Eike Batista – from hero to minus zero

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Eike Batista, a Brazilian businessman (oil, gas, energy and mining) is now languishing in a maximum security prison in his home country under investigation for money laundering, having seen his net worth plummet from $30 billion to negative since 2012.

Born 3 November 1956 he has Sun, Moon, Neptune and Mercury all in Scorpio as well as his North Node, so determined, intense; even more so with Saturn in Sagittarius square Pluto; with an innovative Saturn trine Uranus, which is in a fanatical square to Neptune. He doesn’t look as if he’d be good at taking advice. Plus he has Mars in Pisces opposition Jupiter, which is a gamblers/chancer’s aspect, prone to over reaching.

His 9th Harmonic connects his Sun to Neptune and Pluto, giving him a yearning for stratospheric wealth and power. But his ‘wheel-of-fortune’ 10th Harmonic which brings the seeds of both rise and fall, is also marked.

The Scorpio North Node is also interesting since it often points to a life lesson about letting go money and possessions and learning the hard way to understand what truly has value.

Brazil, itself has been going through a tumultuous time politically and economically having seen the previous president Rousseff impeached, the present one also surrounded by scandal and something like 60% of the 594 members of Brazil’s Congress are facing or under investigation for “serious charges like bribery, electoral fraud, illegal deforestation, kidnapping and homicide, according to Transparency Brazil, a corruption-monitoring group.” (NY Times.)

It is the world’s fourth-largest democracy and was thought to be the shining hope of South America economically until it started to crack. There is some hope that it will weather the present storms financially.

The Brazil, 7 Sept 1822 4.30pm Piranga chart isn’t looking too upbeat for several years with an undermining tr Neptune opposition the Virgo Sun this year; a stuck Solar Arc Sun conjunct Pluto in 2017/17; and then a running series of shocks and insecurity in 2018/19.

The Brazil 15 Nov 1889 chart equally has a running series of edgy, jolting Solar Arc had aspects to Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto till 2021. So it may be a while before it recovers full forward drive.

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