Russia 2020 – Neptunian smokescreen and drift


Vladimir Putin’s 4th term as Russia President always did look like a crises-ridden administration. There’s a ruthless (and blocked) Mars Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus and Midheaven – less stable than it appears from the outside. There’s also a lucky Sun opposition Jupiter, in a Half Grand Sextile of evasive Neptune in the financial 8th sextile Pluto, which will help to bolster its chances, although economic/financial matters will be a weak spot.

Where it starts to be disrupted is in 2022 with tr Uranus conjunct the Sun – but Jupiter may well step in with dollops of luck to improve his chances of political survival. There’s likely to be explosive mishaps before then in 2021 as the Solar Arc Mars square the Uranus and reputational damage from tr Pluto square the midheaven in 2021/22. And there’ll be worse violence and brutality when the Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct the Mars in 2023. The run up to the next election will be exceptionally fraught.

2020 itself will have some highs mid-year but also patches of long slow, discouraging slog, some major obstacles from the Mars/Pluto midpoint and dashed-hopes from tr Neptune square Jupiter/Pluto.

The plethora of charts for Russia as a country is irksome. But looking at 8 December 1991 7.45pm there’s an undermining drift until late January 2020 from tr Neptune square the Sun; jolts and tensions from tr Uranus square the Saturn early February to early March 2020; and more debilitating confusion or indecision late year as the Solar Arc Sun is conjunct the Neptune. Tr Saturn in Aquarius in 2022 will put pressure on the 4th house Pluto, with disruptions the following year from tr Uranus square the Pluto – if the start time is sound, that could knock away some of the internal domestic controls.

The 8 November 197 2.12 am chart is more obviously in the line of fire from the economic-setback tr Saturn square tr Uranus in 2022/23 as both will hard aspect the Scorpio Sun, Mercury and square the Saturn and then Uranus.

Going back to conspiracy theories: The Russia 1917 chart has a paranoid Saturn Neptune conjunction and a control-freak Pluto in the 10th trine a Scorpio Sun – so custom-built for spreading ‘imaginative’ disinformation. The 1991 chart has a Uranus Neptune conjunction which can also bend reality to its own uses.


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  1. Thank you for this! I seemed to remember there was something up with Putin’s 4th term chart, and this confirms it. I would look at Putin’s chart, but I’m not even 50 per cent convinced it’s accurate. There was a long article I read some time ago on a claim about Putin actually being a Georgian boy who was taken from his mother. Reputable journalists from German “Zeit” magazine tried to investigate the claim. While they didn’t find much evidence to support Georgian origins story in particular, they found out someone had intentionally tampered records on Putin’s childhood before he started school in 1960, at least a year later than it was habitual in The USSR. I personally think that while he looks a lot like his supposed biological mother, he might infact be a nephew or cousin his parents who’d lost two children born in the 1950’s fostered. Or not son to his supposed father. And he would likely be younger. Having been born in 1953, around the time Stalin died, would be ironic. This theory isn’t as crazy as it sounds, either, since there were literally millions of orphaned and misplaced children in The USSR that time. We know children of people who ended up deported and imprisoned were regularly placed to families and given new identities, because some of the older children remembered who they were.

    That said, Putin is still well into his 60’s, which definitely makes him more vulnerably physically, and possibly slightly “out of time” especially after having lived in a dictator bubble for 20 years. Despite Russians hacking elections, Putin himself isn’t tech savvy at all, quite the contrary. This definitely makes him surprisingly more vulnerable in an environment where youngest Russians in voting age were born after he seized the power.

    • Also worth noting: While Politbyro was incredibly inefficient, Gorbachev was “only” 55 when Chernobyl took place. He’d been general secretary for little over a year, didn’t have a court telling him what he wanted and is genuinly more Mutable personality. I can’t but think how different, and possibly disastrous, Putin’s leadership would be at a large disaster, given the weak showing when Kursk went down and the recent incident on White Sea.

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