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  1. Hello Marjorie,
    The United Nations is warning of catastrophic flooding in Syria from the “Tabqa dam”.
    Could you see it?
    Many many thanks!

  2. Hi Marjorie.

    Algeria survived the implications of the Arab Spring. However, some sources as the french anti-zionist party unveiled a zionist
    plan which aims Algeria soon like the Syrian scenario,

    USA has made no secret that Algeria threaten peace diplomacy. And placed military equipment and Marines in southern Spain on standby to intervene!!

    How will events evolve in Algeria next five years?
    Is it going to be like Syria!?

  3. Many thanks, Marjorie. That explains a lot. I’ve always been a workaholic. Works comes before all else. Don’t plan to ever retire.

  4. Hi Marjorie. A technical astrological question about interpretations when one has moved to a new location. How does the relocated chart fit into analysis? And does the natal chart always have the stronger influence? For example, if a solar eclipse exactly conjuncts one’s midheaven on the natal chart, but has no significant contacts on the relocated chart (since the ascendant, midheaven etc. changes), would you expect the solar eclipse to still effect the person. And in reverse, if a solar eclipse (or major transit) conjuncts a significant point in the relocated chart, but does not in the natal chart, would the individual be impacted? Thanks.

    • Marie, The natal chart always takes precedence, so Solar Eclipses on that axis will hold true. Aspects to the relocated chart will be more minor and local.

  5. Julie, Angular means on the angles – Asc, MC, IC, Descendant.
    My Saturn is conjunct my MC, as is HM Queen’s; Maggie Thatcher’s was on her Ascendant.
    I think it stiffens your spine somewhat especially on MC/Asc, bit of a workaholic, duty first, not easy to be spontaneous socially, gets easier the older you get. Saturn IC is a cold childhood and the necessity of pulling away from early patterns if you want a fulfilling home life; Saturn on Desc – partnerships mean work. It’s much the same as Saturn in one of these four houses but stronger.
    Saturn is never easy, especially early on, but it tends to get an overly negative reputation. See post September 14 2016.

  6. Marjorie: Many years ago an astrologer told me that I have an “angular saturn.” When I asked her what that meant, she said, “Well, it’s never easy…..” Could you possibly elaborate?

  7. hi Marjorie, Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif in the Eye of the Storm. will nawaz survive till March 2017. Nawaz Sharif is Primeminster of Pakistan, oth 5 june 2013 , Time 5.33 Pm Pakstan standrad time.

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