Russia – smoke swirls round another death

The fog of war combined with the murky waters of spook-dom make it impossible to know whether Putin got payback on Yevgeny Prigozhin for his mutiny by crashing his plane – or thinks he did and YP sensibly skipped out – or indeed whether it was an act of fate.  Time may tell.

  What is clear is that Russia is moving into considerable setbacks late this year and through 2024 into 2025/6. Both the 8 November 1917 and 8 December 1991 charts have Solar Arc Saturn square Mars in 2024 which is amongst other things assassination-prone. Though there won’t be too many generals left to despatch at the rate Putin is trash-canning them.  The 1917 chart also has a major collision of sorts, exact late this year as well.

  Putin’s 4th Term chart, 7 May 2018 11.05am,  was always brewing up to its most toxic and high-risk exactly now with the Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Mars. What may also be significant is that this chart has a Jupiterian yod which can trip itself up through over confidence and self-aggrandisement. The Jupiter has moved by Solar Arc to catch the tr Uranus opposition exactly at the moment. Which might suggest an over-reach that backfires.

  The Russian economy is in bad shape though it is hardly alone in that but it won’t help Putin’s popularity at home. See previous post 12 April 2023.

  There is nothing too illuminating showing up on Yevgeny Prigozhin’s chart (see post 4 November 2022). There is no date for the start of the Wagner Group though their first involvement was the invasion of Crimea which kicked off on 20 February 2014 – and that chart is badly rattled at the moment with tr Pluto square the Mars, tr Uranus opposition the Saturn and tr Saturn conjunct the Neptune – if that is a Wagner mercenary group chart it looks poleaxed.

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  1. I don’t know how relevant this is but Prigozhin gave a date for Wagner of 1/5/2014, even though they had been in Crimea earlier in 2014. The chart, though, is interesting in that it has a grand cross of Mars opp Uranus, square to Jupiter opp Pluto in cardinal signs. Transiting Saturn is currently square the Moon, and Tr Pluto squares the Nodes.

    Article in the Guardian with Prigozhin’s quote

    • Thanks Xhane. That’s a symbolic date for Russia, and was celebrated in Soviet Russia as International Workers Day. Could be why Prigozhin chose it?

      “Tuesday, May 1, 1917

      Over 100,000 anti-war protesters organized by the Bolsheviks gathered in Petrograd to oppose a pledge by Russian Provisional Government’s Foreign Minister Pavel Milyukov for Russia to continue fighting against the Central Powers.” Wiki

      • @Jane, International Workers’ Day is still a public holiday in most of Europe. Offices are closed everywhere. It also may be that this date is given as the date of incorporation for legal/fiscal reasons. Company I currently work for chose to file in April 1st, given founders’ sense of humour.

        But this also why I wouldn’t give too much weight to modern incorporation charts. IPOs are more telling, though.

  2. Pluto in an anaretic degree brings energy to transform in transit, so transforming can
    intensify. There can be massive change and upheaval occurring & it can feel extremely
    unsettling or lead to struggles for power and control. There is likely a major ending
    happening something big that needs to be finished or finally understood or let go of
    and this can be a chalenge. It may be ripped up from the roots and the lasting
    import of the change can stick around for a while.
    Will the leaderless Wagner group march on Moscow?

  3. In the Russian Plane Crash chart that I just posted, pencil in Wagner(group) at
    28Cp39 conjunct natal Pluto 28Cp24, 1st House, both sextile the plane crash MH
    at 29Sc46.

  4. I think it’s interesting about those ‘generational’ transits VF, because what’s happening now affects us all – whether we are from that generation or not. So can an individual (s) be a conduit for wider events? Also, the Pluto/Nodes t-square in Cardinal signs suggests dynamic energies in our world, and that late Aries eclipse in April is significant, linking Crimea with Putin’s current term. The final degrees tell a story too, and highlight Pluto’s journey through Capricorn and what it means for the world.

    I saw this, about Crimea, published one day before April’s eclipse this year:

    “Public-opinion polls show near-unanimity in favor of restoring the country’s pre-2014 borders. Political leaders rarely challenge such support, least of all in wartime. Yet Ukrainian officials also know that re-integrating this territory would not be easy. (Former defense minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk recently called it “a rather problematic story”). Before its illegal annexation by Russia, Crimea was a consistent outlier in Ukraine’s politics. It remained a center of residual Communist Party votes for a decade after independence, and in the decade after that was a bulwark of support for the Party of Regions led by Viktor Yanukovych (the Ukrainian president who fled to Russia in 2014).”, 19 April 2023

    What was everyone thinking back in 2014? The involvment of the Nodes in this situation makes it clear that actions have consequences, and chickens tend to come home to roost……

    • Also of potential interest – today is NATO’s ‘birthday’ – 24th August, 1949. October’s Libran eclipse squares onto its Mars, 21 Cancer, and Jupiter, 23 Capricorn. Nodes are 17 Aries/Libra.

    • In the light of history, the West’s complacency towards Crimea will be seen as negligent at best and it is no coincidence that the North Node was in the late degrees of Libra that year. Venus-ruled Libra will sometimes look the other way for the sake of peace, which can then backfire on it badly at a later date.

      Regarding Prigozhin’s replacement in Africa, one Major General Andrei Averianov, chief of the GRU (Russia’s international intelligence has been appointed. According to ‘Bellingcat’, Aberianov was the intelligence operation behind the Salisbury poisonings which targeted Sergei Skirpal as well as other assassinations in Eastern Europe as well as an attempt to destabilise Moldova. It’s a pity we don’t have a birth date for him, but we know he was born in 1970. That year saw both Neptune and Pluto in the last few degrees of Scorpio and Virgo with Neptune hovering on the cusp of Sagittarius as it occupies the final degree of Scorpio and that sextile will be formed into a yod by the current NN in Aries. I think there is something very powerful about that degree as I have seen it in the charts of drug abusers and those who abuse other ‘poisons’ such as cocaine. For example Katie Price has her Moon here. It’s also reckless and it flirts with danger, the final sting in the tail of the scorpion. In myth and folklaw, the scorpion was the only creature with the capacity to commit suicide by stinging itself with its own venom. (In fact this is not true, since Scorpions are actually immune to their own venom).

      As you say, the dynamic energy of Pluto in square to the Nodal axis is currently in action and those energies are being felt globally. What I found most chilling was Putin’s deadpan statement about Prigozhin as ‘a man of difficult fate’.

      • “the final degree of Scorpio…I think there is something very powerful about that degree as I have seen it in the charts of drug abusers and those who abuse other ‘poisons’ such as cocaine.”

        The tail end of the scorpion is what it uses to inject poison, so quite appropriate.

        Pluto would have been at that angle in 1994. Is there anything drug-related that happened in that year. Nothing obvious comes to my mind.

        • Rosemary and Fred West were arrested around that time which brought out such horrific stories of child abuse and murder that the UK was sick as a dog for months as the ghastly details emerged.

        • The 90s saw the peak of the underground rave scene and the rise of the drug ‘ecstasy’ and as a result a police crackdown on illegal venues. The drug was seen at the time as relatively harmless, removing inhibitions and giving the user a feeling of euphoria. However, as clubs began replacing the illegal raves, dealers took advantage to ply their trade. Deaths began to occur in the clubs, with certain young people dying from the effects if the drug. The year 1995 saw the death in the U.K. of policeman’s daughter, Leah Betts which highlighted the darker side of this subculture.

  5. Astrologically, what it’s about Russia and Virgo Entrance? Yesterday, it was the 80th anniversary of Battle of Kursk. 84th of Molotiv-Ribbentrop Pact. August Coup 1991 lead to formal Declaration of Independence by Baltic States. August 24th is the day of Ukrainian (first) Independence. And these are just 20th century examples, if I combed through centuries, I’m sure I’d find others.

  6. Even if the real Prigo is really dead, there are so many questions here.

    If this was a Kremlin orchestrated assassination of Wagner’s leadership – apparently, co-founder Utkin was on board -, when does the “deadman switch” Prigozhin boasted about and almost certainly had, activate? What would it be, and could it be tied to US 2016 Elections Prigo definitely had a hand on?

    Where is Lukashenko, and might he feel the pressure as well, having gathered Wagner?

    Where is Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s trusty (?) Chief of Staff, one of the less geriatric siloviks and husband to one of the biggest Russian celebrities, ice-skating queen Tatyana Navka?

    Will the indomitable Elvira Nabiullina be able and willing to pull another one of her voodoo economics tricks, or will ruble plummet inevitably when the Russian holiday season is inevitably over in less than a week?

    Even if the Cook is dead, so much cooking here.

  7. -There is nothing too illuminating showing up on Yevgeny Prigozhin’s chart-
    Some news reports mentioned that Prigozhin based on his security measures usually had multiple stand-ins for himself… so … he is presumed dead but there is thusfar no official confirmation of his death.
    Is it possible he faked his death to test Putin?

    • @Anita, Prigozhin faking his dead was my first, instinctive thought, but then again, I may have seen too many soaps where the main villain(ess) fakes their death like this, and too many “Air Crash Investigations” to know why it would be convenient in the real world for a warlord with steep pockets. There are countless examples of small aircraft crashes where bodies have burned beyond DNA recognition.

      But then again, there were countless people who might have wanted to get rid of Prigozhin, even counting out Kremlin. I’m thinking Russian Air Forces, Wagner may have taken out as many as 13 of them during their rampage. Several developing world dignitaries, too.

  8. Thanks Marjorie. Good to see the astrology, amidst all the claims and counter claims going on at the moment.

    “Putin’s 4th Term chart, 7 May 2018 11.05am, was always brewing up to its most toxic and high-risk exactly now with the Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Mars”

    I noticed that the 21 Capricorn Pluto square Mercury, 21 Aries in that chart will be turned into a t-square by October’s Libran eclipse. It’s in the SS 7 South eclipse series – Brady writes – “…huge obstacles will suddenly and easily clear or, ….a pending potential crisis will suddenly manifest and move through his or her life very rapidly”
    I think this eclipse could be significant as it also aspects Russia 1917 Solar Arc Pluto 22 Libra and S. Node 20 Libra. Russia 1991 has the SA IC at 22 Libra. Is it too early for this October eclipse to be manifesting?

    April’s 29 Aries eclipse hit the Uranus of Putin’s 4th Term, and has had the Aries/Libra Nodes square Pluto re-activating the eclipse point this month. So more upheaval and more power plays and ploys seem inevitable.

    Looking at Crimea, 2014, the North Node is 29 Libra, with Mars 27 Libra. With both Putin’s 4th Term Uranus and the April eclipse on the South Node for that date, there seems to be a possibility of past actions catching up with the direction and aims of Putin’s government now. Whether or not Crimea reflects the Wagner Group, it was a moment when things might have developed very differently, had the West acted differently back then.

    • Interesting about Crimea, Jane. According to reuters Ukraine forces last night destroyed a Russian Air Defence system:

      ‘The Ukrainian military successfully executed a strike on the Russian-occupied Ukrainian territory of Crimea in the early hours of Aug. 23, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense’s Main Intelligence Directorate or HUR has reported.

      ‘This operation holds significant importance due to its impact on the enemy’s air defense capabilities within the Tarkhankut Peninsula, the HUR said. The destruction of the air defense system severely hampers the enemy’s ability to monitor its airspace and protect assets.’

      It’s a pity we don’t have a TOB for Prigozhin, and I know these transits are generational but I couldn’t help notice a double whammy of transit Pluto on his natal Saturn and transit Saturn opposing his natal Pluto, fwiw.

  9. Marjorie,

    Could you also cast a chart for Dmitry Medvedev, former President of Russia, standing in for Putin because Putin was constitutionally barred from a third consecutive term? He has also been prime Minister under Putin. So he works closely with Putin and will likely take over if any untoward event were to occur.

    He has also recently (this week) threatened to annex Abkhazia and South Ossetia from Georgia.

    Wikipedia gives his DOB as 14 September 1965.

    • @Unmystic Mom, Medvedev is born just 3 days after Bashar al-Assad. The two are linked astrologically, with a tr. Neptune square Sun, in fact, in Medvedev’s case this will drag on longer, and politically, by Assad’s regime being backed by Russia.

      I think one thing they have in common is that they were not supposed to become “front figures”. Bashar was a younger son, Medvedev was relatively junior in Putin’s administration, although had a position of power as chief of staff. But he looked good on paper, and Russians seemed to genuinely like him better than some “siloviks”.

      That said, a lot of water has ran under the bridge. Dmitry Anatolyevich has a drinking problem, even by Russian standards, and made some mistakes on his international appearance. He is pretty much kept as a mascot now, with no real influence. And, if Assad is having hard times, he would, too.

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