Sue Johanson – unravelling the mysteries of sex

Sue Johanson, a much loved sex educator, who provided candid advice to Canadian and US audiences, has died. She was a registered nurse who opened the first school birth control clinic in Canada and put out her message first on radio and then on her TV Sunday Night Sex Show, which eventually  moved to the US as well.

 She was born 13 March 1930 in Toronto with a decorated war hero father and an Irish-Protestant mother. She was a Sun Pisces with a trailblazing and innovative (and status-quo upsetting) Uranus in Aries square a tough-minded Saturn opposition Pluto. She would inherit her go-getting, brook-no-interference streak from her father. Her Virgo Moon may have been conjunct Neptune opposition Mercury and square Jupiter in Gemini which gave her a softer side and her Jupiter in Gemini would give her an ability to spread the word in a simple form to the masses.

  What is also relevant is her determined  Mars in Aquarius. Aquarius is often found amongst campaigners for sexual openness – Alex Comfort, Havelock Ellis, Germaine Greer, Betty Frieden amongst others were all Sun Aquarius.   

One thought on “Sue Johanson – unravelling the mysteries of sex

  1. Thanks Marjorie.
    She helped asap many people!

    Both my parents were from that Uranus in Aries generation. And many older friends and clients. They fascinate me!

    It will be intriguing to watch the newest batch of Uranus in Aries kids mature and blast forth!!

    Btw. Are Harmonic charts for a birth chart with no time still valuable?
    Thanks again.

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