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The killing of Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Qds force in a USA strike has shaken analysts who all say it’s impossible to exaggerate the repercussions of this event. Soleimani was ‘more important than the president, spoke to all factions in Iran, had a direct line to the supreme leader and was in charge of Iran’s regional policy.” Haaretz says: “This is the most fateful action by the Trump administration in the Middle East in the past three years – the blatant assassination of effectively the second-most powerful man in his country and over the past two decades the most powerful in the region.”

“Soleimani played the key role in destabilizing Iraq after the American invasion. He transformed Hezbollah from a medium-sized militia into an army-sized force and the main power broker in Lebanon. And then came his greatest achievement, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of deaths: Without him Bashar Assad would not have remained president of Syria in his Damascus palace.”

General Petraeus, in a 2008 letter to the then-US defence secretary, described Soleimani as “a truly evil figure”.

The question is not why he was taken out so much as why now? There have been low level attacks by Iranian-backed militia on American forces and personnel in Iraq recently with some retaliation from the US. But this appears to be what the Telegraph described as “a massive walk up the escalation ladder.” Even Israel has ducked chances to take Soleimani out for fear of the consequences.

Trump wants out of the Middle East and stymied John Bolton’s hawkish efforts to topple the Iranian leadership. Did he think a one-off strike would bring him kudos and divert attention from domestic woes? If so, he woefully under-estimates the Iranians who will feel impelled to grandstand their anger and resistance. Despite talk of World War 111 and an all-out confrontation, their talent is asymmetrical warfare since they know they lack the US’s massive armed forces. The payback could happen anywhere and anytime but will certainly put US and Brit forces in Syria and Iraq at higher risk.

Soleimani, 11 March 1957 Iran, was a Sun Pisces (a sign often found in Islamic-fundamentalist charts) in a confident opposition to Jupiter in Virgo with Mercury Venus also in Pisces – all his Pisces planets being square a serious and knowledgeable Saturn in Sagittarius. Most significantly he had Mars in heavyweight Taurus conjunct the destructive Fixed star Algol in a ruthless square to Pluto.

The Iran 7 October 1906 chart has a Solar Arc Mars opposition Jupiter now which does suggest a ‘holy crusader’, aggressive and self-justifying response. There was similar when the US launched the Afghanistan War in 2001. In Iran’s case the Solar Arc Mars will move onto to oppose the Neptune in two years’ time which suggests failed plans; with a massive jolt in 2020 from Solar Arc Saturn opposition Uranus.

Trump’s Term chart also indicates a gung-ho, might-makes-right mood at the moment with tr Pluto square the Jupiter running till late January 2020 and repeating till the end of the year. It gives an overdose of confidence which can ultimately blowback. There’s also a distinct see-saw wobble from the Pluto moving to close to the square to Uranus to exact within the next two months.

Pompeo’s Secretary of State chart always indicated an explosive and crises-ridden with an exact Mars Pluto conjunction which has tr Saturn sitting exactly on it for these few days over the New Year. And his relationship chart with Trump looks extremely fraught with an aggravated Mars opposition Venus Saturn which is being elbowed at the moment by tr Uranus conjunct the Venus and moving on more disruptively in May/June. There were some rumours he was going to bale to pursue a Senate run, which doesn’t sound as if he is in-step with POTUS. Certainly Pompeo does not have Iran as a success zone on his astrocartography, quite the reverse with Mars on his IC.

Neither does Trump since it puts his Uranus Sun in the 7th opposition Moon in the 1st, with an indecisive Neptune in the 10th located to Teheran. The Ayatollah Khamenei’s Uranus is conjunct Trump’s Midheaven, giving him a capacity for destabilising Trump; and the Ayatollah’s Cancer Sun sits on Trump’s Saturn in Cancer, so he’ll dent Trump’s self-esteem.

Which makes the magnitude of the action even more bizarre. Perhaps in his deteriorating mental state, beset by impeachment fears, losing the North Korea negotiating triumph as Kim Jong Un goes awry again, he thought an out-do Obama moment by knocking off an even more significant figure than Bin Laden might feed his crumbling ego. Or maybe he didn’t think. Or maybe a nuke-em-all military type just got his finger on the trigger before anyone noticed. All will no doubt be revealed in time re-motives and decision-making.

Add On:  The Iran Revolutionary Guard was founded on 5 May 1979 – which gives a maverick Taurus Sun opposition Uranus; with a ruthless Mars Mercury and Venus in Aries opposition Pluto. The tr Saturn Pluto is square the Mars now as if suffers its worst setback; and in 2021 there’s a road-blocked Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Pluto for a discouraging year. It will be undergoing upheavals and radical changes 2021 to early 2024 as tr Uranus is conjunct the Sun and then opposition Uranus – so the nature of the organisation will be significantly changed. And by the mid 2020s the Solar Arc Saturn will oppose the Mars for a ‘collision’ of a setback.

Thomas Friedman has a few interesting things to say about Soleimani in the NY Times pointing out how his manoeuvrings on the battlefield caused Iran harm at home:

The Iran Revolution chart of 1 February 1979 9am is set for the moment Ayatollah Khomeini’s feet touched Iranian soil after his time in exile as he returned to put the mullahs in charge. There’s a Sun, Mars, Mercury in stubbornly uncompromising Aquarius opposition Jupiter in Leo. The Sun is widely square Uranus, trine Pluto and inconjunct Saturn – a hint of revolution, heavy control and strain.

Tr Uranus will square the Jupiter from February 9th to early March, which will give rise to a surge of confidence (or good luck); with sharp words erupting mid April to early May with tr Uranus square the Mercury; though when it starts to show disruption, high-risk and insecurity will be from mid June onwards as tr Uranus squares the Mars – which can provoke ill-advised macho gestures to prop up self esteem and that repeats into early 2021. Then in 2021 the tr Saturn in Aquarius square tr Uranus will land on the Aquarius Sun for an uncomfortable year of economic damage and other mishaps, necessitating a change of direction. The tr Uranus square Uranus doesn’t come until 2023 but that will continue the mood of unrest.


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  1. from world financial markets and astrology. Interesting article

    “My mobile didn’t stop clinging yesterday. When I checked who had to tell me so urgent news, I was surprised to see messages from Iranian FB friends, rejoicing and happy about the death of Qasem Soleimani! I was not aware what was happening, the family was here, so TV was off.

    • Silly fake news. Have you seen the multimillions of people on the streets mourning Suleimani? All shades of opinion have been united in Iran as a result of Trumps demented and clinically insane act.

  2. Trump did this to distract from the Deutch Bank news. Every time he gets some sort of bad PR/criminal charge, he does something to take attention away from it. Expect more of the same in the future. He is a dementia-ridden fool with the history of using mob-like tactics to gain control. I would not put it past him to do more horrendous things that kill other people and inflict long lasting damage to the lives of many.
    And yes, follow Tom Joseph (tomchicago) on twitter.

  3. Report from Meshed as tens of thousands take to the streets including my relatives. I’d post the pix I’ve just received if I could. Every Iranian asked for a dollar pledge as bounty on Ts head. 80 m dollars roughly. Make of that what you will.

    • Put me down for a hundred bucks…. also any rogue state in the ME minded to bring America into major war with Iran, if it’s not already on the cards, can set up a heavy false flag attack, job done….Neptune the deceiver.

  4. Trump ordered Soleimani’s death for only one reason: to deflect from his impeachment….and it’s working. He is insanely desperate about winning a second term…..he’ll do anything…..and will continue to up the ante against Iran until impeachment isn’t even a blip on the evening news. Iran will eclipse Trump’s impeachment and solidify his base. His tweeting an image of the American flag following Soleimani’s death thrilled his supporters. It’s all about impeachment.

    • Tom Joseph also has some thought about the Trump Deutsche Bank loan info from a whistleblower. See twitter: @TomJChicago. Trump has always seemed more terrified about his finances (or lack thereof or foreign dependency) being exposed than anything else.

      • The Deutsche Bank news is far from confirmed, coming from a rather obscure website that went down after the news went viral. The administrator told they were “cyberattacked”, but this is, alas, a well worn tactic of Trump Conspriacy grifts. There are these people on both sides. I’m old enough to remember when Louise Mensch was a thing, and she was, somehow, more credible at least to The US public being an ex-MP and therefore credibly “connected”.

        Another “red herring” I’ve seen circulating in the internet these days is that Sperbank (Russian bank) jet seen in Florida. I know for a fact their story – they charter the plane to third parties – is credible. Russian Oligarchs do this, and these planes charter middleclass holiday makers to their favorite desitinations, one of which Florida just happens to be.

        In the mean while, there is a veritable papertrail between Trump Org and Azeri Transport Minister Ziya Mammadov. There’s even a Trump Tower project in Baku. Azeris are an interesting ethnic group, since their language is closely related to Turkish, but they are mostly Shia Muslims, so they have close relations both to Turkish and Iranian Government, and obviously Russians. Azeris are also the second largest ethnic group in Iran, after Farsi. So, Azerbaijan has been used as a “dark money” hub, and Mammadovs are known for and were sanctions for laundering money for IRGC.

        So, instead of covering his “Russian trail”, it could be that Trump attacking Iran now could be related to this – he needs to “discredit” what ever links emerging with Iran by being able to say this is smear by Iranians. And, since he probably isn’t smart enough to think about this himself, someone (could be Israeli operatives), likely suggested this.

      • Also, worth to notice, Trump’s “hook ups” to Russian real estate business were largely either Azeri or Turkish. Aras Agalarov, who paid for Miss Universe 2013, is of Azeri origin. His son Emin, whose popsinging career the event was supposed to support, was married to Leyla Aliyeva, daughter of Azeri President Ilhan Aliyev. Bayrock founder Tevfik Arif was born to Turkish speaking family in Kazahk Soviet Republic.

        Therefore, while I’m incredibly sceptic of Deutsche Bank loans for Trump having records pointing directly to Putin by indicating VTB Bank – really, Russians aren’t this stupid -, I’m fully expecting there are tons of shell companies with Azeri owners.

  5. Extremely bad idea to have this deep blue background, I for one cannot read, in case you didn’t know blue, especially this kind of blue damages the eyes, the retina.

    • Depending on your device there are a number of ways you can do that yourself. For example, on this iPhone safari browser, I can just open the page in reader mode and change the background to a warm cream colour quite easily

  6. from axios(whatever that is)
    “Ready to skip 2020 and go straight to 2024? In a SurveyMonkey poll for Axios, Republican voters chose children of President Trump — Don Jr. and Ivanka — as two of the top four picks for president in four years.
    Why it matters: An early poll like this is largely a measure of name ID. But it’s also a vivid illustration of just how strong Trump’s brand is with the GOP.
    Ivanka and Don Jr. find themselves near the top of a long list of politicians who have held elected office, many of them vocal supporters of the posted months ago from axiom(whatever that is) 9 more years!

      • larryc, there’s been a lot of discussion on methodology used in this poll, overall. But it does show how profoundly Trumps rule the discourse among “conservative” circles. Junior’s wife and mother of his FIVE children Vanessa famously left him after he publicly cheated on her with Aubrey O’Day. He hasn’t been seen with his children since (I’m guessing Vanessa has pulled some kind of Marla Maples here). Yet, he manages to be number two choice here, and number one among 18-29 years demographic (arguably, Democrats outnumber Republicans in this demographic by a hefty majority all around The US, which is the reason voter registration is a priority to Democrats).

  7. Saturn-Pluto square Iran’s Mercury and opposite the US Mercury could mean IT warfare. Each country has attacked the other’s IT networks in the past.

    • Indeed. It could come in the form of IT espionage and sabotage. Be it sensitive/classified data dump, screwing with the stock market or utilities infrastructure systems.
      Anxious times.

    • IT warefare makes so much sense. It’s modern. There’s a low body count – but it could potentially inflict debilitating damage to the West at a fraction of the cost of a traditional (and somewhat expected) military / weapons-based initiative.

      Ugh, that orange fool is gonna kill us all isn’t he?

  8. This is going to be such a mess, for such a long time in Middle East, and possible outside too, one does not even have to look at the charts.

    That said, Lena Maryam brought up Islamic Revolution chart of Iran, and I think it would be incredibly helpful to look at that chart, too, and that of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, of which Soleimani was the head of. They were formed during the revolution, and Wikipedia states IRGC was formed on May 5th, 1979. The Chart is incredibly telling, IMO, with Taurus Sun and likely Leo Moon, and with Venus, Mercury and Mars conjunct in Aries, opposing Libra Pluto. Mercury/Mars conjunction is very tight one, too. Goes a long way to explaining why IRGC is such a force to recon with, shaping not only Iran (considered a “garrison state” now), but the whole Middle East region.

  9. A penumbral lunar eclipse happens this year on 30 November at 8 Gemini, which is exactly conjunct the USA Sibly Uranus, 6th house. This degree of Gemini/Sagittarius is noted by some as “The Nuclear Axis.” With Uranus there, especially, this point is very sensitive to transits. If you don’t mind me sharing a link, Marjorie, here’s a piece of writing about it. It’s concerning.

    • Interesting to see that chart, TrisKit, in the link you posted. The fixed star Antares is at 9 Sagittarius, in the constellation Scorpius. It is known as the Heart of the Scorpion, Watcher of the West, and is one of the four Royal Stars of ancient Persia. This star is considered to bring great energy, has associations with nuclear power, and military personnel. Mars, now in Sagittarius, is around that degree between 15th and 18th January, so possibly a very likely flashpoint before the eclipse you mention.

      Antares opposes another powerful fixed star, Aldebaran, The Bull’s Eye at 9 Gemini. Taurus constellation. Its another of the four Royal Stars of Persia, Watcher of the East. East vs West might be the dynamic, as it has been for centuries. I do not know what could bring balance to the see-saw, but clearly this is the challenge we all face.

  10. I got married in Iran in 79. We watched American flags burning in the streets just as we see now. If I’m not mistaken, the Islamic Republic is on the cusp of its uranus opposition. From talking to my relatives in Iran and listening to an underground Persian news station, I am picking up signs that the youth are ready for a new internal revolution. The pot is about to boil over which ever way you look at it and there will be bloodshed as there was in 79. Just my take as a semi insider not as a practising astrologer.

  11. A few salient points on possible motive or at least trying to pin down Trump’s non-thinking processes from Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian.
    “Is there any point looking for logic or consistency in the words and deeds of Donald Trump? It can seem a futile task. And yet for at least another year – and perhaps five more – he wields the power of life and death, able on a whim to plunge the world into war. Which means we are obliged at least to try to divine some thread of reason in his actions and statements, if only to prepare ourselves for what could be their lethal consequences.”
    “An immediate answer is to say that you can’t, that there is no logic to be found because Trump will not have thought through the implications of his actions.”
    “In the words of one US analyst, “We’re playing checkers. The Iranians are playing chess.”
    “Trump likes to look macho.”
    “George W Bush and Obama had opportunities to kill Suleimani and chose not to, seeing this as evidence of Trump’s recklessness. And yet that’s precisely why this move would have appealed to Trump. He prides himself on daring to wade in where his predecessors feared to tread, with the 2018 move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem the textbook example. Others might admire Bush and Obama’s relative restraint; he sees it as wimpish cowardice.”
    “what did Trump tweet back in November 2011, as the US entered an election year? “In order to get [re-]elected, @BarackObama will start a war with Iran.”

    • It’s a provocation pure and simple. Iran’s presumptive angry, violent response is designed to be the causus beli leading to the long cherished war for the Saudis and Israelis. Political capital for his base as well in election year. I suspect there’s a case for treason here as Americans will die as a result of this Strangelove exercise, undertaken imo primarily on behalf of foreign powers.

    • “George W Bush and Obama had opportunities to kill Suleimani and chose not to, seeing this as evidence of Trump’s recklessness.”

      Suleimani was extremely, and I truly mean extremely, popular among large chunks of Iranian population just 10 years ago. Now, there might have been a slight shift, but still, “martyring” him was possibly the most unwise move someone could take, next to killing The Ayatollah.

    • Without reading that NYT article, I’d say that Pompeo isn’t a “true believer”. He converted to Evangelism living in Kansas, apparently to advance his business and political pursues. And he is auditioning for Senatorship in Kansas and a Presidential run in 2024. My personal assertion on Pompeo is that he is one of those “executive” psychopaths you read a lot about, but actually meet quite unfrequently. I noticed this scrolling my Twitter feed last spring, and having his interview, where he apparently was “grilled”, start playing without a sound. He quite literally didn’t seem to have a pulse. The smirk was on, too.

      Therefore, I think war on Iran is cool calculation from Pompeo’s part. His weakness, I think, is that he simply does not get why people would become upset. I think he genuinely hasn’t calculated on Middle East Escalation leading to US Troops being killed at a rate not seemed since Vietnam (if Iraq was tough, Iran will be five times tougher) being a liability for him politically.

  12. “The question is not why he was taken out so much as why now? “

    Precisely Marjorie.

    And in a manner where there can be no doubt that it was the US government who performed the assassination. Killing foreign political opponents is not unknown in international affairs but normally when states want to commit such acts they use intermediaries or proxies so they can have the option of deniability. This was certainly the normal modus operandi of the likes of the CIA for terminating unfriendly opponents of the USA with extreme prejudice over the years. There are lots of Sunni factions in Iraq that wanted Soleimani dead who the US could have assisted to carry out the killing but they chose not to utilise that option. Slaying a senior official of a foreign government in such a blatant fashion as today’s attack is basically an act of war so one must assume that the current US regime want military conflict with Iran.

    All I can say is that they ought to note that the US progressed Mars has been retrograde since a July 2006 and will remain so until 2086. This is not usually a configuration where it is advisable to wage aggressive wars. For a warning they need look no further than Germany which fought two world wars in the 20th century under a progressed Mars retrograde and lost both of them.

    • Insightful and true. I was just listening to a history podcast on Kongo, and Lumumba assassination under Eisenhower was one example on how The US could operate without getting their hands dirty. UN Secretary General Dag Hammarsköld’s death didn’t even look like an assassination.

      That said, when it comes to Wars I must say The US hasn’t been that successful with Progressed Mars Direct, either.

    • The fact the assassination took place in Iraq is probably significant. The message was being aimed at both the governments in Baghdad and a Tehran. Assuming the US have an aim that does not involve a Middle East regional war then it seems they are trying to stop the Iraqi regime becoming a mere puppet of Iran. That would certainly tie in with the other attacks carried out by the US forces on Iranian backed militias and their leaders within Iraq. The problem for the US is that the Shia majority government put in power in Iraq by the Second Gulf war has long ties with Tehran that are almost impossible to break. Ironically the most viable alternative would be a Sunni minority government under a western controlled strong man. In fact something not unlike that run by the late Saddam Hussein whose removal from power it is now clear completely upset the regional balance of power in the Middle East. Should that be the outcome then there is a bitter irony that all the treasure expended and lives lost as a result of G W Bush and Tony Blair’s invasion of Iraq will have been wasted pointlessly.

  13. Non-astrologer here, but I follow Marjorie’s blog closely, and I wondered if any of you astrology experts had considered the following issue.
    I am aware that Trump has said before now that he wants to disentangle the USA from the Middle East – so why has he taken this monumentally dangerous step now?
    My suspicion is that he has been put up to it by the Israel lobby in the USA. If anyone has been gagging for war with Iran, it is Binyamin Netanyahu – and as his term of office comes towards its end, perhaps he wanted a scalp to hang on his spear. Even better for him if he could get the USA, with its heft and firepower, to do the dirty work.
    Is there any astrological clue to suggest BN’s or Israel’s part in this?

  14. As we pull out of the EU and become more dependent, much more, on UK / US trade deals how will the UK hard right-wing Tory party react to ”requests” to this type of situation from their big boss Trump? If not now, then in the future.

    Let’s get Brexit done right enough and prepare ourselves for being held over the US barrel.

    ‘U.S. to send 3,000 troops to Middle East after embassy attack, Soleimani killing’

  15. ‘The USA Doubles Down on its Saudi Allegiance.’

    ”Technology is a far greater factor in warfare than it was in the 1960s. The USA could destroy Iran, but the cost and the ramifications would be enormous, and not only the entire Middle East but much of South Asia would be destabilised, including of course Pakistan. My reading of Trump remains that he is not a crazed Clinton type war hawk and it will not happen. We all have to pray it does not.”

    ..”2020 is going to be a very dangerous year indeed.”

  16. ” Did he think a one-off strike would bring him kudos and divert attention from domestic woes? ” Yes, he did. It’s about kudos and feeding his voter base. Nothing else matters.

    This reminds me of pointless statistics shown on the telly during ‘Nam. “Look how we are winning!!!” The Vietnamese irregulars knew they could easily hamstring the American War Machine. The Vietnamese regular army would wait along the sidelines and ambush anything moving down the trails. It wasn;t about body counts or about which Iranian/Iraqi generals were taken out. Slowly, patiently, Charlie would eliminate the foreign American devils. One by one. That’s all that mattered. Charlie eliminated the Brits and then the French. Say no more.

    Trump will destroy this country; none of the face-feeding voters understand or care. Not until the country is invaded or reduced to radioactive piles of rubble.

    • First paragraph nailed it Larryc. He accused Obama of contemplating a similar scenario to get re-elected in 2012. By tweets and video!
      This guy is the projector in Chief.

  17. What stands out in the 1906 Iran chart is Mercury in Libra at 22 degrees, close to the MC. tr. Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is squaring its Mercury almost exact, which is putting an emphasis on heavy political maneuvering at the moment. They are heavily stressed and under the gun, figuratively speaking. When Mars reaches Aries later this year and goes into retrograde, communications will get more inflamed, diplomacy may falter. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if this become a major flashpoint this year. Although I’d stop short of suggesting that a global conflict is imminent.

      • Yes…late September through late October is particularly concerning. I tend to think that the problem is going to be economic in nature, due to key natal placements in the Federal Reserve and Buttonwood charts being hit by transiting Mars/Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto, along with the US chart. Mercury retrograde during that period also makes key hard aspects to several placements to all of those charts as well. It is followed by tr. Saturn square Uranus in 2021, which has historically augured recessions.

        It’s clear that the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is going to manifest immediately as geopolitical tensions. That is consistent with the historical record. During the 1914 pass, it triggered WW1, in 1947, it signaled the start of the Cold War, in 1982, the ratcheting up of tensions with the USSR (arms race), the Falklands War, and the 3rd world debt crisis. In short, we are in for an eventful next couple of years. We will remember the late 2010’s as a relatively stable time compared to what’s coming up. Change and disruption are the bi-words.

  18. Soleimani made a very chilling prophecy to DT, eighteen months before his brutal death -“Mr. Trump the gambler,
    I’m telling you, know that we are close to you in that place you don’t think we are. You will start the war but we will end it.”

    Trump’s foolish act of aggression will have catastrophic implications worldwide.
    He has picked a fight which he won’t win.

  19. Marjorie thank you for the opportunity to communicate here.

    Saturn conjunct Pluto at 23 degrees Capricorn on Jan 12th 2020 always seemed to many astrologers to have warlike connotations. The conjunction is opposite Donald Trump’s natal Saturn and also opposite the USA Mercury. Transiting Neptune is conjunct the Iran (1979 chart) lunar descending node. With Mars now in Sagittarius we seem all of a sudden to be on something of a war footing. Transiting Mars is septile Saturn and Pluto this weekend, this is symbolic of ‘addressing a situation with action’, we could expect a sudden response from the Iranis. We are currently in an eclipse fortnight, the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on January 10th 2020 stands opposite Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. There is an uneasy feeling of ‘imminence’ with all of this. Certainly the global historical context has been cranked up a notch or two by this remote drone killing.

  20. Thank you Marjorie. This is a bewildering and alarming turn of events. I notice that the Boxing Day eclipse aligns with Iran’s Uranus, and the opposition with Solar Arc Saturn. Perhaps this was a trigger. Jupiter’s involvement with that eclipse also suggests religion and law being involved. The next eclipse, and the Saturn Pluto conjunction trigger Iran’s Mercury too. I wonder what kind of communications this suggests? Also, the reactions of Iran’s young population. So much is hidden from our gaze at the moment. Who else might be involved? Who is actively agreeing with Donald Trump regarding his actions? Words such as “insane” and “reckless” no longer serve!

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