South Africa – corruption dims the lights

King Charles’s first state visit as monarch is with Cyril Ramaphosa, president of South Africa, who has left a country blacked out by constant power cuts, with soaring unemployment (35%) and corruption allegations threatening to trigger his prosecution.

SA’s parliament is preparing to announce whether he should be impeached over his failure to report a theft of up to $4million in cash that had been stuffed into sofas at his private ranch which he said came from sales of rare cattle and game. Further allegations on other financial wrongdoing are ongoing. The euphoria which greeted his election after the corruption of Jacob Zuma has disappeared in tales of much of the same plus economic stagnation as well as rising crime and lawlessness.

  In recent times Ramaphosa has parroted Kremlin talking points to blame Nato’s eastward expansion for the Russian invasion of Ukraine and refused to back UN votes condemning it.

  He is likely to keep his ANC leadership job in the party election next month though he is weakened.

  What a tragedy for Mandela’s legacy.

  Ramaphosa, 17 November 1952, is a Sun Scorpio like Charles square Pluto – ultra determined, controlling and stubborn. Ramaphosa also has a Scorpio Moon and an indulgent, acquisitive Jupiter in Taurus. Plus an explosive Mars in Capricorn opposition Uranus square Saturn Neptune. He’ll certainly be attracted to money but his Neptune Saturn handled correctly could have directed him towards creating a fairer society rather than going down the slippery and autocratic route. Saturn Neptune can indicate a conflict between the higher and lower nature.

 His luck will hold through January 2023 and he’ll push forward determinedly thereafter though his problems will mount from July 2023 onwards as tr Uranus starts to square his Pluto.

  His Term chart, 25 May 2019 11.30am, will be more down than up through 2023 but he’s not a temperament for giving in easily and will bulldoze ahead as long as he is allowed.

  The South Africa, 27 April 1994 11am chart is heading for its first Saturn Return in 2024, so perhaps (maybe??) a little decency might be brought to bear on governance. 2023 looks downbeat for the population.

  The 31 May 1910 chart hints at a revival of national morale in 2026/2027 which is echoed in the later chart as well. But a ways to go before then.

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  1. The corruption in South African started long before Zuma, let alone Ramaphosa. I was an electrical/mechanical surveyor for what was then one of the largest composite insurance companies in the UK.

    My work consisted of inspecting plant and machinery in commercial properties in and around London. In the mid/late 1990’s the maintenance engineer in one of these buildings was someone who had returned to the UK after working at the state owned power stations in the Cape Town area for some 25 years.

    When I asked why, he explained that it had became obvious within a couple of years of ANC rule that corruption was already becoming commonplace. Within a year of the ANC taking over the government, a black African with friends in the ANC government had been appointed as manager of one of the power stations in the area, despite having very little electrical or mechanical knowledge.

    Within a few months he had appointed members of his extended family to other management positions and then sums of money started disappearing from various parts of the budget, such as maintenance, renewals and spares, which naturally caused problems when such items were needed. He saw the “writing on the wall”, sold his property while it was still of some value and returned to the UK. It took longer than he predicted before the lights started going out, but go out they did.

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