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  1. Marjorie, could you write about Erin Pizzy, who was instrumental in providing shelters for abused women? I once read an interview in which she claimed to be coming across more and more women who deliberately sought out abusive partners, because they desired it or felt they needed to be punished.

    Obviously this doesn’t absolve the men from their actions. But it does show that such relationships are much more complex and common than many would think.

  2. Announced yesterday that the Northern Independence Party set up on 21st Ocotber 2020 by Philip Proudfoot (no DoB) will be fielding Thelma Walker (ex Labour MP dissatisfied with Starmer) born 7th April 1957 (Manchester?) in the Hartlepool by-election on 6th May 2021 (starts 7am/ends at 10pm). Cue widespread twitter excitement/ angst. Could be one to watch over the next few weeks as the left potentially begins to tear itself apart benefiting the Conservative candidate. The transiting Sun on the day of the by-election will pick up the 2021 Saturn Uranus square hence the interest.

  3. I know I shouldn’t since the Natbots will yowl and Julie Burchill should rightfully be in the sin-bin but she has a deliciously wicked piece in the Telegraph –
    “What did poor Scots do to deserve the awful Sturgeon and Salmond?
    This brave and beautiful country cannot be left in the hands of these megalomaniacs
    ‘It’s one of life’s most piquant pleasures to watch a spite-fight between two people one loathes equally – no matter what the result, it’s win/win. ‘

  4. Hi Marjorie, have you ever looked at the chart of Charles Saatchi of the once famous Saatchi brothers? There appears to be something about him that makes him woo high profile successful women and then set about undermining them. There was his very public abuse of his former wife that made headlines some years ago and more recently, now that he has taken up with Trinny Woodall, he walked naked through one of her FB livestreams while she was demonstrating a product. The footage has since been taken down but it seemed to me to be a deliberate (perhaps subconscious) effort to sabotage her success as a businesswoman. I have often wondered if mysogyny is learned (through observation) or an inherent character trait which needs to be acknowledged before it can be addressed.

    • The answer to your question about mysogyny is I suspect both. Boys learn from their father and from their cultures. Even if you whisked them away at birth they’d still have the same traits so whether you think of it embedded in the DNA or as some mysteriously handed down psychological legacy it will be there.
      Once you strip away the cultural inclination which is mainly learned, behind the contempt for and denigration of women there is tremendous fear.

      • Thanks Marjorie. Fear does seem to be at the root of all destructive human behaviour. Whether it be in personal relationships or directed towards whole population groups. So I suppose I should not be surprised. When will humanity come of age, I wonder, and start to respect rather than fear one another. Too big a question, I know. When I was young I thought the world would get better with time, but that has hardly been the case. Perhaps – as others here have suggested – it’s more because we see things now that were hidden in the past so it seems worse. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge, after all. Thanks once again.

  5. Hello. I also want to chime in on USA politics. What accounts for (in the Georgia chart) such a change from providing victories to BIden, Warnock and Ossof and then the new racist laws which gut voting rights? It’s such a reversal. Many of us believe the GA Senate Democratic victories saved America and democracy, itself, and then just about two months later, there’s such a reversal.

    Would Mercury/Pluto placements account for this? Thank you for considering.

  6. The FTA between the UK and the US is said to be worth £12 billion. But the Japanese one is valued at £15 billion and the Canadian one a whopping £22 billion. Which tells me that things are not going very well in the relationship between the British and the Americans.

    I don’t really think that Donald Trump would have given us a good deal either. Regardless of what he said in the past. Marjorie, do you see the special relationship coming to a parting of the ways? Or was it never that special in the first place?

  7. A North Carolina state Democrat Senator by the name Jeff Jackson is seeking to take the top Senate seat which Richard Burr now occupies and is not seeking reelection for in 2022. I know it’s early days but this Jackson fellow seems like a future bright star for Dems. Schumer was apparently begging him to run last year but he declined? He seems to be astute on his timing for a run. His background is hella impressive and that family of his is picturesque. Even his Wikipedia profile pic is looking mighty POTUSesque! His age would be right in the goldy locks zone for successful Dem Presidential candidates in 2028; he’s slightly younger than Buttigieg currently.
    So could you take a look at his future prospects for next year and beyond Marjorie?

    • @ Troy,

      Jeff Jackson would definitely be a good candidate for the North Carolina Senate race. However, right now, I’m deeply concerned about these voter suppression laws that are being promulgated in over 43 states (my state [Florida] being one of them). Georgia already passed SB 202 and Kemp signed it into law yesterday (I know it’s being challenged in the courts now) and I expect more of this to continue.

      • @Chris: I asked Marjorie about looking into H.R 1 recently so I agree. She said Chuck was looking fairly upbeat in 2023 so I’m not too worried about the Senate next year as pickups in WI, PA, NC and maybe OH would offset losing Warnock(and hopefully neutralize that pain in the ass Manchin). Losing the House would suck, but it would be tolerable as 2024 is another chance.
        I’m more concerned about 2028. Dems need to field stronger candidates. Spencer Cox from UT is a mighty likable Republican. If the GOP are still foolish enough to run Trumpish types in the General elections at that time, then no worries. But if they wise up and nominate the likes of Cox, Dems will need Jeff Jackson types….successful, experienced, married with a beautiful family, little to no controversies, likable and young.
        I love Stacey and Pete, but they have disadvantages that render them fairly risky. More viable options can’t hurt.

  8. Marjorie,

    any thoughts about the voter suppression tactics that the Republican Party is now pursing in over 43 states? It was big news yesterday when Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp signed new voting restricting legislation passed by the Republican-controlled State Legislature into law (they even made it illegal for anyone to bring water to voters waiting in line [ridiculus]).

    An African-American Democratic lawmaker named Park Cannon was even arrested yesterday for simply going to Brian Kemp’s office and knocking on his door and Stacy Abrams is calling their voter restrictions “Jim Crow 2.0” because many of the new stipulations will likely disproportionately affect Black and Brown voters.

  9. Hello Marjorie, I hope you’re faring well. Would you please take a look at the future of Uganda’s politics and what role the current leader of opposition, Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert, might play in the change of leadership, if it ever happens?

    Thank you.

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