Pierre Boulez – a towering talent – Neptune on a Yod

Pierre Boulez, one of the most significant figures in western music over the past century has died aged 90. He was a composer, conductor of many of the great orchestras, writer and performer, highly thought of by fellow musicians, despite or because of his maverick tendencies. He always championed avant garde composers and left his native France because he felt it was too hidebound, settling in Germany.

Born on 26 March 1925 5pm Montbrison, France, he had a 7th house an Aries Sun which squared an influential and dominating 10th house Pluto. He also had a Venus Uranus in Pisces conjunction straddling his Descendant and evidently could be charming and horrible, not infrequently at the same time.

His musical Neptune in Leo was emphasised being on the focal point of a Yod to Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Uranus – so he’d be a risk-taker, always following his own vision. Although a communicator and dependent on close relationships, he was essentially a loner. Quite a contradictory temperament.

He lived with his lifelong partner, Hans Messmer, whom he sometimes referred to as his valet.

His creative 7H, 14H and 15H harmonics are especially strongly marked. As was his ‘super-star’ 22H.

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