Brit Royals & Eclipses – here and there

Notable Royal events in the UK have occurred close to eclipses in the 20th Century, though sporadically.

Edward V11 died and George V acceded to the throne the days before a Solar Eclipse; and the Royal Family’s name was changed from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor two days before another Solar eclipse in 1917.

Edward V11 abdicated in December 1936 three days before a Solar Eclipse in the 11 North series which oversaw (though not exactly) the death of Queen Victoria in 1901.

His successor King George V1 died and Queen Elizabeth acceded five days after a Lunar Eclipse in 1952; and she was crowned in 1953 five weeks before a Solar Eclipse which was conjunct the UK’s 10th house Cancer Moon. There was an 18 North Solar Eclipse in late July 1925 when HM Queen would have been conceived; and that repeating series oversaw the death of her uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten who was killed by the IRA five days before another such in 1979. One series later in 1997 Princess Diana was killed in Paris, two days before the 18 North Solar Eclipse.

Both Prince Charles’ weddings occurred near or on Solar Eclipses. To Diana in 1981 two days before; and to Camilla on the exact day.

Prince William was born on a Solar Eclipse in 1982 and Kate Middleton on a Lunar Eclipse six months earlier.

So there’s a fair sprinkling of connections to Eclipses though not a hugely regular pattern.  The North Node ties individuals into the zeitgeist so in many ways it isn’t surprising. Though it doesn’t always make for an easy life.

2 thoughts on “Brit Royals & Eclipses – here and there

    • From my unastrological observations, the Queen’s sons are loyal to a fault to the woman they love (whom they may not be married to); witness Charles and Camilla over the years and Andrew and Fergie even now. Edward and Sophie also seem genuinely attached to each other.

      Kate does seem to have taken to royal life reasonably well, though appearances can be deceptive. That is what we used to think of Diana. Life under the spotlight can be brutal and I would not want to be an HRH with all the pressure of the non-stop scrutiny.

      Marjorie, any thoughts on Harry and Meghan Markle?

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