Eric Zemmour – loose cannon or a Trump trickster

Eric Zemmour, the far-right pundit, political journalist and writer is proving to be a surprise hit before he has even decided whether to run in next year’s French elections. His recent appearance in Paris was a sell-out and he has shot from nowhere to 15% in the polls. It’s not enough for a win but will dent Le Pen’s chances as he denounces the decadence of western civilisation, the threat of Islam and the risk of a civil war in a French society split along religious lines.

  Even the recent paparazzi coverage of him frolicking with a young assistant is being deemed an attempt to sparkle up his image though he has made a song and dance about being offended.

  He was born 31 August 1958 6.45am Montreuil, France, and has a 12th house Sun Pluto in Virgo  sextile Jupiter Neptune – communicative, intense, controlling and ambitious. He has an opinionated 9th house Mars in Taurus – again only three degrees away from Algol. And a knowledgeable and can-be-self-righteous Saturn in Sagittarius.

  He seems too much of an outside shot to be worth considering – except so was Trump. And Zemmour does have the successful and ambitious tr Pluto square his Jupiter from mid March till late June next year, repeating on and off till late 2023. The election will be held on April 10th with a second round on the 24th if there is no clear winner. Admittedly tr Pluto will be square his tough-slog Sun/Saturn midpoint at the same time. But one way or another he’ll be boosted in confidence. This December and through January will also see him riding high.

  He’s certainly assured himself of a solid footing in the political landscape whatever happens.

One thought on “Eric Zemmour – loose cannon or a Trump trickster

  1. Thank you for this post.
    Zemmour declares himself to be of the Gaullist or Bonapartist tradition and his chart has strong links with France’s both charts : his Ascendant conjuncts the 1958 chart’s Pluto- his personality holds the power for deep transformation for France, his Mercury conjuncts their Uranus – he understands France’s uniqueness, his North Node conjuncts theirs – destined, karmic meeting, his Jupiter/ Neptune sextile theirs, his Saturn sextiles theirs, etc.

    His North Node/ Jupiter/ Neptune conjunct the 1792 chart’s Neptune – destined to connect through shared ideals, beliefs, dreams, his Venus/ Mercury conjunct their Uranus -experimenting with new ideas, having an unpredictable, exciting relationship, his Ascendant trines theirs, etc.

    So he may not be too much of an outside shot to be worth considering – even if his planets in 12th do not augur well for advancing to leadership position.

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