JJ Abrams – Sun Jupiter luck for Star Wars 7

JJ Abrams, director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, now the highest grossing movie ever in North America, was born 27 June 1966 in New York.

He has a creative, lucky Sun Jupiter in Cancer; with Jupiter trine Neptune, sextile Uranus Pluto in Virgo. So he’s well-adapted to the mega-sums involved in movie-making and an innovator. He’s also got a super-determined and risk-taking Mars square Uranus Pluto which he’d need. With his Sun square Saturn in last degree Pisces.

Without a birth time there’s not much showing on his chart that would indicate a stratospheric success, apart from tr Jupiter conjunct his Uranus Pluto and square his Mars in the run up to the release.

Principal Photography started on 16 May 2014 when there was a Cardinal Grand Cross of Jupiter in Cancer opposition Pluto square Mars opposition Uranus Venus – which would certainly stir up his Sun Jupiter.

Though I must confess to being puzzled by the Force Wakens premiere chart of 14 December 2015 which is lucky enough with a Sun square Jupiter, but not too outstanding.

Whereas the other big grosser of this year the Bond Spectre premiered on a Pluto trine Mars Jupiter Venus which does look mega.  And Avatar which was previously the highest grosser, premiered on a Mars in Leo opposition Jupiter Neptune, trine/sextile the Sun. With a Yod onto Mars in Leo.  So was also going to make a significant mark.

A mystery.

One thought on “JJ Abrams – Sun Jupiter luck for Star Wars 7

  1. I suspect we are seeing the nature of cult movies and fanatic cult followings. From the movie, I noted the following:

    – young woman rising from nothingness into becoming a force worth reconning with (Daisy Ridley), in the same manner as the Mockingjay heroine.

    – nearly original theme music as the film begins. Similar action format in many chase scenes. Audience adapted to hi-tech graphics, almost in passing.

    – the struggle between Good versus Evil remains

    – JarJar Binks was not present

    – no corny scenes with Jabba the Hut or skimpy bikini slave clothes.

    I had imagined the movie would be cornish or full of yawn scenes. A few were present but…the film actually held my interest.


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