Stephen Bannon – punches his weight

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Stephen Bannon, the aggressive roustabout brought in as the new CEO of Trump’s campaign was born 27 Nov 1953 in Norfolk, Virginia and has been a naval officer, investment banker (Goldman Sachs), minor Hollywood player, and political impresario. He described himself last year as coming from “a blue-collar, Irish Catholic, pro-Kennedy, pro-union family of Democrats.” He’s CEO of Breitbart News, the crusading right-wing populist website which has supported Trump to the hilt and is ‘a haven for people who think Fox News is too polite and restrained.’ He’s virulently anti-establishment and set out last year to undermine Jeb Bush and was behind the damaging Clinton Cash expose.

A mile-a-minute talker who thrums with energy, he’s a Sun Sagittarius; with Jupiter in Gemini trine Neptune Mars in Libra, sextile Pluto (Moon) in Leo – keen on publicity-generating businesses, pro-active, controlling, flamboyant. His Pluto is square Venus (Mercury) in Scorpio so he can turn on the charm when needed. His Uranus in Cancer opposes his North Node squaring onto Neptune Mars – which will certainly give him a vision which he’s fanatical about as well as huge amounts of energy and aggression. Not for the faint hearted.  It does suggest Trump intends to ‘double down on the unabashed and unpolished populism’ of his early campaign.

There’s as much good as tricky in his interface with Trump. Bannon’s Jupiter is conjunct Trump’s Sun; and his Mars conjunct Trump’s Jupiter – so a good deal of morale boosting going on, though it could go over the score and lead to overly confident decisions. On the downside Bannon’s Uranus is conjunct Trump’s Saturn Venus which hints at differing objectives with tension resulting. Worse, Bannon’s powerfully aspected Pluto is conjunct Trump’s Mars and Ascendant, so Bannon will put his forceful personality behind dominating Trump which isn’t likely to go down well.

Their relationship chart has a workmanlike composite Sun Saturn Mercury conjunction. Though that is also conjunct the composite Mars, which looks very rough edged and argumentative. Plus a composite Jupiter Pluto which will start well, with each egging the other on, but can switch to a definite struggle for the upper hand. Neither is a personality who likes being outshone. Tr Saturn is in a discouraging square to the composite Mercury in October and square the Sun Saturn into early November. Plus there’s tr Pluto square the composite Neptune now till early Sept and again mid October across the election which is confused.

Bannon’s relationship with the new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has the same mix of friendly and not-so-friendly crossovers with a composite Sun Venus; but also an irritable, argumentative Saturn square Mars which is certainly under strain through September.

Bannon’s personal chart throws up a mix of great and not-so-great transits ahead. In general he’s in a highly frustrating couple of years with tr Pluto square his Mars, but that’s not exact again until December. He looks upbeat at the moment with tr Uranus square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint; marginally relieved in September with tr Uranus sextile his Jupiter, and exuberantly confident with tr Pluto trine his Sun/Jupiter though also under strain and confused with tr Pluto hitting on his Sun/Pluto and Sun/Neptune. Tr Uranus squares his Uranus (and Neptune Mars Node T square) through October which may put him onto a different track, and will bring sudden decisions or changed circumstances.

Although Trump started with his new team last week on an apology, I’d imagine Bannon will propel him towards upping his personal attacks on Hillary. Bannon’s Saturn is conjunct Hillary’s Scorpio Sun which certainly fits with him exposing her shadow. Their relationship chart has a power-struggling Sun square Pluto; and tr Pluto is trine the composite Mars now and in October and November; with tr Saturn square the composite Jupiter Mars in Oct/Nov – so it could get very nasty up to and after the election.

6 thoughts on “Stephen Bannon – punches his weight

  1. Thank you for this relevant article. Your use of the word “virulent” is right on. Kindly give sources for birth times, or if you don’t have them, please state this fact and that you are using a hypothetical noon chart. It would help clarify your work and avoid confusion. And if you did state this, forgive me. I did not see it.

    Composite charts are rather questionable when using charts without a documented birth time. The Moon could be way off since it travels about 12° per day, and the angles and houses are irrelevant since they are derived from (I assume) untimed birth charts.

    It would be nice to view Kellyanne’s chart, too, since you’ve included her composite with Bannon.

    The Jupiter intensive contacts between Trump and Bannon and their shared Sagittarius emphasis suggest personal ideology, in their case, gone wild. Their repugnant beliefs (Jupiter=belief system, world view and ideology) about race and nation are poisoning the culture. Bannon’s true believer Sun in Sagittarius is sesqui-square Uranus, which is scented with Cancerian retro sentiment. Here is his reactionary willful, anti-authority tendency that you mentioned above.

    Trump’s Full Moon in Sagittarius, which aspects Uranus (like Bannon’s Saj Sun), is an erratic, emotional loose cannon of subjective suppositions about race and religion (Sagittarius). In his case, his emotional capacity for any kind of love of humanity is stunted (Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer in the 11th house. Hitler also had a frozen Venus = Saturn). Like Bannon, Trump’s Sun-Uranus combination assumes supreme personal autonomy, with no obligation to follow any authority beyond his own will. If ever there was a manifestation of diseased Gemini duplicitousness, it’s Donald Trump.

    Bannon’s Moon can range from approximately 23° Leo to 6° Virgo, depending on his birth time. It could be conjunct his heavily aspected Pluto, adding to his particular, already malignant Plutonian-Scorpio tendencies. This Scorpio-Pluto emphasis, in Bannon’s case, represents the toxic poison he exudes into the environment, and the personal power he has at his disposal.

    His planets describe the themes of an agent of change and transformation (Scorpio/Pluto) via his beliefs and ideology (Sagittarius/Jupiter with Jupiter aspecting Pluto). Bannon chooses the path of bigotry and destruction, the sickest expression of Sagittarian belief, expressing his belief with his words (Jupiter in Gemini), spewing a hyperbolic toxic leak of verbiage and hate into the already challenged culture of democracy.

    Currently, Saturn is in Sagittarius, endowing these two monstrous men with an authority that could not materialize unless the seeds of their hate had not already sprouted in the heart of democracy.

  2. interesting. I haven’t done composite charts in a very long time but I find the one of Trump & Bannon intriguing. I remember saying to a friend about his composite with his wife – which had a similar stellium to the Trump/Bannon chart – all those eggs piled together in one basket with almost no outlets or mitigating planets, could either produce a euphoric sense of togetherness and purposefulness or, if one of them veers off on his own in ANY way, the whole relationship could crack and collapse. And in the friend’s case, divorce followed a break in ideologies. And looking at the bowl chart of Trump’s with his Sun/Node/Uranus opposite Moon in combination with an angular Mars I suspect it will be Trump who blows up the relationship.

  3. @ Chris.
    Democrats must unite and most of all vote!
    They have a worse voting record than repugs so there is no room for complacency, nor voting for 3rd parties in this specific point
    in history.
    For the whole world.

  4. Chris, from your lips to the ears of a higher power. I think Donald Trump and the people surrounding his campaign are dangerous!

  5. Ugh! I want Donald Trump to completely implode. I hate Donald Trump so much; he’s a racist, a sexist, a homophobe and an idiot. I really hope Hillary Clinton wins this November. I hope we Democrats take back the Senate too.

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