Olaf Scholz – cometh the hour with the wrong man

Olaf Scholz, German Chancellor, is plummeting in approval ratings as he wrestles with rising energy bills, the threat of recession and a parliamentary inquiry into a €47 million tax scandal from his days as Hamburg Mayor. Under questioning he said 22 times that he could not recall the precise details of the bank scandal. His foreign policy since the Ukraine invasion has been variously criticised at home as too adventurous or too timid.

 He was never going to have an easy time with tr Neptune square his Gemini Sun and Saturn, on and off this year till January 2023. With this November/December being the worst slump of his confidence.

 His Term chart, 8 December 2021 10.55am is equally lacklustre and indecisive with a Sun Mercury square Neptune so he’s never going to cut it.

  His relationship chart with Germany is seriously stressed at the best of times with a composite Saturn opposition Mars (Pluto) square Sun – and that is catching the undermining, scandal-prone tr Neptune square Saturn from May 2023 onwards  with his popularity swamp deepening right through till 2025 and beyond if he survives that long as Chancellor.

  With Germany undergoing seismic changes with tr Uranus conjunct the 8th house Pluto into early 2023; and facing devastating relationship problems with Solar Arc Pluto opposition the 7th house Neptune, exact in 18 months, followed by the uncertainty of tr Neptune square the Saturn in 2025, the country needs a competent hand on the tiller. Scholz isn’t it.

  The Neptune Pluto scheduled for very late 2023/2024 could also be accompanied by a disaster, natural or otherwise, which is worrisome given Putin’s high-stakes game of chicken around Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant.  

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