Trump administration – 8 horse chariot with no driver

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Trump’s first month has been mercifully crisis-free. Of a global variety, I mean. Which given the internal chaos of his administration and appointments (and lack of them), and conflicting foreign policy utterances is a huge blessing. One commentator wrote that there is “an unprecedented degree of policy incoherence on virtually every major issue the country faces.” Trump chops and changes his opinions; and his senior cabinet lieutenants then go out into a concerned world to contradict what he’s said. The State Department has been kept out of the loop on key decisions like the Yemen raid, the travel ban, dropping a commitment to a two-state solution in Israel/Palestine. Tillerson hasn’t attended meetings with three foreign Prime Ministers and hasn’t been given, as he was promised, free choice of his staff.

Trump is, as another commentator said, not listening to the grown-ups in his political team – Tillerson (State), Mattis (Pentagon), Pompeo (CIA), John Kelly (Homeland Security). The job that pulls everything together is the National Security Adviser, now named as HR McMaster. Across the board he is well thought of but he won’t be able to succeed as long as Bannon and Kushner continue to run their own foreign policies and Trump continues to go whimsically off message.

McMaster, 24 July 1962, is a Sun North Node in Leo opposition Saturn; with Jupiter in Pisces opposition Pluto Venus in Virgo square Mars in Gemini; with Mars trine Saturn and square Pluto – leadership qualities, serious, confident, at times scattered with a Mutable focal point Mars, and evidently not afraid to tell his superiors what they don’t want to hear.

His relationship with Trump is fiery with a composite Sun Mercury Mars and Mars conjunct Uranus square Neptune. It looks stressed and enraged between them from now till mid March with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars, returning on and off till late 2018; with high-tension upheavals mid March to mid April; and constant humps and bumps the month after – and that runs on to early 2018 and beyond. So not much of a honeymoon period.

Trying to disentangle the top relationships to get a sense of the general shape of coming events isn’t easy. There are always personal and interdepartmental rivalries; and sometimes potentially hostile relationships can be forged into a workable partnership if they are facing an external hostile situation.

Trump: Feb 27th to March 19 tr Uranus at 22 degrees squares his Mars/Uranus midpoint so he’ll be more argumentative and self-willed even than usual, fighting against restrictions, accident prone.

From March 19 to April 4 tr Uranus squares his Saturn and his Mars/Node which is tense, irritable, again kicking against limitations to his freedom, and can be stressful on the health front; quarrels within community.

April 4th to April 23rd tr Uranus squares his Sun/Mars and Mercury/Pluto midpoints – reckless, impulsive, bad-tempered, overtaxing strength; and fanatical, again overtaxing strength in some cases leading to a breakdown.

April 24 to May 10 tr Uranus squares his Venus and Moon/Asc – nervy, feeling unloved.

Plus April 6th to May 17th tr Neptune is opposition his Jupiter/Pluto – disappointment, undermining of confidence and power, deception and cheating.

So nothing restful for him or the USA/world; and that’s even before the late August Solar Eclipse on his Mars; and his Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars which will be within a degree of exact from three months from now; and exact in 15 months time. Even for someone who likes running on high stress, he’ll need the constitution of an ox to handle these influences.

March, April and May spark up on virtually all the top cabinet charts and relationship charts as agitated and undermining, and on the midpoints of the Term chart, so it doesn’t look as if anything is going to settle down soon.

I’ll return to individual relationship charts as they become newsworthy. The Trump/Bannon partnership looks to be hitting muddles and miscommunications from March 9th onwards; and is really on the skids from mid May to late July as tr Neptune opposes their composite Sun Saturn.

13 thoughts on “Trump administration – 8 horse chariot with no driver

  1. Dear Marjorie, doyou see at some point Trump getting totally fed up with all this negativity that he’ll just get out of his being president? not knowing American laws,could this be possible?

  2. Vice Admiral Robert Harward turned down the National Security Advisor position, saying to a friend that the administration was a “s**t sandwich”.

    Cheeto looked very refreshed for his rally the other day, much like an elderly person who has had IV fluids. Really smooths the face and adds a flush of color.

    • Pete, Many thanks for this. V interesting and some valuable work done on scouring back through previous presidential charts. The balsamic Jupiter Saturn phase, pre the 2020 conjunction, fits in with other astro influences – like Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn which would certainly point to a recession. Usually when there are major events it comes through on several different influences. Have saved for future reference.

  3. Yes, no doubt WH staff and The US charts are supercharged now! However, maybe not in a way we expect. McMaster nomination made me think “grown ups” are not quite as powerless in WH they’ve been represented as. McMaster is a full 180° turn from Flynn, who was with Trump since his early campaign and was even considered for a VP nominee, in his views on Middle East and Russia. This isn’t a coincidence. People holding more conventional views on Foreign Affairs are gaining ground.

    And, I can’t quite shake off the nagging feeling Steve Bannon isn’t quite where media – even his own – potrays him being. There’s something about his background (he is a Georgetown University School of Foreign Service alumni and served as a Naval Officer in the late 1970’s), being constantly at the right place, at the right time that makes me think he and seemingly just fitting to Washington with very little drama around him in a very dramatic scenario that make me think he is some kind of Deep State plant.

  4. “he’ll need the constitution of an ox to handle these influences”
    Well, so far, he has behaved liked a bull, even in the One China shop. So he should manage just fine.

    “CBS commentator”
    I can’t believe you still listen to fake news. if you want the unvarnished truth, you must get your news only to Brietbart or Infowars. And of course @realdonaldtrump on Twitter. All else is fake news.

  5. CBS commentator Scott Pelley attributes Trump’s recent outrageous rants and general craziness to his anger at no longer being the boss. I think that’s a spot-on analysis. For many years, as a business tycoon, Trump was all powerful, surrounded by “yes men,” calling the shots with unquestioned authority and getting away with playing fast and loose with the law. Suddenly, as president, he is being held accountable, having to answer to courts, the media, political rivals and protesters, not to mention cabinet appointees who don’t always agree with him. This is a whole new ballgame for the Donald, and he is extremely uncomfortable with it.

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