Scotexit – a cyclical rebellion

Support for Scottish independence has risen to 58% in a recent poll, much of this due to disapproval of the Boris botch-up over the pandemic and Brexit in comparison to Nicola Sturgeon’s steadier approach. Though, truth to tell, the Covid situation in both countries isn’t dissimilar and much of what Sturgeon blames Westminster for, is part of her devolved health responsibility.

  Whether the numbers would stay that high faced with economic realities is moot – of customs posts at the border, additional tariffs for Scotland’s main export market, currency problems with no GBP backing, and all in addition to rebuilding after the financial hit of the past year, and without the Barnett top up from Westminster.

  The Act of Union between England and Scotland came into being on 1 May 1707 JC and has survived for over three centuries. So it will have been rattled by planetary influences again and again during that time. It’s a glued-together, enduring chart with a Taurus Sun square Pluto Jupiter and, if a start time of 12 midnight is assumed, has Pluto Jupiter and Uranus in the 8th – so it won’t budge easily.

  Tr Uranus is now back in Taurus as it was in the 1930s just after the Scottish National Party was formed. And indeed as it was in 1853 when the “Home Rule” movement for a Scottish Assembly was first taken up. So the present unrest is following the pattern which questions the 1707 agreement. Two decades after the first Uranus Return in the 1870s tr Pluto in Taurus put additional pressure on the bond in a conjunction to the Act of Union Sun and square the Pluto. And it survived both of those heavyweight influences without dissolving.

  There are some jolts on the Act of Union chart this year into spring 2021 with tr Uranus square the Uranus, and more in 2023 when tr Uranus is conjunct the Act Sun and square Pluto; with a raft of setbacks, uncertainties and dissolving Solar Arcs between 2023 and 2026/8.

   It would look more likely, if it is going to happen in some shape or form, to be in the aftermath of tr Pluto moving into Aquarius in 2023/24 and more so when the Saturn Neptune conjunction in Aries happens in 2026/27.  By that time tr Pluto has been trine the UK 1801 Uranus in 2024/25 for an upheaval and a rebellion; and separating tr Saturn moves into the 7th house of close relationships in 2026, joined by tr Neptune in 2027.

  By 2023 as well tr Uranus, will be on the final leg of a destabilising roller-coaster round the UK’s financial and political planets, which starts in 2021 and extends on. By 2023 tr Uranus will square the 11th house Saturn which rules the legislature so there may well be changes to Westminster and other political centres. The UK will be shaken and stirred with increasing confusion almost throughout this decade with the Solar Arc Midheaven squaring the financial Neptune by 2024; and then in the latter stages of the decade tr Neptune square the Capricorn Sun.

  What will help to bolster morale though it may or may not affect a Scot-exit is tr Pluto in opposition to the UK Jupiter in 2024/25 and moving into the UK 5th after mid decade, both of which will revive UK morale and dynamic ambition.

  There is a good deal of water to flow under many bridges between now and 2026 which could affect the outcome of an IndyRef – not at least of which in Scotland is the damaging spat between Sturgeon and Salmond and their respective supporters.

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  1. Goodness if only brexiteerss had listened to the warnings – we don’t need yours And you could actually be talking about the Brexit mess the UK finds itself in just now. Brexit will be austerity on steroids and remember Scotland did not vote for it. Whether the people in Scotland choose to join the EU after independence that’s up to them but it will be part of a serious democratic debate free from lies and racism, in other words nothing like Brexit.

    • Vrony, Cool it. Jonathan is correct – harsh economic realities, as I also pointed out, may quench the independence ardour.
      And having grown up in Glasgow I did wonder about an Irish-Scots alliance. Admittedly it was a long time ago but old habits die hard – there was and possibly still is a deeply entrenched anti-Irish-immigrant, anti-RC strand. Which found an outlet in the Rangers-Celtic rivalry but was evident right across Glasgow society – prejudice in the medical profession and other professional groups. Much of that will have subsided, but I suspect not all.

      • Thank you for your c omment Marjorie. I was born in Glasgow as a Catholic grew up here until I left When I was 20 to live and work overseas. I came back to live in Glasgow when I was 50 and the change in the place and people’s attitudes is incredible. There is no doubt that racist and sectarian attitudes prevail it’s an area I work in now so I meet them often – I also know that it is changing slowly but changing it is. Also There is no doubt that independence will bring harsh economic realities- people that believe otherwise are living in fantasy land – does that mean that Scotland should not be in charge of its destiny because it will hard? I’m not sure why you told me to cool it with Jonathan, given his comment Inthought mines was respectable. Scotland really is at a crossroad particularly with what is coming with Brexit and I know where I want to stand and thankfully slowly but surely the people
        Who live in Scotland are coming on board too.

      • @Marjorie, just an observation, it’s interesting how you see breakup of Spain or at least dismissal of Spanish Monarchy as something that could happen, but somehow are much more sceptical on subject when talking about The UK. Astrologically, both The UK and Spain have harsh charts in coming years, that could, realistically, lead to an area or areas to separate from the current state. However, in both, separatists areas are hardly homogeneous linguistically or culturally. For instance, if one compares Catalonia and Scotland, Catalonia has arguably larger and rawer divisions than Scotland, with a large percentage of the current population being 2nd or 3rd generation Spanish speaking Catalans. Therefore, I have to wonder, what’s the concrete astrological factor that would make “dissolution” of Spain likelier than that of The UK?

        Obviously, I have to say that personally, I would not bet much on any of the “exits” currently talked about on short term (it just isn’t very Uranus in Taurus). The one thing that I could see is Irish Unification. While as for Scotland, I could see some kind of “special trade zone” agreement being signed after Brexit. I just feel that it would be beneficial both for England and The EU countries to actually have a land barrier with an area that can trade with The EU more freely. It’s obviously all very complicated, but there isn’t an easy way out of the Brexit mess, and I can think of very creative solutions emerging once the stagnation produced by Saturn Retro in Capricorn is over.

        • Not sure I remember saying Spanish monarchy would go – was that over Juan Carlos? Or that Spain would break up. Hmm, just looked at the old 15th century chart for Spain which has an 8 degree Aquarius Sun which tr Pluto will conjunct later this decade – that could arguably break it up though it has survived that influence before without falling apart.
          My personal bias tends to be internationalist rather than nationalist. Splitting in smaller and smaller entities doesn’t make sense to me unless it is into a federal set up. Agree on Ireland unification – I don’t like split countries either.

        • I agree re Ireland, I think it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a united country again. As for Scotland leaving the UK, I am not so sure. It would also take time for them to join the EU as a separate nation, some years at least. As things stand Spain would be likely to veto Scotland joining, bearing in mind the situation with the Catalans, and not wanting to encourage them. Eventually, the EU will morph into something different from what we see today. At which point the UK may well rejoin whatever new alliance emerges. This, however, will take quite a while……But in a post-Covid world with a radically altered global economy, anything is possible eventually.

  2. If the Scots do to decide break up the Union – which they have every right to do so, and I can only earnestly hope that a ‘yes’ vote in the relevant referendum is actually respected and not unceasingly haggled over and shamelessly repudiated and reneged upon – the they should be well aware that ‘independence within the EU’, will involve massive austerity on a scale that Scots cannot imagine, as public spending – which forms the vast bulk of Scotland’s GDP – is eviscerated in order to comply to the ‘Maastricht Conditions’ regarding the Euro currency, something the Scots will be treaty obligated to comply with.

    Just a word of warning.

  3. Thanks Marjorie. A very interesting timeline here. And also this issue is reflected in many other regions of Europe. Plus, all over Asia in various locations, and so on. People do often seem to want to live in smaller units, for want of a better word. Perhaps the transit of Neptune in Pisces will mark the melting or blurring of national boundaries in many places eventually. It seems at odds with the ‘for all mankind’ theme of Aquarius that may, perhaps, be approaching us all.

  4. Separatists in Quebec have taken note of the 58% support for Scottish independence and found it heartening. Support for independence was 49.4% (60% among Francophones) in the second of two referenda exactly 25 years ago in October 1995. The first referendum in 1980 garnered 40% for the YES vote. Separatism in Quebec is now at a low ebb but both Justin Trudeau and the current Premier of Quebec tip-toe gingerly around the subject to let sleeping dogs lie. This holding pattern is not likely to last and is vulnerable to sudden change as often happens in Quebec politics. Canada’s July 1, 1867 chart will be under stress in coming years with tr Uranus conjunct natal Pluto in Taurus opposite Saturn in Scorpio. The 1995 referendum happened when tr Pluto was conjunct Saturn. Also, there will soon be a Neptune return in Aries in the 1st house square a Sun-Uranus conjunction in Cancer. Natal Uranus is clearly the Quebec factor, which has consistently upset and transformed federal politics. Canadian Prime Ministers have been from Quebec for 50 of the past 75 years. The Canadian State revolves around the Quebec issue. Methinks the Scottish split, if it happens, may be simultaneous to Quebec’s renewed drive for independence. The Scottish Indyref already has had a major impact in Canada by shattering the Canadian government’s argument after 1995 that a two-thirds majority would be needed for independence.

    • Hello Andre… in Canada? Quebec? Here I am on the West side of this country.

      I was keenly aware and glued to the news during that time in 1995. The night of that referendum was incredibly tense… every part of me wanted Quebec to stay with Canada. I was actually quite proud of the process… but it was so close!

      I had a friend at the time, born near Quebec City to a family of 9 kids. Four of those kids moved about Canada and settled in other provinces. The others stayed in Quebec. Their votes in the referendum were split… those that had moved away voted to stay, the others to leave. Quebec brings so much to this country.

      I have visited Quebec, stood on the Fields of Abraham. Was literally overwhelmed with the emotion of that place… like it is still in the soil or something. My parents are immigrants.. refugees from another part of the world struck by war. It’s all so painful.

      Canada has this wonderful Moon in Gemini… the People expressing Gemini. We are a nation of This and That. A nation of ongoing relating between disparate parts. One USA journalist wrote that he could not understand Canadians… they always identified as French-Canadian, German-Canadian, Indio-Canadian. It is that “mixed salad” description of us. We are a nation of communicators – CBC, NFB, comedians galore!!, music.

      I believe it was Lloyd Axworthy.. a Canadian MP.. who believed that this quality of repeatedly, consistently working on the dynamic of relationship between apparent disparate groups could be our greatest gift to the world someday. The best of Moon in Gemini.

      It is not easy to do this in a one on one relationship like a marriage, let alone in a country of First Nations and immigrants. But we try.. and try… and try again. And I am so incredibly delighted to witness this play out.

      No doubt this issue of separation will come up again for Quebec. Heck.. it comes up often enough in ANY relationship!! But my dearest hope is that staying with Canada outweighs leaving.

      take care all,

      • Thank you, Sandra, for your heartening tribute to our flawed but mostly well-meaning country!

        The good news in terms of the Quebec Separatist movement is that, according to at least one report, a lot of younger Quebecois see it as a BABY BOOMER cause that no longer galvanizes them. This is because the dominance of the French language in Quebec has now been firmly entrenched.

        The bad news is that this dominance is based on decades of government-imposed, ruthless intolerance towards the use of the English language in Quebec and even worse, the recent, government-imposed discrimination against citizens who feel a faith-based need to wear religious symbols or headgear which is primarily directed against orthodox Muslims and Sikhs.

        It shames me as a Canadian that federal politicians fail to stand up against these flagrant human rights abuses out of fear of alienating potential Quebec separatists!

  5. I’ve always thought Scotland would better off forming an alliance with Ireland with whom they have much more in common since Brexit and Ireland is in the EU

    • Obviously, you know absolutely nothing about either Scotland or Ireland.

      Just one small example – the sectarianism that even disfigures the game of football(!) as it is played and supported in the city of Glasgow.
      No. It’s not a ‘mere good hearted friendly rivalry’.

      • Not sure what your comment has to do with forming an alliance with Ireland. There is undoubtedly a minority of racist people in Glasgow who go to football matches but are you saying that countries who have sectarian issues should not form agreements etc with other countries?

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