Suez Canal – waterway speared by Neptune ++ Ever Given

The Suez Canal ground to a halt because of a stranded container ship is preventing goods worth an estimated $9.5billion per day from passing either way through the canal. Avoiding the canal by sailing around Africa, a 14-day 5,000 nautical mile journey, can add $450,000 in costs. A prolonged blockage could drive up the price of new cars by causing a shortage of computer chips, as well as furniture, homewares, clothing, footwear and toys.

   The ship, the Ever Given, wedged itself three days ago after the captain lost control during a sandstorm and Dutch experts say the rescue operation could take ‘weeks’. If efforts to refloat the boat fail, specialist cranes will need to be brought in to offload cargo to lessen the ship’s weight.

   The Suez Canal built in the mid 19th Century was opened on 17 November 1869 with a Scorpio Sun opposition Pluto and Jupiter Pluto in Taurus opposition Mercury in Scorpio – an ambitious project, built to last. Though there was also a hard-edged, accident-prone Mars Saturn in Sagittarius. The construction, a French/Egyptian operation, started on 25 April 1859, was carried out by forced/slave labour and many thousands died of cholera and other epidemics.

  The 1869 Opening chart does have a panicky-failure tr Neptune square the Mars exactly now till mid April, repeating later in the year and a ‘disappointing’ financially undermining Solar Arc Jupiter opposition the Neptune.

  The most notable of previous events affecting the canal was the Suez Crisis which blew up in 1956 when President Nasser nationalised the canal on 26 July. This led to the UK, France and Israel’s disastrous invasion of Egypt and ignominious withdrawal after US pressure. The trigger event of July occurred with tr Saturn conjunct the Canal Opening Sun with tr Pluto in square.

  Often with entities like the Canal or ships, the opening chart is on a par with the start-of-construction chart. If memory serves me correctly the hull laying chart of the Titanic was more descriptive of the sinking than the launch chart.

 The Suez canal started construction (wiki) on 25 April 1859 with an early Sun Pluto in Taurus square Saturn in Leo perhaps opposition an Aquarius Moon with an explosive Mars Uranus in Gemini and an over hopeful Jupiter in Gemini square Venus Neptune in Pisces. Fairly similar to the opening chart. 

   At the October 1956 invasion, there was a transiting Saturn square Pluto in hard aspect to the Construction volatile Mars Uranus and Solar Arc Mars Uranus.

  Over this blockage there is a disruptive Solar Arc Mars Uranus opposition the Construction Pluto and tr Neptune square the Jupiter for a financial hit.


Add On: The Ever Given was laid down in Japan on 25 December 2015 and launched 2 May 2018.  Both charts are problematic and hint at upsets and blockages now.

The 2015 chart has a crisis-attracting Mars opposition Uranus square Mercury (Pluto) which has moved by Solar Arc to close the Uranus to Mercury and over the next three/four years the Uranus and Pluto will collide with the Mars. Plus this year as well as financially-damaging tr Neptune opposition Jupiter.  

 The 2018 launch chart has a Taurus Sun at 11 degrees catching the tr Saturn square and tr Uranus conjunction this year – tr Saturn exactly now and tr Uranus by early May and onwards.  Plus it has a mega-determined Mars Pluto in Capricorn, whose Solar Arc positions are catching the tr Pluto conjunction now as well. Again three years hence looks high risk with the Solar Arc Mars square the Uranus.

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  1. I also notice there’s going to be a Solar Eclipse at 19º Gemini in June (if I’m not mistaken) – conjunct the Jupiter at 20º Gemini (Jupiter in the 10th, ruling the 5th). Solar Arc Jupiter squaring the natal nodes (fixed signs).

    And in your post:

    “tr Neptune square the Jupiter for a financial hit.”

    So lots of Jupiter here!

    So, losses of lots and lots of money?

  2. Thanks Marjorie, fascinating read in Suez Canal.
    Btw your earlier charts on the Murdochs clan are taking shape, Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation suit on Friday seeking $1.6 billion in damages against Fox News, arguing that the network knowingly spread misinformation about the company’s role in nonexistent voter fraud. This is in addition to the suit against Powell, Giuliani, and Lindell filed in Feb.

  3. I have a personal link to the Suez Canal. As a toddler, during one of my adventures, I fell into the Canal and was rescued by a French man. Strangely, on and off throughout my life, I have wound up in France, without making conscious decisions to do so.

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