Labour Party – paralysed by defeat

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The two UK bye-elections that were supposed to be the test to prove whether Jeremy Corbyn should stay or go as leader have ended in one catastrophic loss and a half-hearted win. But he says he’s not going, so that’s that presumably. For the time being.

The Labour Party 26 Feb 1900 chart does seem to be fairly accurate given that this week’s Pisces Solar Eclipse is conjunct the Pisces Sun; and tr Neptune is heading to square the Uranus opposition Pluto from early March, on and off till late 2018; with tr Saturn also opposition Neptune this year. 2019 looks devastatingly bad with Solar Arc Mars conjunct Neptune, so the implosion of the party looks likely to continue.

2018 always did look more likely to be his crisis point. And on his relationship chart with the Labour Party tr Pluto will present a huge challenge to the ties-that-bind as it squares the Sun from March 2018 till late 2019; with tr Uranus in a jolting opposition to the composite Saturn as well in 2018. But this chart also has a Pluto square Mars, mirroring his own natal chart with a Fixed sign Mars Pluto square, so he won’t dislodge easily or harmoniously.

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  1. BBC headlines this morning that Corbyn has vowed to ‘finish the job’ begs the question which job? His job or the job of finishing off the labour party?

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