Sarah Palin – get ready for fireworks



Sarah Palin’s absence from CPAC, the US conservative conference, has raised eyebrows with questions being asked about whether her meteor has crashed and burned. In recent times she’s been focussing attention on her celebrity brand rather than politics.

But she’s by no means down and out. Her Solar Arc Mars will conjunct her Jupiter in Aries, exact in two months; with her Solar Arc Sun conjunct Jupiter in 15 months from now, both of which will refuel her exuberance; and tr Pluto will make a morale boosting square to her Jupiter in September/October this year – all of which should return her to her brashly, over-confident self. Admittedly tr Pluto is also square her Solar Arc Mars Saturn in 2017/18 which will put brakes on certain plans. And she looks emotionally out of sorts with her Solar Arc Venus square her natal Mars Saturn – which could also be financial headaches. So not all wonderful.

Trump has already stolen her thunder as the outrageous outsider but she may make a push back within coming months.

3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin – get ready for fireworks

      • They are like turds that will not flush! Most normal folk would voluntary disappear of their own accord after such angry public scrutiny (quite rightly so) and take a long hard look at themselves and adjust their behaviour. However, as they are not normal people and definitely fit the narcissistic type, they keep looking for every crack of opportunity where they can get a self-entitled grasp of centre stage. I like to think karma is a real thing, so, have they got a sh**storm coming their way. Or in the words of comedian Frankie Boyle, ‘Trump’s karma would be coming back as himself!’

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