Sweden – fighting on several fronts

Sweden is under pressure not just from their lax Covid strategy resulting in worse rates of infection and death but from burgeoning internal crime and an external Russian threat. Having opened their doors to refugees five years ago, they unwittingly let in about 40 criminal clans from the Middle East, north Africa and the Balkans who are pushing up crime, with 257 bombings and 300 shootings last year. In these clans, the extended family raises the children to take over the organized crime activities and they have no ambitions to become integrated into Swedish mainstream society. It’s grist to the right-wing politicos but is also a genuine problem which the standard Swedish libertarian approach is not well designed to root out.

  Sweden is also upping military spending by 40% in the next five years as it aims to strengthen its defence amid concerns over increasing Russian activity in the Baltic Sea and heightened tensions in Belarus following a disputed election.

  The Sweden chart, 7 December 1865 3.30 pm Stockholm, is in a scarily tight corner exactly now with a totally blocked and risky Solar Arc Mars conjunct the Sweden Pluto; and an explosive, insecure Solar Arc Uranus conjunct its 6th house Mars, exact in two months.

  Tr Uranus started to oppose the Sweden Saturn from late May this year for a series of tension-erupting jolts and that repeats across late this month to late November and will then increase in strength through 2021 and 2022. Tr Uranus will conjunct the 11th house Sweden Pluto from late May 2021 suggesting not only a radical change of trajectory as far as future plans are concerned; but also a serious shake-up in the structure of their once peaceful society. Tr Saturn will also add its own downbeat reality checks along the way. That extends into 2022 by which time tr Uranus will be square the 4th house Moon with tr Saturn in opposition which suggests more domestic upsets and outbursts of emotion as safety and security become priorities.

  The Sweden Russia relationship chart  also looks under discouraging influences with tr Pluto trine the composite Saturn in 2021/22 with a significant diplomatic upset as tr Pluto also squares the composite Uranus at the same time. And the Eclipses from later this year and throughout 2021 rattling the relationship chart brewing up crises.

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  1. The comments on the “40 clans” were made to the media by the new police chief for Stockholm Mats Löfving whilst in his previous position (DOB 27 maj 1961 i Norrköping). He prides himself on his tough methods against criminals which the current situation certainly needs – but his part in presenting what what was a classified information in this way may have been a mistake. There is now widespread discussion on social media as to who members of these 40 famillies are – and as Solaria says some of these famlies have been in Sweden for 30 – 40 years. So when a politician and school children are singled out and deemed to be guilty as a result of being related to someone else (as has happened) this is not going to help justice or bring the real criminals to account.

  2. Interesting that I was looking at Sweden 1523 chart – which, as I mentioned, is one of the “ancient” charts I think work well – in The US thread.

    Not much to add here astrologically, but I just have to clarify that there were serious issues with organized crime in Sweden long before 2015 Refugee Crisis. “Yugoslavian Mafia” was operating in Sweden when the country still existed, running casinos and drug trade and clashing with biker gangs. There also was “Great Nordic Biker War” in mid-1990’s, resulting to 11 organized crime related deaths and 96 injuries from bombings and shootings. Biker War led to death or long incarceration of many key figures in organized crime, with partially new Balkan (Kosovo Albanian rather than Slavic) and Assyrian gangs taking over. And now, young and dynamic North African based gangs are trying to get their cut.

    In a way, I think the fact that 1st and 2nd generation criminal organizations repeatedly escaping scrunity from Swedish Authorities is just another side of the same coin that has made immigrants exponentially more likely to catch covid-19 than Swedes. While priding themselves for tolerance, it seems that Swedish Institutions are assimilative rather than integrative. That Finns, who share most of the traditions, legislation and in many cases, language, with Swedes and have been there for centuries or at least decades, still seem to be more likely to contract covid-19 or be in prison than “middle Swedes” is quite telling of some deep rooted willing ignorance of the perceived “other”. I’d put thiss down to Jupiter/Mercury square Neptune on 1865 chart, but since this was an issue for “Forest Finns”, called to occupy Western Wildernesses of Sweden in the 16th and 17th century, too, there must be an explanation on Sweden 1523 chart. And there, I’d say Saturn/Neptune in Pisces square Gemini Mercury puts even a deeper divide on how The Nation thinks about itself and how it really is.

    • So true, so true.Really Impressed by your historical knowledge of Sweden.
      I am not an astrologer but have a deep deep interest.I learn a lot from all of you.

  3. Thank you very much, Marjorie.
    Haha, as if you heard my wish.
    Well, not uplifting but was/is expected…A real hangover for us all in Sweden.Terrible.
    Thanks again for popping in to the platform.You bring a lot of energy to it.

    • @Aqua, for once, it makes me feel good that our biggest issue is PM posing shirtless in a blazer. 😉

      No, seriously speaking, there are some high points too. Your Nordic Neighbors still have your back when needed. It’s the classic family sibling situation, we’re completely think Sweden is annoying, especially when you win all sports and ESC, but when things get serious, we’ll help. This has been true for Military for the past 20 years, at least, loads of collaboration there, both with Finland and NATO countries in the region. And Marin “subbed” for Lövfen in EU negociations last week, when he had a funeral to attend. Today, Marin got news of being exposed to covid-19, had to vacate EU talks, and Lövfen took over.

      • @Solaia.Laughing…
        I dont need to read the news.You can give a real summary…
        Marin just popped up in a Blazer.
        Popped down just as fast.
        I guess nobody commented that very much.She brings a bit of new blood to Finland.Thats good.
        Stay safe.

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