Bill & Camille Cosby – nothing so false as the ‘perfect showbiz family’

Bill Cosby’s wife Camille has been summoned to give evidence in a civil case against him, as he also faces criminal proceedings for sexual assault. According to reports she was supportive of him initially but became sickened as the list of complainants grew.

He was born 12 July 1937 12.30am Philadelphia, PA and she 20 March 1944 in Washington DC.

She’s a Sun Pisces opposition Neptune, and square Saturn Mars in Gemini – so a dreamer who’s had a hard life and been used to being tramped on.  She’s also got a detached Air Grand Trine of Uranus to Neptune to an Aquarius Moon, which last opposes Pluto – so she’s tough and able to stand back from painful situations.

He’s got a powerhouse and controlling Sun Pluto Mercury in Cancer in the 4th opposition a confident, lucky, successful 10th house Jupiter. His hard, self-reliant Saturn in Virgo is conjunct her Sun and opposition her Neptune; and her teeth-gritting Mars Saturn squares his Neptune (Moon) in Virgo hinting at his slippery approach to relationships.

Their relationship chart is a mix of chained-together and resenting it and unkind; with enough Jupiter around to make it bearable. There’s a composite Saturn opposition Jupiter square Pluto, trine Mars. With a needs-space Sun Uranus trine Neptune; and perhaps opposition composite Moon.

Their relationship has been through the mill in recent years and 2016 looks like a sinker with tr Neptune opposition Mars. It’s held together for 50 years so she may just sit it out from the sidelines.

They had four daughters and one son who was killed in a shooting in 1997. Ennis Cosby, 15 April 1969 12.28am Los Angeles, had a truly difficult chart with a Sun Saturn in Aries on the focal point of a Yod to Pluto Jupiter sextile Neptune; and Pluto square Mars. A Saturnine Yod is challenging to live out and can be quite fated.

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