Serena Williams – a one-off talent with a serious work ethic

Serena Williams is bringing her uniquely successful tennis-playing career to a close in order to have another child. She has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles and been ranked singles world No. 1 five times. Her first baby born with husband Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in 2017 disrupted her training schedule as she was hospitalised with deep vein thrombosis and suffered post-partum depression. She is one of the world’s highest paid women athletes, earning multi millions a year from equipment and endorsements deals and fashion outlets.

  Born 26 September 1981 6.28pm Saginaw, MI, she has a packed, hard-working 6th house with a Libra stellium of Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury there. So taking it easy won’t be in her nature. She has flamboyant Mars in Leo in her sporting and entertaining 5th house in square to a charming and emotionally intense Venus in Scorpio in her 7th.  Uranus is also in her 7th house of relationships so she will need space and independence in marriage and an unconventional partner. Her Virgo Moon is square an 8th house Neptune so she will have an idealised vision of motherhood.

  What is intriguing for such a driven personality is her North Node in Cancer in her 4th house – which suggests that fulfilling career ambitions is not her true purpose in life. Establishing a happy home life and putting down roots is.

  She has a well-aspected global superstar 22nd Harmonic; a leaving a footprint for future generations 17H; and a particularly strong 9th Harmonic – which last will either turn her into an even more successful money-making machine or focus her attention on humanitarian efforts where she will have considerable influence.

 She will have good news this coming November and again March but that could refer to any number of events in her life. Her husband Alexis, 24 April 1983, will be going through a high-stress, immensely challenging few years from 2023 to 2026 with tr Pluto square his Saturn in Scorpio and then square his Taurus Sun. That will be discouraging and depressing and may be partially what lies behind a dip in their relationship now up till 2025/6.

   Serena’s Spotify podcast with Meghan Markle has not gone down well with reviews in the UK and Australia calling it anything from ‘a lemon and a dud’ to ‘preposterous’, ‘banal’ and one reviewer pointing out that Meghan was responsible for about 61 per cent of the conversation while the focus of the podcast Serena only got 39 per cent.

  They were born within seven weeks of each other so have similar stelliums in Libra. Despite all the PR gush it is a fairly combustible relationship with MM’s Leo Sun conjunct Serena’s Mars; and MM’s Mars square Serena’s Saturn exactly.

  Their relationship chart has a stressed composite Mars square Pluto which is under strain right through till late 2023 with the composite Moon being undermined as well in 2023/24.

 Meghan’s personal chart has an infuriated and frustrated tr Pluto opposition her Mars/Pluto midpoint exactly now until early this December so she won’t be ecstatic over events in her life.   

14 thoughts on “Serena Williams – a one-off talent with a serious work ethic

  1. Gnarlydude, it is the culture rather than anything else. Americans just don’t admit to being in the wrong. Probably because of the risk of litigation. So it becomes a foreign concept to them.

    So if an American does admit to being in the wrong, that person might be worth the effort to get to know. Silly I know, but it has been like that for a long time.

  2. I do feel sorry sometimes for top level sports types. And I speak as the least competitive person on the planet. To have that driving urge to win requires a focused (blinkered) personality and a steely determination to come out on top. They are then expected to be extra-nice and fair-minded which doesn’t really go along with that kind of high-octane ambition. In a few maybe, but those running on high adrenaline with single-minded resolution, must find it difficult to switch off.

  3. “Turns out the Libra woman who pretends to be nice and sweet is actually a rageaholic who can’t admit her failing.”

    I know a lot of people like this, men especially. But isn’t it the case that women get called out much more for this failing? She remains a superb athlete, businesswoman and entrepreneur. What I admire most is her deep understanding that no matter what haters are going to hate regardless. She overcame all of that and more.

    • I mentioned business woman and entrepreneur. I meant businesswoman and humanitarian. She is a philanthropist and UNICEF Goodwill ambassador. Apologies for the redundancy in the prir comment.

  4. ‘She will have good news this coming November and again March but that could refer to any number of events in her life.’

    Maybe she will announce her pregnancy in November and be giving birth around March because many people believe that she is currently pregnant, but I would hope that she wouldn’t risk her pregnancy by attempting to play at the U.S. Open as her last tournament before she retires.

  5. I’ve never warmed to Serena. I recall she always spoke “victim language” and played poor-me in interviews up to 2010. But then she had major incident in 2010 where she stepped on a piece of glass in the days after winning Wimbledon and almost died from an embollism. Transiting Uranus had just entered Aries and was opposing her Libra sun. It was impressive to see her come back from that at age 30 and make it back to the top of tennis.

    But then there was the incident at US Open a few years ago where she raged at the umpire and called him a cheat for giving her a code violation for receiving coaching. Her coach admitted he had been giving her signals. It totally ruined the moment for 20-year-old Naomi Osaka winning her first Grand Slam.

    I, think it’s okay (to an extent) for athletes to lose it in the moment but I had hoped to hear an apology and admit she was wrong in the following days. It never happened, she simply double downed and played the inequality card. Turns out the Libra woman who pretends to be nice and sweet is actually a rageaholic who can’t admit her failing. Not a role model I would want my daughter to look up to.

    And now she’s evolving away from tennis *rolleyes* what is it with some Librans that they can’t simply say things straight. I’m reminded of Gwyneth Paltrow (also early Libra) and her “unconscious coupling”.

  6. I heard small portions on the morning news, Meghan has nothing to offer except her brief stint as a working royal. Blah, blah, blah she had to do things she didn’t like, it’s called work, We all do, welcome to the real world. She was able to dress up and ‘be cute’ on the UK’s dime. Meghan could have done so much with the royal family but she’s too self centered. My point of view as an American and African American woman.

    I watched a documentary on Venus & Serena earlier this month, it’s amazing what the accomplished and what they had to endure but yet she (they) striving for greatness. Serena is the GOAT. She’s seemed bored on the podcast.

  7. Beautiful analysis. Her Hulu series on her intimate life was very good and not surprising reading about her NN in the 4th as she is very dedicated to her daughter. Her and her husband spent a lot of time apart during the filming so not surprising about the Uranus in 7th either. It seems like its a normal way of life for them.

    Interesting about her and Meghan, and Meghan in general because you can sense its not an equal relationship, at least from the podcast episode. Meghan doesn’t come across very genuine which is too bad.

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