Steve Bannon – hiding behind Trump’s skirt

Moves to hold Steve Bannon, former aide to Trump, in contempt for refusing to testify before the 6 January Capitol riot congressional investigation committee, are gathering pace. It is the first of several confrontations that promise to test the boundaries of executive privilege — the presidential prerogative to keep official communications secret — and will determine how far the House committee will be able to go in uncovering the story behind the deadliest attack on the Capitol in two centuries. Trump has urged former aides to reject requests to testify and has issued his own lawsuit to block information being released.

 On the day before January 6 Bannon on a radio show said “Now we’re on, as they say, the point of attack — the point of attack tomorrow. It’s going to kick off. It’s going to be very dramatic.”

  Many Democrats fear that the case against Bannon may drag on for months, potentially long enough for Republicans to gain the House majority in 2022 and bury the inquiry — and with it, any hope of revealing fresh information about what precipitated the riot.

  Bannon born 27 November 1953, is facing a run of major problems ahead – not all of which may be connected to this matter since he’s always embroiled in one rumpus or scandal or another. Plus he never looks healthy and the amount of high level ranting and raving he does must put a strain on his system.

  He does have one pushily-confident Pluto transit to a Jupiter midpoint until late this November but it finishes for good then; and in any event it runs side by side at the moment with a panicky, disastrous tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Pluto midpoint from mid this month till mid January 2022. Piling on his woes will be this December’s tr Pluto square his Mars/Saturn midpoint which will accompany another calamitous crises till the New Year. After which he has an insecure, rattled tr Uranus opposition his Sun/Mars midpoint until mid February.  Plus he has a dashed-hopes tr Neptune square his Jupiter running off and on till early 2023.  And a dead-halt Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Saturn somewhere around now.

  The Eclipses in Taurus/Scorpio in 2022/23 will also trigger his Saturn, Mercury, Venus in Scorpio bringing a few chickens home to root and an emotional and intellectual crises or two.

  His relationship chart with Trump is showing signs of a disappointing slump from mid January off and on till the year end.

  And whatever it means, he will be devastated around the time of the 2024 election.

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  1. He’s a nasty, slimy, vicious sleazebag who personifies evil. I hope all of his chickens come home to roost and he winds up with a long prison sentence, which he’ll probably evade.

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