Taekwondo – flying feet propelled by Mars in Cancer



What’s fun about the Olympics (apart from the Brits doing so astonishingly well much to our surprise, thanks to former PM, Sir John Major, who pushed for funding) is that niche sports get exposure.

Taekwondo, which seems at core to be kick boxing, is a Korean martial art with elements of karate, which depends on speed and agility. Size matters less than speed, which is just as well for Jade Jones, yesterday’s gold medal winner, who is only 5ft 1 (155 cms).

Born 21 March 1993 in Rhyl, Wales, she got into scrapes as a child – not surprisingly since she’s an Aries Sun with Venus in Aries opposition Jupiter square Mars in mid Cancer opposition Neptune Uranus in Capricorn – which will give her a whole bundle of explosive energy.

What is intriguing is her accentuated mid Cancer Mars, which one of the early proponents of taekwondo, Haeng Ung Lee, also had. His Mars in Cancer was trine Saturn, and on the focal point of Uranus trine Neptune; with Sun Pluto conjunct in Cancer as well.

Jhoon Goo Rhee, 7 Jan 1932, another expert, also had a heavily emphasised Cardinal Mars in Capricorn, conjunct Saturn Sun and opposition Pluto, as well as being square Uranus.

Jean Claude van Damme, the martial movie star, 18 Oct 1960, also has his Mars just before mid Cancer in opposition to Saturn; in a mini-Grand Trine to Neptune sextile Pluto.

An afflicted Mars, especially in excitable Cancer,  clearly works well if you find the right sport.

The media have got all revved up about 23 March birthday for several top UK sportsmen – Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny and Mo Farah, as well as the first four-minute miler Roger Bannister. All have an early Aries Sun, so not an astonishment they are all fast off the mark.

3 thoughts on “Taekwondo – flying feet propelled by Mars in Cancer

  1. Tara, Angry crabs what an enchanting description for a prominent Mars in Cancer.

    Greta, I’m not wild about football, or cricket, golf, tennis on a running basis – and all anyone ever wants to know is who’s going to win. It often isn’t at all clear since what shows up most often is the stress of competition. The Olympics is more varied and more about the makeup of the personalty for that sport or for high level achievement. And it’s great to see competitors who have slogged away in obscurity for years on very little money get their moment of glory. I confess I never watch it, just read about it when I get up in the morning.

  2. How funny you should notice this, as my 8 year old observed this afternoon “Why can they only kick and fight sideways? They look a bit like angry crabs!” 😀

  3. The other fun thing about the Olympics, Marjorie is that you seem to be enjoying it so much. I’m usually wary about asking you questions pertaining to sport as you have indicated a lack of interest but maybe here it is easier as you can pick out individuals. No need to ask about Rio, you have it posted in the blink of an eye. Thank-you for the insights. They add to the fun

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