Netherlands election – high anxiety amongst the tulips

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The Netherlands election on March 15th has the EU on edge since there is a possibility of populist, anti-immigration, far-right Geert Wilders winning. He’s riding high in the polls and his party will certainly make substantial gains. Though the likelihood is that it will end in a coalition government. There is also unease about the Dutch parliament discussing in a few weeks’ time the feasibility  of pulling out of the euro because it is hurting domestic savers. Since Dutch politics are seen as a bellwether for Europe, leading the way with developments which tend to be followed by other countries later, there is a palpable sense of an existential crisis looming for the EU. With the French elections following in April/May and Germany in September. Angela Merkel is moving into a series of tr Uranus squares from March 20th onwards, so she’s feeling a blast of change coming.

The Netherlands chart, 26 July 1581 JC The Hague, looks panicked at the election with tr Neptune opposing Mars which runs on in the aftermath till early April. That could arguably be a ‘what have we done?’ – a la Trump in the US. Overall it’s an uncertain and confused year for the Netherlands with tr Pluto returning to oppose Neptune in September; and tr Neptune continuing to oppose Mars till early 2018; and tr Uranus opposing the Solar Arc Venus and conjunct the Solar Arc Uranus as well – so all jangled and jolted.

The Netherlands/EU relationship chart is certainly at a splitting-asunder moment this year; with tr Uranus square the composite Saturn over the election and then moving on to oppose the composite Mars in April and the composite Sun in May – and those influences repeat into 2018. So the electoral result will be a serious knock to the EU.

Geert Wilders, 6 September 1963, has the usual mixter maxter influences over the election. One day a candidate will have all good influences and it’ll be easy to predict (sigh). He does have tr Uranus square his Mars/Jupiter which is elation and success; and his Solar Arc Jupiter is within a degree of being square his Pluto, which is high confidence; and his Solar Arc Node is conjunct his Pluto for a moment in destiny – so a fair amount of positives. But he also has tr Neptune opposition his Sun/Pluto and into April opposition his Sun, so he’s not entirely ecstatic. Though he’s got tr Pluto square his Jupiter this month and later on and off till late 2018, so he’ll be on a roll of confidence. He could well do it and then find he can’t cobble together a coalition since no one wants to ally themselves to him.

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  1. Any feeling on the possible second Scottish Refendum that Nicola Strugeon keeps hinting at? I’m dreading a second one. My family were barely on speaking terms by the time the last one was over. The thought of it happening again is terrible.

  2. Solaia, For sure, it wouldn’t be easy or without considerable cost, but it would put a gun to the head of Brussels and perhaps force changes. Martin Schulz has already resigned as European Parliament chairman to be replaced by Italian Antonio Tajani.

  3. We’re using different chart’s for EU, so it will be interesting to see how this particular situation plays out. Certainly, just quitting EU would be much more difficult for countries using Euro as currency than it was for The UK. There are penalities for doing so, and they run in 100 billions of euros. So, unless Euro is dismantelled in common accord, Wilders and Le Pen have to explain their electors where they’d come up with this money, or how they’re deal with trade war ensuing if they won’t (this would be especially damaging for The Dutch economy, which relies heavily on export).

    There’s actually a lot of talk even among the EU friendly parties in the “Core Countries” The Netherlands is definitely part of on renewing EU after Brexit. European Commision Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker has announced he’ll step down after his term, but there have been rumors about him leaving in the Summer. And if Martin Schultz’s SPD wins elections in Germany, The European Parliament will change Chairperson, as well.

    As for the Dutch elections, it’s quite clear Wilders has never been interested in ruling, so maybe forcing him to form a Government is the best way to “neutralize” Party for Freedom. They are what’s called a “virtual” party, without a classic local structure, and will struggle with finding competent MPs and Ministers. Something very similar happened in Finland, where True Finns were indeed granted a Government post after their second big victory in National Elections 2015. While in Government, their support has dropped from 19 per cent to 8 per cent, and they’ve gone from the second largest to fifth largest party or even sixth largest party on national level.

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