Harold Henthorn – repeating cycle of deaths

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Harold Henthorn, dubbed the black widower, is now serving a life sentence for pushing his second wife off a cliff, having set her up with a hefty life insurance policy made out to him. When the FBI investigated they discovered his first wife had also died in mysterious circumstances out in the wild with only him present and again he got a substantial inheritance. When he was finally nabbed, he’d already set lady number three up with a life policy on which he’d forged her signature.

He was born 14 November 1955 and is a Sun Saturn Moon in Scorpio square Jupiter Pluto in Leo – so certainly determined and an odd mix of depressed and over-confident. What seems telling is that both wives died 12 years into the marriage which suggests a repeating pattern. Often childhood trauma gets lived out on the same timeline (not that that is any excuse at all) and can be seen from Progressions. In his case his Progressed Mars had moved to conjunct his natal Neptune exactly when he was 12 years old, sextiling his Jupiter Pluto. I’ve no idea what happened but would be interesting to know.

He married Toni, his second wife, a successful opthalmologist, on 30 Sept 2000 when there was a Saturn opposition Pluto square Mars in place, which was a hint of the very controlling and ultimately murderous marriage that followed.

Toni was born 10 Jan 1962 and was a Sun Venus Mars in Capricorn; with Mars Venus trine Pluto, sextile Neptune – her family describe as not having great success in picking suitable boyfriends and her Mars Venus Pluto Neptune might have had something to do with that.

Their relationship chart had a composite Sun Saturn Venus conjunction with Venus Saturn trine Pluto; and Pluto square Mars – certainly dominating, scary from Mars Pluto, cold from Saturn and the addition of Pluto can turn that perverse.

When his first wife died on 6 May 1995, crushed by a collapsed car, tr Pluto was conjunct his Solar Arc Mars; and His Solar Arc Neptune Uranus conjunction was straddling a square to his Neptune.

When Toni was killed on 29 Sept 2012, his Jupiter Pluto had moved by Solar Arc within a degree of the conjunction to his Neptune; with tr Saturn conjunct his Neptune. On both occasions tr Mars was in hard aspect to his Sun Saturn, which is a minor influence, but clearly was sparked up when his months of planning came to a tragic conclusion.

His natal Neptune (conjunct Mars) does seem key though would need a birth time to see quite how it fitted into his killer con-man mentality.


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  1. It sounds more as if he has a particular personality disorder, which means that his brain is wired differently from most people’s. Fortunately we are becoming more aware of this type of person and inching slowly towards becoming better able not so much to cope with them, which is extremely difficult, as to deal with the fallout.

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