Rwanda – a macabre solution to refugees

Rwanda, site of one of the bloodiest genocides in modern times, presently run by a man described as “an evil genius” and a “despot”, accused of assassinating his opponents, is the surreal choice for a refugee dump of those who arrive on UK shores illegally. Denmark and Israel are also in discussions to follow suit.  

  Paul Kagame, president since 2000, has improved economic conditions and literacy while at the same time facing accusations of widespread abuses. A recent review by the US State Department cites “significant human rights issues” listing arbitrary killings, forced disappearance, torture and life-threatening prison conditions. There is no free press,  the internet is heavily policed and no opposition is brooked.

He does appear to have an uncanny ability to charm the West and was fawned over by Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and more recently President Macron.  This deal, if it comes off, will help Rwanda by filling the void left by young African men leaving. Though the country’s track record of humanely managing Congolese refugees already in Rwanda is not reassuring.

Kagame, born 23 October 1957, is either a last degree Libra Sun or zero Scorpio conjunct Neptune and maybe a Scorpio Moon – slippery and intense. He has an enthusiastic Jupiter Mars in Libra sextile a serious Venus Saturn in Sagittarius. His reforming Uranus squares onto his Scorpio NN and Taurus SNode.

Sun Moon Neptune in Scorpio would certainly fit his reputation.

  Tr Pluto moving into Aquarius will run him into a swamp of confusion and losses as it heads to square his Sun, Sun/Neptune midpoint and then Neptune between 2023 and 2025.

  That would fit with his presidency chart, 22 April 2000, which has a determined, violent and lucky Mars Saturn Jupiter in Taurus square Uranus; and a slippery Sun square Neptune. It looks more than precarious in 2023, with the Solar Arc Uranus square the Pluto, which is destabilizing. Tr Uranus will conjunct the Saturn Mars and square Uranus as well – so extremely turbulent; and will be under exceptional pressure to change come 2024 and on.

 The Rwanda independence chart, 1 July 1962, hints at confusion and disappointment over coming months with the Solar Arc Neptune opposition the Sun, and mayhem in 2024 with a blocked Solar Arc Sun conjunct Pluto and an explosive, insecure tr Uranus conjunct Mars.  So whatever happens life will not run smoothly ahead.

   The relationship chart between the UK and Rwanda is fraught at the best of time with a composite Mars, Sun, Mercury opposition Neptune, trine Uranus Pluto  – and that is being shaken up considerably over the next four years.

  If the scheme goes ahead which may be doubtful, Kagame would find the spotlight shone on his ruthless style of government more than uncomfortable.

What is intriguing is that Boris’s Johnson’s chart relocated to Kigali, Rwanda, puts his politicking Scorpio Moon exactly conjunct the Midheaven with a relaxed-at-home Jupiter in the 4th and a fun-loving Mars Mercury in the 5th. [Maybe we could crowd fund his air fare for an early retirement.) Admittedly it puts his Uranus Pluto in the 8th opposition Saturn in the 2nd, so not all relaxing or good for finances.

 Although the scheme was assumed to be a risible ‘dead cat’ strategy to divert attention from Partygate it has been on the cards for eight months.

  Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, is gloating over her masterstroke and accusing her critics of having no alternative solutions (which is certainly true), but she is going against the advice of her own civil servants.  Born 29 March 1972 6.48am London, her grandparents were Ugandan Asians, so she’ll be familiar with the region. Like Boris she lurches from one PR disaster to the next and although regarded by him as a loyal supporter, has the usual Boris crony oddity of a chart that clashes badly with his.

   She has an overwheeningly confident Jupiter square a controlling Aries Sun opposition Pluto Moon in Libra. But it is her sharp-edged, short-tempered and chilly Mars Saturn in Gemini in a slippery opposition to Neptune which is the wonder since it collides with Boris’s afflicted Mars in Gemini. Relocating her chart to Rwanda, gives her a grandstanding platform, moving her Pluto to the 5th but like Boris financial headaches.

  Another tinpot scheme that goes toes up at some point.

15 thoughts on “Rwanda – a macabre solution to refugees

  1. I was hoping that ‘Boris Johnson relocation chart’ meant he was being sent to an iceberg in the Arctic Ocean, with a couple of hungry polar bears hovering round.

  2. I don’t agree with the Rwanda policy either or the Daily Mail or Priti Patel and the Tory government ,
    but people are entitled to their opinions . We don’t all think the same

  3. Thanks Marjorie for looking at this latest insanity. It’s disturbing to learn about Denmark and Israel’s potential interest too. I’ve read that they are primarily targeting young men for “relocation”…..

    I noticed that the Halloween Mars Rx in Gemini begins conjunct Rwanda’s Gemini Moon, in the 3rd house – so links with young men (Mars) and travel (Gemini 3rd house). The Rwanda Mars in Taurus will have the May 15 Lunar Eclipse opposing it, which could point to all manner of problems, and angry, emotional scenes. Two moments of Moon/Mars highlights in six months.

    Surely some kind of co-ordinated international effort to track down people smugglers is vitally important now? A number of journalists seem to have found quite a few, and even interviewed them. Why is it so difficult for all the nations involved? It is an evil trade, and huge sums of money are being made by these ruthless individuals. I suppose Pluto in Capricorn is involved somewhere in whatever the astrology might be. The lack of success in arresting and prosecuting the smugglers is puzzling.

    • @Jane: you are so right that what’s needed is international cooperation to tackle this problem. Something that Brexit Britain (particularly this government) is not really too keen on at the moment.
      I think the reason that single men are being targeted is because in all European countries they are the group of migrants that tends to cause the most disruption due to the lack of social control provided by family and a lack of respect for the freedom that women enjoy in the West compared to the often repressive cultures that they come from. For example, forming large groups harrassing women leaving a station, as occurred in Germany a few years ago, and I have also experienced myself in the UK once. The single men are loose canons. Family groups are generally keen to settle and integrate. So the problem analysis is correct but the solution is far wide of the mark.

      • Thanks Susan. Yes, I’m aware of the problems caused by young single male migrants. I have felt some sympathy for them – no family around, and probably quite challenging to find a girlfriend or boyfriend. We had some problems in my neighbourhood some years ago connected with this. Lack of respect for women was most certainly part of it!

        But, as you say, all European countries are aware of this, hence the urgent need for a united effort to address all these issues, and to get to the root of the huge people-smuggling gangs that operate across all boundaries and in what appears to be numerous countries. Possibly Pluto in Aquarius will prompt group actions to go some way towards solving this? The people smugglers don’t care how many die, so long as they’ve paid up. Children and teenagers are going missing too – thousands of them in Europe in the past seven years. It’s appalling.

  4. Not to mention that this is going to cost the taxpayer millions and that Refugee charities say that it will not act as a deterrent and is doomed to fail.

    “She…….has the usual Boris crony oddity of a chart that clashes badly with his.”

    Patel had already been in trouble and was forced to quit her cabinet job in 2017 over her dodgy, unofficial meetings with the Israelis. With this cabinet, it looks almost as if Johnson has surrounded himself with incompetence in the hope that it will make him look less so, with the added bonus that they can always be the fall guys when these nasty, populist policies, designed to temporarily appease the Mail mentality inevitably go wrong. Appointing someone like Nadine Dories as Culture Minister to purge British broadcasting of perceived ‘wokeness’ is one glaring example. So I wonder whether that has anything to do with the clashes between their charts.

  5. The worst people ever running our country. Maybe we should stop f**cking up the refugees home countries? If Iraq Libya Afghanistan Yemen etc were relatively peaceful and prosperous there would be few refugees seeking a better life it seems to me…get us out and make peace, help to rebuild what we have destroyed or stolen. This is never aired on main media for some reason…?

  6. This is very much the populist mode: simplistic solutions to complex problems. If Marine le Pen is successful next week, no doubt she too will be joining the queue. Hopefully it is just a distraction. A family member who worked in Rwanda briefly reported that is most certainly not a safe place for any outsider.

  7. It came as no surprise that the repellant Daily Mail supports this appalling strategy. The same publication lent
    its’ support to Hitler and Oswald Mosley in the 1930s. It is chilling and depressing to note millions of people buy
    this paper, and enable its’ dismal existence.

    • I agree. It’s even more depressing to see the comments of people supporting this policy. This is further proof that Johnson can go to any depths to save his career. The Dailymail till last year was anti-Johnson. Last November they replaced the editor with an old time Johnson loyalist Paul Dacre. Now it has become full steam Johnson’s propaganda machine, not even Tory’s.
      Marjorie, do you have any predictions for Dailymail? Any chance of it going bankrupt in near future. The sale of its print copy has already gone down below 90000, for the first time in many years, which was few weeks ago. Any hopes?

      • The DM online has got noticeably worse in the past year – Victoria freak show, soft porn and savage videos of animals tearing each other apart. Just grim. Not sure Dacre is editor though.
        The DM chart does hint at major setbacks over next year but not terminal.

  8. Thank you for looking at this Marjorie; it’s interesting to see what the astrology reveals. When I first read the reports that UK was contemplating exporting some asylum seekers to Rwanda, I wondered if I was reading a discarded script from “Yes, Minister!” or “The Thick of It”, such is the seemingly farcial (if actually appalling and very serious) nature of this proposal. I can only hope this contributes to the downfall of Johnson/Patel.

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