Stephanie Grisham – disloyalty too little too late

Stephanie Grisham, formerly embedded with Trump and Melania in the White House, joins the long list of escapees dishing the dirt. But more than most she’s being accused of hypocrisy in staying put, backing the lies in public and only belatedly deciding to spill the beans.

  As Press aide and chief of staff to the First Lady she spent more time working in a powerful position in close contact than any of the other tale-telling memoirists but she also bears more culpability. The general view is that indulging in public smearing of this sort won’t do her any favours.

  Born 23 July 1976, she’s had a chequered past being fired for cheating over expenses and subsequently for plagiarism (according to wiki). She is a Sun Leo, conjunct Saturn and widely conjunct Mercury and Venus with most trine Neptune and sextile Pluto – mega-ambitious, attention seeking. Her Leo planets also square Uranus, so she can be autocratic, not practising what she preaches. She has a Gemini Moon and Jupiter in indulgent, acquisitive Taurus.

  Her Jupiter is conjunct Melania’s Venus so good for fashion interests and public schmoozing. But her Mars is conjunct Melania’s South Node which is not helpful; and her Saturn squares Melania’s Taurus Sun Saturn, which is OK for business but cool.

  That is mirrored on their relationship chart with a composite Sun Saturn conjunction, which is being undermined at the moment into 2023 by tr Neptune square the composite Saturn. There is also a volatile Mars square Uranus which was under pressure long before the January 6th Capitol Hill attack which was her exit point.

  Her relationship chart with Trump has a hostile and dominating composite Mars Pluto, so she’d be OK as long as she toed his line. Nothing new there. All covered over by Jupiter Venus icing sugar.  Her Leo planets sit on his 12th house Pluto so he really would pull her strings. And her Jupiter is conjunct his Midheaven so she’d boost his ambitions and gain kudos and rewards for herself in the process.

  She will see hopes dashed this December and will have an emotionally rattled few weeks after the New Year and slipping and sliding through 2022.  She will get some morale boosts from tr Pluto trine her Jupiter but will have as many if not more minuses as pluses. Tr Pluto into Aquarius from 2023 will change her life irrevocably as it grinds her down for several years in opposition her Sun, square Uranus, then opposition her Saturn and the rest.

  It’s difficult to feel the remotest sympathy and while what she says is damaging the public has become desensitized to Trump stories.

One thought on “Stephanie Grisham – disloyalty too little too late

  1. Thank you! I never liked her, neither found her sympathetic. Also had her top on my list of people trying to cash in with an exposé book later on. But looking at her chart, it’s easy to see why she was a “hit” in drama driven, dysfunctional Trump World. She would have been able to “talk the talk” with DJT, a NPD sufferer, because he would have seen so much of himself in her.

    I also happen to believe most things she puts forward, especially Melania’s Zara coat incident being some kind of a passive aggressive comeback to DJT, happened. But grateful we are not forced to see this petty family drama being in the center of news broadcasts anymore (Saturn in Aquarius is surprisingly “namaste” at times).

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