Margaret Ferrier – a Virgo lacking health sense

Margaret Ferrier, the MP condemned for travelling by train from London to Scotland despite testing positive to Covid, is still sitting though ousted from the SNP. She describes her actions as a “blip” and “out of character”. After being tested but before results came in she attended church, then travelled for five and a half hours on the train to London. Then having found she was positive she reversed her journey since she didn’t want to self-isolate in a hotel.

  Born 10 September 1960, she has an ego-centric and nervy Virgo Sun and Mercury on the point of a T square to an adventurous/opportunistic Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition Mars in Gemini. She also has an unyielding Pluto trine Saturn in Capricorn; and a stubborn and indulgent Taurus Moon. Her Jupiter is also in a risk-taking and lucky trine to Uranus.

   At the moment she has tr Uranus opposition her Saturn/Pluto midpoint which Ebertin describes as “the ability to make sudden decisions in the most difficult situation”. From late November for a few weeks she has a mix of luck and stress; with more upbeat Jupiters into 2021. 2022 may be a different matter with more of a slide downhill thereafter.

  Nothing succeeds like brass neck. This does appear to be the era of shamelessness. It’s difficult to embarrass those who don’t have a sense of honour or integrity.     

11 thoughts on “Margaret Ferrier – a Virgo lacking health sense

  1. I read her ‘reasons’ and decided to look up the chart…chancer! Thanks for looking at this Marjorie! And thanks for all your work…not sure which I like best, the astro, or the occasional nippy Glaswegian style tearing a strip off commentary!

  2. Oh dear she was born two days after me and I have many of the same placements! But with my moon in Aries. I would say I recognise some of the description ( especially the nervy sun and the Jupiter/ Uranus) but would like to think l have become more empathetic and less self involved over the last 60 years. I hope she has had a smoother love life than me. You say she has a brass neck, my guess is she will be going through a great deal of internalised angst I certainly have physical symptoms if under emotional stress.

    • Jed, your chart has more balance with a Fire Moon (benasp Jupiter/Uranus) even though maybe opposite Neptune…? but sextile Mars and Uranus…..she does have a Sun (conjunct node) opp Moon – so come November when that is sparked off, things may happen….Interesting to compare charts in the same time-frame,,,,and to hear how the differences work out.

      • Thank you Maggy, that’s good to know. My moon isn’t making any aspect to Neptune ( cafe astrology ) but is square my ascendent. To be honest my ascendent is 23% Cap so have been focusing on Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter and haven’t given the Sag eclipse any thought yet but it is bang on my Jupiter/Mars.Its been such a mad year I feel every planet in my chart has had a direct hit.

        • Whew! of course you will be focusing on the Cap lot bunched so closely, it will hardly give you a minute without some drama….look at your progressed ascendant for outcome/developments, that always gives a scenario with an alternative route (also known as hope!)…..the blessing of astrology is that everything passes, and we can get more patience with the cycles of heavy learning when we know they WILL end.

  3. Mercury/Mars/Jupiter…..and Uranus/Mars/Jupiter as well. The December solar eclipse is conjunct Jupiter, so that might be interesting. Or blow things up a bit? She not only travelled down to London, but spoke about Covid in parliament, before going home again. Plus I wonder if public transport was involved in her trips to and from the station, or did she get a taxi? Total arrogance anyway. D. Cummings is a Sagittarian, another mutable person. I’m most definitely not a fan of his, but at least he was in a private car for his journey.

    I think that with Neptune in Pisces endless things are just ignored or seemingly melt away.

  4. Whew…. the Scorpio Neptune sextile Pluto sextile Saturn gives her some kind of gravitas (apparently) but with five mutable planets, despite appearances, she is a rule bender. Ebertin associates Pluto/Node with the “urge to seek contacts……to become a public figure or to exercise influence upon other people”. Mmm, well yes especially with the Sun involved, a double whammy………with only one (outer) planet in water, she doesen’t give a stuff for others’ opinions….. IF she makes it to March next year – she may pull it off, but people are so fed up with ‘one rule for them, but not us’ she may well come a cropper. Despite Neptune (hardly a personal planet unless strongly configured) she lacks water – the one essential link between people – the intuitive sympathy, recognising they have other realities, other opinions……so she will probably go (though not without many horse kicks, securing the pension, accusing others of being inflexible). Oh dear….the arrogance of it does her in.

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