Sarah and Todd Palin split – a drama-filled match


Sarah and Todd Palin appear to be splitting up with divorce papers being filed in Alaska. Since resigning as Governor of Alaska and running as John McCain’s running mate in 2008, she’s written a best seller, appeared on a variety of TV shows and continued to voice support for the far-right including Trump.

She was born 11 February 1964 with a questionable birth time of 9.44 pm or 6 pm; Todd was born 6th September 1964.

Neither of them are especially easy personalities and are very different energies. She’s a stubborn and emotionally detached Aquarius Sun, Mars, Saturn with an Aquarius Moon. He’s a practical, though scattered and contradictory Virgo Sun conjunct Pluto, Uranus with Venus Mars in Cancer and a Virgo Moon. He was an oil field production operative, commercial fisherman and is four time champion of the Iron Dog snow mobile race, in which he was badly injured three years back.

His Jupiter in Taurus does square her Sun, Mars, Saturn so he would bring some encouragement to her gloomier side initially.

Their relationship chart is reasonable with a (maybe) composite Sun Moon making them feel more whole when together in an affectionate opposition to Venus and in a cool, enduring square to Saturn. Plus an adventurous composite Jupiter Mars conjunction.

Their wedding chart of 29 August 1988 was riddled with quincunxes and three Yods onto focal points Pluto, Mars, Jupiter respectively – so their match was destined to be different, successful and riddled with drama and arguments.

The youngest of their five children, Trig, born 18 April 2008 at 6.30 am does have tr Saturn opposing his Sun/Moon midpoint within weeks which often shows up as parental issues; and he has his Aries Sun on the opposite side of his chart to a Libra Moon to start with, indicating parents of completely different, possibly incompatible types.

It’s probably been a long time coming but in a way it’s surprising it’s lasted this long given their respective independent-minded temperaments.

Pic: Gage Skidmore

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