Boris – full-on charge ends in a limp ++ add on

The Martian jitterbug who infests No 10 presently has got himself tied in so many knots that even Houdini would be trapped. Something has to give sometime. No parliament sitting till mid October, no indication that EU negotiations are going anywhere with the EU leaders understandably irritable and bored to the back teeth with the whole farrago, the opposition refusing an election till NO-deal off the table, cabinet ministers heading for the door.

He is feeling panicked, undermined and quarrelsome now till early November with tr Neptune square his Mars/Node; and his Government chart looks deflated and confidence-dented September 29 to October 25th with tr Saturn square the Mars/Jupiter midpoint.

But it’s November when the sh** really hits the fan for himself, Cummings and his Government.

Boris’s chart: Tr Neptune squares his Sun/Mars midpoint 12 November to mid December – lack of vitality, not pro-active or plans don’t work out, low energy; with disappointments in his love life as it also squares his Venus/Mars which sometimes throws up health issues. What’s worse is the trapped, cornered, frustrating and enfuriated tr Pluto opposes his Mars/Pluto midpoint 11 November till mid December. Caged.

That’s the point at which Dominic Cummings looks fit to blow his circuit board with tr Pluto conjunct his Sun/Mars and his Mars/Neptune – absolutely nothing is working to plan, quite the reverse.

The Government chart has tr Neptune undercutting its delusional optimism as it squares the Jupiter from November 12th to mid December; and has the catastrophe-strewn minefield of tr Uranus opposition its Mars/Pluto also November 12th to 11 December.

Boris’s relationship with Cummings is aggravated in the extreme with tr Pluto square the composite Mars/Saturn and Mars/Node till mid November and then is in a totally-blocked square to the composite Mars from then till mid December; is sagging with disappointment in November from 12th to mid December as tr Neptune opposes the composite Sun.

Ditto Bojo and Michael Gove, much the same effects and timings. With Carrie, his live-in girlfriend again November 12th for a few weeks looks very tumultuous with tr Uranus opposition the composite Uranus and square Saturn.

He’s left himself absolutely no wiggle room and even given his propensity for flat-out lying it’s difficult to see how he wriggles back out of this with his job intact. His Solar Arc MC (birth time being accurate) is opposing his Saturn now which makes sense and within six months will be on the same degree as his Uranus, which could be the tipping point of his exit.

There does seem to be a major hiccup from mid December onwards till early February 2020 for Boris and his brigade when Uranus reaches 2 degrees; and the Neptune droop also runs through into February. So there’s no magic closure point.

Philip Hammond looks surprisingly confident mid November to mid December with tr Pluto square his Sun/Jupiter midpoint though he’s also in for a few major jolts with tr Uranus opposition his Mars in Scorpio – so he’ll be fit to blow a fuse – and that continues for him into and through January 2020.

Dominic Grieve, former Attorney General, who is pushing to block Boris’s NO-Deal option, is a rock-solid Gemini with Jupiter Pluto in Leo opposition Mars in Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio. He’s understandably on edge and has Solar Arc Saturn opposition his Uranus this year; and a run of Saturn hard aspects to midpoints between now and December which could just be hard work but also slow progress. Though nothing too catastrophic, without a birth time. He certainly loathes Dominic Cummings with a composite Mars opposition Sun, Saturn, Uranus in their relationship chart and there’s no curing that.

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  1. ”Some self-undoing in 2002. He wrote his infamous racist article describing “picaninnies” and “watermelon smiles” as Pluto squared his Chiron.”

    If you think that’s bad Tara this is what he published about the Scots in 2004 when he was Editor of The Spectator magazine. Advocating that the Scots should be treated like the holocaust Jews. I wonder what was going on in his chart (head) then?

    ‘Friendly Fire.’

    Canny, pushy, chippy, they’re all over the place. Battening off us with false bonhomie. Polluting our stock and undermining our economy.

    Down with sandy hair and knobbly knees! Suppress the tartan dwarves and the Wee Frees! Ban the kilt, the skean-dhu and the sporran. As provocatively, offensively foreign!

    It’s time Hadrian’s Wall was refortified. To pen them in a ghetto on the other side. I would go further. The nation deserves not merely isolation but comprehensive extermination.

    We must not flinch from a solution. (I await legal prosecution.)’


    Three Scottish judges have now ruled, today, that his suspension of Parliament is unlawful and that he has unlawfully misled the Queen.


    Len McCluskey, Unite General Secretary stated: “My advice to the Prime Minister is don’t go up to Scotland – you’re liable to face a citizen’s arrest.” Taking account of all that’s going on he could find himself in a Scottish jail awaiting ”legal prosecution.”

  2. Boris Johnson’s two stationary planets (asteroid), Saturn and Chiron, are both at the mutable critical degrees, so a double underlining of significance. It does seem to mark some important turning points in his career:

    Johnson seems to have become well known to the public during the late 90’s Pluto square to his Saturn and Saturn/Chiron midpoint, getting a regular column in The Spectator and appearing on comedy panel show Have I Got News For You.

    Some self-undoing in 2002. He wrote his infamous racist article describing “picaninnies” and “watermelon smiles” as Pluto squared his Chiron. However he was still made Vice-Chairman of the Tory party. Supported the leadership bid of Kenneth Clarke, who he would later expel from the party during the Neptune transit.

    He became a government minister for the first time when Uranus transited his Saturn and launched his bid to become Mayor of London when Uranus transited his Chiron.

    He launched his return to parliament as an MP when Neptune stationed on his Saturn and launched his bid to become PM when Neptune stationed on Chiron. This also involves the 5th house of his chart and it’s fair to say that he’s had some issues there in the same period.

    While this Neptune transit to his Chiron is going on, his parliamentary career certainly seems to carry that symbolism – neither able to “die” nor heal himself (election blocked, constantly defeated). Chiron also has a theme of exiles (cf. Reinhart, Tompkins) and we can see that with the 21 MP’s who had the whip withdrawn. I wonder if a previous hard aspect from Neptune to Chiron in the 70’s had an effect on his childhood (5th house) and the constant moves abroad.

    Interestingly, the UK 1801 chart also has Chiron and Mercury at mutable critical degrees (Sagittarius this time).

    • Hi Thanks. The online reports fell foul of a server move. It was too complicated (expensive) to rewrite the underlying software to fit the new set up so they went by the wayside I’m afraid. The consultations are done manually by me so that wasn;t affected.

  3. How is it possible that your Brexit prediction is totally the opposite of Jessica Adams prediction just 2 weeks ago ?
    One of you is dreadfully wrong..?

    • Feel free to interpret the astrology I put in differently – its why I write out the aspects of transits etc as fully as possible. I don’t have visions or pluck it out of mid air. I also am not pro or anti Tory/Labour. At the moment I heartily dislike them all.

    • I too have been a professional astrologer for several decades and have followed Majorie’s astrology and Jessica’s predictions. I don’t believe that astrology can ever give accurate predictions – and Jessica has been wrong quite a few times (what about Italy leaving the EU this summer?) Jessica also uses a different chart for the UK than the usual – she is using a chart based on the date and time of the referendum. Astrology shows traits and Majorie is brilliant at this. Looking at a person’s chart shows you – put simply – whether someone is having an easy time or a difficult time. We have free will and we form opinions – which we are reluctant to change – make decisions and then basically we live with the consequences. Life is one long opportunity to learn – individually and en masse. We have a birth time for Boris, as he was born in the US and until recently had dual nationality – others involved have no recorded birth time, which is crucial for an accurate reading. What we do know is that he and Dominic Cummings are in for a difficult time and quite a few “learning opportunities”. What we also know with some certainty is that the Brexit “issue” will not be resolved quickly. I agree with Marjorie that Boris may well be a necessary catalyst to change the UK’s political system. Had we voted for proportional representation potentially none of this would have happened. What I find interesting is how many Gemini-types are involved in this saga. By the way Steve Judd is another astrologer that more or less concurs with Marjorie’s estimate of events and there are others. (I do admire Jessica for the way she sticks her neck out with predictions – but it is risky and no one gets them all right)

      • Agree 100% I’m not going to bash other astrologers ( I’m a baby in this field cf most of you – 7 years) but I’m not a fan of dated predictions at the best of times. As you say, risky. I go with M.O and SJ every time.

  4. When you are charting something doesn’t it just have to be what you see? You own opinion figures very strongly and seems you seem very very biased against conservatives.

    • Unless you are an intuitive astrologer and its what you see and feel/sense. That’s how I work, anyway but am mindful of putting opinion and bias to one side.

        • Victor Thanks I hadn’t caught up with that – can’t be mega-urgent if he can postpone it. But would certainly explain his November which doesn’t look easy.

          • I have read it is urgent but surgery was put off for Bojo. Some Spads have reported seeing Cummings in great pain. My advice is that he gets to hospital pronto, for all our sakes. Boris solar return for 2019-20 is interesting. Cap rising, dignified Saturn in 1st opposed by a weak Mars in Cancer in 7th which could suggest something positive for the PM. On the other hand, weakened Moon in Cap in 1st opposed by Mars and Mercury. Looks a godawful mess but I fear Boris might have some reason to hope for victory in a coming general election if he makes it, albeit a thin margin. All charts suggest great contention.

  5. In the UK 1927 Chart the progressed Mars is currently conjunct the natal Moon/Neptune at 24 Leo. It also squares the natal Venus at 24 Taurus and the Solar Arc Neptune/Moon at 23 Scorpio. It squares the EU Maastricht Mars/Pluto at 24 Scorpio, Mars at 23 Taurus in the the 1265 Foundation Chart for Parliament and opposes Parliaments natal Moon at 25 Aquarius. The UK Solar Arc Venus at 23 Leo is also making similar aspects. The UK 1927 Pluto at 13’49 Cancer is also currently exactly in opposition to transiting Saturn which is currently retrograde at 13’59 Capricorn. The progressed and solar arc aspects are not going away anytime soon regardless of what happens to Boris Johnson in Parliament or at a General Election. With all that strain in fixed signs don’t see anyone winning here.

    • Hugh – these fixed degrees you highlight connect with some of the founding charts for the Conservatives, Labour, and Liberal Democrats.

      Conservative Party, 12 November 1867: Sun 19 Scorpio; Saturn 25 Scorpio; Moon 25 Taurus; Jupiter 28 Aquarius

      Labour Party, 12 February 1906: Sun 22 Aquarius; Venus 22 Aquarius; Jupiter 27 Taurus; Moon’s NN 20 Leo

      The “old” Liberal Party, 31 May 1877: Uranus 21 Leo; Pluto 24 Taurus
      The Liberal Democrats, 7 March 1988: Mercury 19 Aquarius; Asc 22 Scorpio

      Perhaps Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will bring more to light? Since it turns back at 27 Scorpio on Halloween, whatever happens with this mess is very likely to tie itself into yet more knots. Or should that be coils?

      • Yes, if you search on here for the UK 1927 chart I think we had one or two previous discussions on it. Mars also stationed at this point during the referendum.

        These fixed degrees also pop up a fair bit with the main players in parliament, along with those mid mutable degrees. 21-22 degrees of fixed traditionally is a critical degrees. I’m going to add a post about Boris and the mutable critical degrees above shortly

      • Other charts hit are the 10/05/1912 Conservative Chart with it Sun at 19 Taurus and Saturn at 22’59 Taurus and the 18/12/1834 Tamworth Manifest Chart with Uranus at 23 Aquarius.

        Worth noting also are the Act of Union Chart 1707 has Pluto at 20 Leo and Jupiter at 21 Leo, the England 1066 Chart with Neptune at 22 Taurus and in particular the England 973 Chart for the Coronation of King Edgar (probably the true foundation chart for England) which has a triple conjunction of Sun, Mars and Mercury at 25/26 Taurus squaring Pluto at 27 Leo.

        I would watch for all planets transiting those degrees but particularly Uranus which will be going hitting these sensitive points as it tracks through Taurus and opposes the EU Maastricht Mars Pluto in 2023-2024. This will happen just after Pluto makes is ingress to Aquarius and just before Neptune’s Ingress to Aries in 2025. I think whatever decisions are made now are going to be upended at that time.

        One other point to consider is that the 2016 Referendum Mars at 23’19 Scorpio was in retrograde and has been moving backwards in the progressed chart. The energy is being directed inwards which may explain the constant infighting. That changes in August 2022 when the progressed Mars hits its station and then starts to move forwards again.

        • Yes, I had overlooked that Mars! Well this is all very depressing…..however, it does hint at something else happening that could alter the UK’s current course. There have been mutterings about a two year extension, although I can’t see how this is possible. And Ursula von der Leyen takes over on 1st November, and could have a very different approach. Assuming, that is, that we haven’t left at Halloween.

          • Just add to the fun I note that at the 26 December 2019 Solar Eclipse Mars is at 24 Scorpio conjunct both the EU Maastricht Mars/Pluto and the 2016 Referendum Mars.

            I have to say I feel as though I am living in fated times.

        • Ugh too many charts and too many numbers. But interesting about the Progressed Brexit Mars. The charts for the Brexit referendum date and the Article 50 letter sending – all point to 2021 at the earliest and 2022 for decisive movement. But who knows? It was never going to be a quick n’ easy exit even with T May’s deal – long drawn out agony.

          • There is a lot in play constitutionally at the moment not just with regards to the Britains future relationship with Europe but also between the different parts of the UK. The EU 1958 and Maastricht Charts, the UK 1927 Chart , the Act of Union 1707 Chart and the 2016 Referendum charts seem to be the important ones as they relate directly to the present constitutional issues. The current retrograde Saturn transit is slap bang opposite Pluto in the 1927 Chart and Mars in the 1707 Chart at the moment. It is also very close the Ascendant/Descendant Axis for the close of Poll chart for the 2016 Referendum. Hardly surprising things in the UK have got a little stressed politically recently.

          • Hello Marjorie and Hugh – at some point it could be interesting to look at the New Hanseatic League, formed in February 2018 and currently within the EU. It consists of the Netherlands, Ireland, and Scandinavian and Baltic states, and is challenging the old French/German EU balance of power. It was formed/revived in February 2018, I can’t find a date unfortunately. However, there was a solar eclipse at 27 degrees Aquarius on 15th February 2018. Mars in Sagittarius squared Neptune in Pisces, and the Aquarian Sun was sextile Uranus that month.

            The original Hanseatic League was a powerful trading alliance for centuries, from (as far as I can tell) 1358 to the end of the 17th century. There were members based in England, and various free trade agreements in place.


            So maybe something like this is evolving again amidst the chaos?

            Happy Friday 13th!

  6. I am not much of a fan of Boris Johnson but he did not create this shambles on his own

    Parliament passed the EU Referendum Act in 2015.

    Parliament endorsed the invocation of Article 50.

    Parliament passed the EU Withdrawal Bill in 2018.

    Parliament rejected the deal that Theresa May negotiated and has subsequently been unable to come up with an alternative.

    This has now gone on longer than the Korean War.

    Hardly surprising that the disapproval rating for MPs regardless of party among the UK population is now running at 75%

    A plague on all their houses

    • An excoriating piece from Matthew Parries in the Times (behind paywall) excused Boris – while damning him heartily – but also pointed the blame finger elsewhere.
      “ …… Johnson is a bag of wind and a sordid opportunist: he always was, but there will always be such individuals — Nigel Farage is another — hovering in predatory fashion around the fringes of trouble in politics. They do not, however, make the trouble; they feed on it. It would be wrong to blame Johnson for the Tory misfortune. His plumage may be exotic but this bird is a scavenger.”

    • I can’t disagree about the whipped Labour vote to trigger article 50.

      The only thing I would ask is; at the time were parliament aware of the full extent of the illegal manipulation of the (advisory) referendum? Would their actions, either as a party or individually, have been different if they were?

  7. ”But it’s November when the sh** really hits the fan for himself, Cummings and his Government.” Great some good news, lol.

    Boris Johnstone has lost six votes in six days. Maggie Thatcher lost four votes in 11 years. How bad does it have to get for him before he throws in the towel?

    And surely to goodness Macron isn’t planning to throw him a ”No Deal Brexit” lifeline?

    • Macron has some astrological hallmarks that correlate with others who have acted as agents and operators in this mess: A stationary Mars and Saturn, Mercury Rx, anaretic and critical degrees. No out of bounds but born on the solstice, so Sun is at maximum declination. The word “Solstice” derives from the Latin Sol + systere, meaning “Sun” + “standing still”.

  8. Whatever the outcome. I want it to work out good for U.K. and all our people. optimism, positivity, mutual respect and understanding would be a good place to start. We all count. All of parliament are letting us down. It can’t all be bad, either which way we leave some good must prevail when we leave E.U. Lets move forward and make the most and best of it.

    • Not too sure if any good will be able to emerge from the shambles, the economy will suffer initially and the country will remain angry and divided .

    • It won’t be all bad for everybody. But great portions of the population will have their lives destroyed, and almost everybody will come out poorer and with fewer opportunities. You might be able to have a happy life, but you probably have to adjust your expectation. This is what I’ve experienced, in my lifetime, after a systematic breakdown (Soviet Union), and I was only at fallout zone (think of Republic of Ireland).

      • That’s your experience and your opinion… overall it sounded quite negative! Remember glass half full! We’re all here to learn and move on in the most positive way we can. While I personally believe the UK should leave the EU and what I perceive as a protectionist and authoritarian dominance over the UK and all 27/8 members I also appreciate others want to remain under its umbrella. Whatever the outcome we will all (hopefully) learn something from the experience.

        • Direct experience V’s leap of faith. We’re all praying for a good outcome, but we should keep our eyes wide open and not be under any illusions

  9. Any thoughts on Dominic Grieve QC MP for Beaconsfield born 24 May 1956 and former Attorney General who has
    been integrally involved in the new Law blocking No Deal and has just formulated a new emergency debate (1 of 2 to be
    held this evening, the other set down by Jeremy Corbyn concerning the rule of law) to be held later tonight
    compelling the Government to release all internal communications between Number 10 aides and
    Dominic Cummings about Parliament’s suspension, he is all pressing for release of all documents
    relating to Operation Yellowhammer.
    And thank you if you look into DG.

  10. As a history buff I always like to look for analogies. And I think the closest analogy here is the end of Soviet Union. And the closest parallel to BoJo’s Government somehow are those Generals who attempted coup. Completely inept, some even drunk.

  11. Hi Marjorie thank you very interesting! Do you see anything positive for any of the 21 Rebels or the Lib Dem’s? Could they do well in an election. Or is it Corbyn’s time? Political allegiances have somewhat changed of late?

  12. if he doesn’t go mad dog , he’ll be buried and you’ll wind up with Mario Draghi financial policies. He should get the treasury to attack both the euro and the German fiscal structure(NIRP bonds) :ie bankrupt Germany . He might be able to work with the Italians(HA HA) to undermine the eu attack.

        • I am waiting for China to off-load US bonds, which are also worthless. There is no doubt that we are heading toward a global financial downturn – there are many astrologers specializing in this area. Things are the way they are meant to be so that we evolve and grow, hopefully, in wisdom. The planets impel but they do not compel. Watch, observe, discern but try not to get emotionally involved. Also blaming others is not going to help anything.

          • Thank you Cassandra, words of wisdom indeed. With emotions running high and many people not surprisingly worried or concerned about their future, your comment offers some sound and practical advice…

  13. You’ve covered this whole topic so wonderfully Marjorie.
    Even if there is a 3 month extension to 31 January 2020, this augurs similarly badly for the U.K. Chart at that time?
    And thank you if you look into.

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