Sebastian Kurz – Austrian high-flier benched

Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz has resigned after he was named as a suspect in a corruption investigation into a conspiracy that illicitly channelled taxpayers’ money from the ministry of finance in 2016 and 2017, when Kurz was still foreign minister, towards friendly media organisations in order to buy positive coverage, and help lever him into the chancellorship. All of which he strenuously denies.

  He has handed over his role to a close ally in his own party and intends to lead the party’s parliamentary faction. A commentator remarked: “Kurz is not really stepping down, he is stepping back. Make no mistake, he remains in charge of the party. He will be thinking about a comeback.”

 Kurz is a polished presenter and was once a poster boy for the resurgence of European conservative politics. His first 2017 government collapsed over a scandal by his coalition partners to solicit Russian influence in the Austrian media. Despite these allegations, Kurz has been one of Austria’s most popular chancellors in decades and recent polling suggests he is, by far, most Austrians’ preferred choice as premier. Though his political support is falling away.

  Born 27 August 1986 maybe circa 4.30 am Wien, Austria – he said in an interview he was Virgo with Leo rising but that might need taken with a pinch of political salt.

 His Virgo Sun is square Saturn in Sagittarius opposition a Gemini or late Taurus Moon – so hard-working, practical and a curious mix of low self-esteem and ego-centric. His Sun is also trine Neptune sextile Pluto ramping up his ambition. Three planets in Fire plus an Aries North Node will give him inspiration and self-belief; and a risk-taking and lucky Jupiter square Uranus won’t be a drawback either.

   Without an accurate birth time there’s not much showing except on his midpoints which indicate setbacks now, high anxiety till the end of the year and career losses and calamities throughout 2022 with tr Pluto conjunct his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint and tr Neptune square his Mars/Saturn.  

  He will have moments of luck in June, November 2022 and early 2023 but it won’t be his shining hour.

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