Dion Fortune – wielding power for good – and others for ill

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The Neptune Pluto in Gemini conjunction of the late 19th Century spawned the brutal megalomaniacs who wreaked destruction in the 20th century – most notably Hitler and Mao Tse Tung, with Stalin being born earlier with Neptune and Pluto in Taurus. But Neptune Pluto also has a supernatural streak, a yearning for and a connection to a parallel universe of unseen forces and information. Control-freak dictators and practitioners of magic are more interconnected than you might imagine, since both are concerned with manipulating extra-human power. White magic for good; and black magic and ruthless leaders for personal ambition and revenge.

Hitler had Neptune Pluto conjunct in his 8th house which gave him the ability to tune into the masses and wield power from behind the scenes, drawing on his training from occultists, black magicians and others. Iconic film stars often have Pluto or Neptune in the 8th and for certain individuals it does appear to allow them to project a powerful image out to society, most often unconsciously. Hitler appears to have tripped by accident into the occult just before WW1 when his Solar Arc Sun was just moving into his 8th house, pushing him deeper into beyond-reality realms, crossing the conjunction to his Neptune Pluto during the war. He was apparently treated with psychotropic drugs in 1918 after an episode of blindness which was deemed psychosomatic after the Battle of the Somme. And he did dabble in hallucinogenics which resulted in visions of power, which sent him into politics in the 1920s.

Dion Fortune, the ‘white witch’ who organised rituals in WW11 to protect the UK, was born 6 Dec 1890 with a rectified birth time of 2.11am Llandudno, Wales, which puts her Neptune Pluto conjunction in the 9th but it could as easily be late 8th. It opposed her Sun Venus in Sagittarius and squared onto Saturn in Virgo so was very strong in her chart. She studied psychoanalysis, then moved towards theosophy and mediumship in which she connected to ‘Advanced Masters’ on the other side. She died in January 1946 aged 56 just as the war ended of leukaemia.

Churchill also had Neptune (in Aries) and Pluto (in Taurus) in his 8th though not conjunct. Aleister Crowley, whom Dion Fortune met several times, had Neptune and Pluto in Taurus in his 10th. He was a bit of a thug with his Pluto square Saturn in Aquarius opposition Uranus and trine Mars in Capricorn. Dennis Wheatley, the novelist, also tied into esoteric circles, had Neptune Pluto Mars in Gemini in his 10th. He had an 8th house Moon, as did Mao and Stalin. So the 8th house of transformation, death and rebirth, which is the most potent of the occult houses, is a recurring theme. The founder of Theosophical Society, Helena Blavatsky, born in 1831 had Jupiter Uranus in the 8th and a 10th house Pluto.

There was an upsurge of interest in esoteric matters throughout the Neptune Pluto conjunction in the late 19th Century and those born under it were drawn to spiritualism in the dreadful aftermath of World War 1 to connect with lost loved ones.



8 thoughts on “Dion Fortune – wielding power for good – and others for ill

  1. Jo, Quite agree. It’s dangerous territory, diving into areas way below and beyond the conscious mind. The kickback in terms of psychosis or physical breakdown is high.

    • The next meeting of these two planets will be in approx. 2370 to 2394. By then, Artificial Intelligence will be thriving. Perhaps this will be when AI actually begin to manipulate people’s thoughts. Or I may be thinking too small– human life for the masses may become virtual reality rather than real.

      It will be something that upends society worldwide, for sure.

      • Friend of mine and I were doing some Ouija board surfing back in 2000. Discovered – chillingly – that humans became extinct in about 2400 – thru overcrowding, disease, and war.

        With any spell, good or otherwise, there’s a price to be paid for the spell to be enacted.

        • I think that is where we’ll go if we stay on the current path. I think free will along with slowly elevating consciousness would be our saving grace, but that is if we decide that course. I think people are coming together more in small pockets of society than ever before. Still not enough to make a big change NOW, though they are making smaller changes, which could take humanity down a more positive road. But, we need to reach a critical mass to divert such current horror stories unfolding. We need to stop looking to corrupt individuals who seem to always be the driving force behind many of the problems we face. Overcrowding (driving down peoples wages and social opportunities seem to throw up more births but at the same time, elevating exorbitant bonuses to big corportations and friends), thus overcrowding will lead to disease (especially when few politicians are that environmentally focused and looking after the earth), and war (a multi-billion $ massive money spinner for bent government officials grasping to keep the global economy afloat – which will also lead to more terrorists attacking other countries in retaliation.) We NEED a brand new political ideological paradigm to change the course. But, that would also mean, we need to change ourselves.

          Also, slightly off topic about artifical intelligence. I was talking to a friend of mind years ago about the UFO phenomenon. He said that perhaps aliens are ourselves coming back in time to correct our course of destruction. We had lost our humanity to AI. At the time, I thought, really? Now, I’m thinking maybe?

          Sgt.Peppa – Aren’t scientists starting to find that their theories are beginning to agree it does look like we live in a matrix like universe, a holographic one? Some are even saying it’s overlooked by aliens (but my thinking is, that sounds more like a boys film, and a typical catastrophic one). That’s the negative view (perhaps some folks will put this alien in the place of an archetype God?). However, the positive view is there is now much proof out there that our consciousness does control and shape reality as a construct. Though they don’t understand why. All we need is enough people to wake up to help start creating a more ideal existence for humanity. We can all hope.

          • Jo, Keanu Reeves would like to do a Matrix 4 with the Wachowski sisters (aka brothers) and the original cast. He starred in John Wick 2 recently along with Lawrence Fishburne, so guess they talked about it. I would like to see where the Wachowskis would take it, now that they have fully embraced the energy from the planet Eris. Something new would definitely be birthed.

            You’ve done a “most excellent” roundup of where we are now. (Sorry, a Keanuism from Bill and Ted.) Can add nothing except that physics labs are finding more and more strange particle actions. Physics as a whole keeps sticking with the canon, because it works, but sooner or later, a genius will unify the new evidence into a theory that modifies what we believe beyond recognition.

  2. Thanks for this, Marjorie. Very fascinating. I like reading such esoteric/paranormal/’wizadry’ material from my own armchair, but to venture into it in the ways these individuals did only to be met by some unhinged ‘master’ with a God complex, scares me. Think I’ll stick to my mundane life as a curious Muggle, thanks. 😀

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