Saudi Arabia – inflaming the Middle East

Saudi Arabia has thrown fuel on the fire with Iran and the other Shi’ite Arab countries by executing a respected activist cleric (and another 46 all on the same day). The fault lines in the Middle East are being ripped apart at an alarming rate with the two superpowers taking up high noon positions.

Obama has murmured an anodyne protest while David Cameron has done even less to protest at Saudi Arabia’s barbarity which is getting more extreme under the ailing King Salman’s reign, with reckless and squabbling princelings pushing it to the brink.

The Saudi 1902 chart has tr Uranus moving to square Saturn from mid March onwards and square Sun Jupiter from mid year – so major changes and upheavals, though with some luck.

King Salman’s reign chart, 23 January 2015 1am, Riyadh, has tr Neptune conjunct the 4th house Mars from mid January on and off throughout 2016 – so more panics in the family and internally in Saudi Arabia as oil prices hurtle down and social spending is pulled sharply back. Early 2017 will be worse with Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Mars.  That’s when tr Pluto is conjunct the SArabia Saturn for two years until late 2018 which will be even more severe cutbacks.

The SArab/Iran 1906 relationship chart is winding up for a power-play and a turnaround with the March Pisces Solar Eclipse square the Pluto (opposition Uranus) and tr Pluto square the composite Jupiter from March also till late 2017 which is always a tussle for the upper hand.

The SArab/Iran, Feb 1979 9am relationship chart is also in for an upsetting time with tr Uranus trine Pluto and tr Pluto sextile Saturn.

Both the Iran charts look very edgy and panicky. The 7 October 1906 one has tr Neptune conjunct Saturn from mid February onwards, on and off for year, with tr Pluto trine Mars which looks risky and enraged from this New Year onwards.

The 1979 chart also has tr Neptune opposition Saturn from mid 2016 till late 2017, so high levels of anxiety and paranoia; with dramatic changes from March. Though that may be partly the sanctions being lifted if the nuclear deal holds.

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