Robert Stigwood – the Midas of the rock world

Robert Stigwood, one of the most powerful impresarios in pop music has also died. He managed The Who, Eric Clapton, the Bee Gees, promoted Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Rod Stewart; was the force behind Saturday Night Fever and Grease; and launched the rock opera career of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. Known as ruthless, charming and decadent, he amassed a £200 million fortune, and ended his days as a virtual recluse surrounded only by staff in his mansion on the Isle of Wight.

Born 16 April 1934 3.10am Adelaide, Australia (?), his chart says one thing more strongly than anything else and that is money.  He had a 2nd house Sun Mars Uranus in Aries opposition and 8th house Jupiter squaring a 5th house Pluto in Cancer. He’d love being centre of attention, was controlling to the nth degree, though also ahead of his time so could spot trends. He had initiative by the bucket load, was restless, impulsive, prone to taking gambles.

He also had Neptune on his Descendant opposition Venus Ascendant in Pisces square his Sagittarius MC – so musically inclined, charming when it suited him, evasive when it didn’t.

According to the Daily Mail: “he had a reputation for sharp-elbowed ruthlessness that once saw him described as ‘gentle as a shark with tungsten fillings and a toothache’. Pluto on the point of a Cardinal T Square in hard aspect to the Sun Mars and Uranus would certainly give him killer instincts in business. Add in Jupiter’s confidence and he was all set for a rip roaring career. Though clearly all the success and money didn’t give him a happy end to his life.

His Taurus Moon was oddly aspected in a wide square to Saturn and sextile Pluto and trine Neptune; indeed was square his Neptune/Pluto midpoint – which would make him hyper-sensitive where close relationships were concerned and uncommitted with Neptune on his Descendant.

His creative 5th Harmonic has an entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine/Kite focused onto executive Saturn. His 7H suggest innovative talents, great confidence and the ability to organise and get his message across. His pleasure and money-loving 9H is was also strong, earthy and ego-centric. His 19H was also marked which generally shows luck, success and prosperity but not necessarily happiness.

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