Stephen Miller – litmus paper for Trump’s chaotic kick-off

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Stephen Miller, one of Donald Trump’s closest advisers, responsible along with Stephen Bannon for the immigration ban, was born on 23 August 1985 in Santa Monica, California. At high school he railed against multi-culturalism and Spanish-language announcements and urged violent responses to Islamic terrorism. And has spoken out against equal pay for women. He worked for Tea Party founder Michele Bachmann and then Jeff Sessions.

He’s a Sun Virgo trine Neptune, sextile Pluto – so has that Neptune Pluto hint of megalomania and definitely likes to be in control. His Mars Mercury in Leo are in a hard-edged, unsentimental square to Saturn in Scorpio and an excitable trine to Uranus. His Jupiter in Aquarius is opposition Mercury and square Pluto making him pushily confident.

His Sun is conjunct Trump’s Ascendant so he’ll warm to the President’s bombast and flamboyance and be less manipulative of Trump than Bannon. Like Trump he has Venus in Cancer and a Sagittarius Moon, so they will resonate together.

What’s interesting is that Bannon’s Pluto is conjunct Miller’s Sun, so that is definitely a dominating relationship. And their relationship chart has an overly confident composite Sun opposition Jupiter and a risk-taking (unrealistic) composite Jupiter inconjunct Mars. They’ll egg each into reckless schemes.

Miller’s relationship chart with Trump is complicated – friendly at one level with a composite Sun Venus Mercury; though destined to live through times of great upheaval and change with a composite Uranus Pluto Saturn; with the potential for disappointment with Sun Venus trine Neptune and Mars square Neptune. There will be an edgy, insecure, marginally explosive mood between them from late this month through most of March with tr Uranus trine the composite Mars; a seismic upheaval from late April through till early June with tr Uranus square the composite Venus, Mercury and Sun. With confidence between them sinking fast mid April to mid May as tr Neptune squares the composite Jupiter. And if Miller survives on the inside circle that long, definite blocks from July to October with tr Saturn square the composite Saturn Pluto.

Miller’s relationship with Bannon is also at Defcon1 from mid July to December 2017 with tr Pluto trine the composite Mars, square the Sun and Jupiter. Either they’ll be trying to outdo each other or more likely together hatching up yet more hare-brained schemes.

It’s like watching a car crash in real time – Trump’s administration, I mean, or for what passes as one.

17 thoughts on “Stephen Miller – litmus paper for Trump’s chaotic kick-off

  1. Iliana I need to disagree with you. I have been reading Marjorie’s political forecasts for more than a decade. I recall when she did forecasts on George Bush 2 and she took some heat from other astrologers who thought themselves to be more impersonal… but in the end… her forecasts were always the most accurate.

  2. Marjorie,
    I appreciate the astrology. A little explanation of this circus called an administration. Something in my chart must be connecting me as I have never been “sucked in” to the daily workings of the oval office before. Perhaps an outer planet as it does seem generational.

    • Trump was talking about all the fuss and said “I get good ratings”. Maybe it’s one of your outer planets, or maybe it’s him providing riveting entertainment.

        • You are not alone in discomfort about the chaos he creates, protest signs were even on display in Antarctica. From east to west, pole to pole, Trump is disturbing the peace while thrilling his faithful fans.

          All generations are being affected by him. Since your interest in the workings of the Oval office is unusual for you, perhaps an inner planet is being energized.

          As for the entertainment factor, nobody boring has the media riveted their every move.

          Now I’m done trying to clarify what I meant in a two sentence reply I made to someone I basically agree with. This Trump thing is making division and discord where there isn’t any.

  3. Is this an anti-Trump site or an astrology site? All -repeat ALL- parties related to Trump have negative,”explosive” and all other negative adjectives. Did I say ALL?

    Sad – readings are no longer objective.

    • The astrology is the astrology. What do you want me to do? Bend it round to fit what you’d like to believe? Explosive is how Trump likes it – how he ran his business and The Apprentice. Just so happens it’s not working here.

      • Thank you Marjorie. Watched Trump’s presser with Netanyahu. Trump handled the press conference with PM May and the Japanese PM quite well, and I breathed a sigh of relief. But the one today with Netanyahu, Trump was back to being a little b****. Making the Democrats the goat for his problems, saying there had been past leaks to the press with the other administration (the black one, I guess), but these were Real Leaks. And it was a Criminal Offense. Unlike the Republicans demanding and releasing as many of Sec. of State Hillary’s emails as they could (which I considered an act of treason).

        Dangerous game, being butt-buddies with Putin and Netanyahu.

      • Marjorie, Please remove my comment about Trump’s presser if you feel it is too off-topic or too strongly worded. I still have Trump’s diatribes ringing in my ears and am in a state of mild shock.

    • Iliana, it’s three weeks into Trump’s presidency. You are going to be a mental wreck in short order. And you deserve it if you get this red hot on an astrology site.

      People here respect Marjorie’s talents, and we generally have enough experience of our own to follow along with the aspects she delineates and the companion charts. If it’s on there, it’s there, no matter who or what is being examined.

      Try DarkAstrology if you want reassurance that Trump is god-like. PS–just ignore that pesky website title. It’s not like they are into Dark stuff…..Nah, trust me on that. Bigly.

  4. I watched the news unfold last night with Michael Flynn. He does not look like a happy man. I struggled with the right phrase to describe the stitches coming apart from the Trump administration. But “slo-motion car crash” comes close. Every day, something new and fun to watch. I truly wonder how this will be perceived 50 years from now…

    • At the fifty year point, most people will know four or five facts about him. Take Kennedy at the fifty year point. Unless a person was 60+, they knew: talked weird, Bay of Pigs, beautiful sexy wife, Cuban missile crisis, shot.

      With Trump, it will be: talked crazy, Cabinet of rich pigs, beautiful wife sex tapes, Mexican missile crisis, shot.

  5. To me, Young Miller could emerge as one of the people whose political future isn’t completely shattered by an association to this Administration. He is still very young young, and has some Earth on his chart, he has in the past been associated to Tea Party members who aren’t exactly “Trumpist”.

    Otherwise, this escalated quicker than even I thought. Michael Flynn resigned – or more likely was made to resign – last night. I’ve been trying to find his exact date of birth since last Summer to check the astrology, when his Russian and Turkish connections first emerged, to no prevail. But right now, I think he is an early December native, which would make him heavily Sadgittarian, with a native Mercury Redux in the sign. Also, he’d have a Mars Redux in Taurus. I’ve hard time to believe he’ll be the only one to go before August.

  6. One doesn’t like even to have such thoughts, but young Mr. Miller, particularly in his “the president will not be questioned” diatribe, seems awfully National Socialist.

  7. Miller seems to have eclipsed Kellyanne Conway as White House spokesperson. Can’t decide which one is worse. They’re both spectacular liars.

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