.

This follows grave warnings last year about a dam north of Mosul in Iraq that is on the verge of collapse. If it does, it could kill as many as a million and a half people. Temporary repairs have been done, but according to an environmental expert they are just going to delay the disaster. “It is just a matter of time. It will be worse than throwing a nuclear bomb on Iraq,” he said. “It is akin to putting a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound and pretending that everything is going to be all right”.

This week’s watery Pisces Solar Eclipse conjunct Neptune sits on the Descendant located to Al-Raqqah (Tabqa) and even more closely conjunct for Mosul. And the Lunar Eclipse earlier this month had Saturn conjunct Ascendant and Mars on the IC for both Al-Raqqah and Mosul. The August 2017 Solar Eclipse has Pluto conjunct MC for this location as well with Uranus conjunct Ascendant opposition Jupiter Descendant.

There are no dates for the Tabqa dam, but the Mosul Dam started construction 25 Jan 1981 and opened 7 July 1986. Both those charts look highly stressed through 2017; and the 1986 chart looks completely devastated by 2018, with Solar Arc Neptune square Pluto – which could trigger earlier.

Usually when significant events occur there are planets close to the chart angles located to that region.

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