Nicola Sturgeon – a triumph of hope over reality

Nicola Sturgeon keeps waving the flag for a second referendum for Scottish independence though, given the state of the oil industry with plummeting prices giving no sign of a reversal, the economic arguments make it likely there would still be a NO vote.

The SNP government looks set to win heavily in the May elections, despite having had a bad year with oil, a shambolic Police Scotland performance and problems in the NHS and education, as well as the under-maintained Forth Road Bridge coming apart at the seams.

On her personal chart, 19 July 1970 3.18pm Irvine, Scotland, she still has the career-success tr Jupiter through her 10th until July 2016; though equally pulling against that is tr Saturn sinking lower into her first quadrant, moving through her 2nd till 2018, which is not usually a time of great achievement. Often politicos with this, slide on longer and longer banana skins. She’s also got tr Neptune opposition her 10th house Venus from mid January onwards and then opposition her Sun/Jupiter – so disappointments, undermining her popularity. There will be some resounding ups as well. But it looks like one step forwards, one step backwards for most of the year.

She has two highly pressured Solar Arcs coming up, exact in 18 months’ time, but in effect late this year – SArc Mercury conjunct Pluto; and SArc Pluto square Mercury. That will put her under considerable mental strain.

Her swearing in chart, 20 Nov 2014 10.15am, Edinburgh, is looking edgy in the extreme with tr Pluto conjunct the Mars/Pluto midpoint from the New Year and running all year, on and off. With an irritable, insecure tr Uranus square Mars from late Feb to mid March which is likely to lead to outbursts and rash decisions. What is interesting is that this chart has tr Saturn heading to cross the Ascendant from next New Year which could see a downward slide.

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