Cyprus – sunny spots and suspect judicial systems


A #boycott Cyprus campaign has started after a judge handed down a guilty sentence to a 19-year-old British girl for causing public mischief. She reported having been raped by 12 Israeli men last July and then retracted her allegations after a protracted interrogation by police when no lawyer or translator was present. The judge refused to hear any evidence about whether the alleged rape took place, only on the recantation which she claims was forced and was certainly extracted without due process. The UK Foreign Office has expressed disquiet and several former Cypriot Attorneys General and the like have also queried the proceedings. There has been one other such story in the media about the police forcing a retraction from a woman claiming rape.

Cyprus gained independence on 16 August 1960 at midnight. The chart has two distinct sides. There’s an entertaining Sun Uranus in Leo in and adventurous trine to Jupiter in colourful Sagittarius. And there’s a much darker streak with a controlling 4th house Pluto Venus in Virgo square Mars Moon in Gemini – certainly it will foster sexual licence but there’s cruelty in there as well. Plus a stressed Yod of Moon Mars sextile Mercury inconjunct an 8th house Saturn – not exactly warm, cosy and supportive, for sure. The feminine doesn’t come out well in this chart being hemmed in by Mars and Pluto as well as an ungiving 8th house Saturn.

At the moment the Cyprus Gemini Ascendant has a debilitating tr Neptune square till late January undermining its image; plus a panicky-failure Solar Arc Mars square Neptune in the entertaining 5th house. There could be financial repercussions with the Solar Arc Venus moving to conjunct the Neptune in 2020.

If they hoped to protect their tourist trade by burying the story it’s going to boomerang in an even more damaging way if the boycott campaign gains traction. Sunny holiday spots and dodgy legal systems appear to go hand in hand.

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  1. In most countries, girls who say they have been raped and retract statements, are usually given psychological help unless it is clearly obvious a vendetta was taking place. Many rape victims retract statements because they do not want to face court. Maybe they feel unsupported by police and just give up continuing. Why was she not taken straight away for medical exam? Why was she given no legal representation when she asked for it? Why would she accuse twelve men of raping her anyway if it was false, what is to gain? Why was no one charged with filming without consent, the questions go on and on. This is no taking into account my own feelings of having been nineteen myself and the extreme doubt I have that a young woman of that age would consent to that activity with that number of men.

  2. This case is jaw dropping. Whatever the actual truth of the matter, it is very odd that all the men she accused are long gone and not in court to present their point of view, or be questioned at all. They have treated her like a major criminal, and failed to follow the process of law. It is cruel, arrogant, and invites suspicion. Let’s see what the eclipse, now building, may bring. Ayia Napa, where this incident took place, is a cynical money-making hub of drug and alcohol fuelled madness on a divided island, once said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of love. Of which it seems there is precious little in evidence. As with the case of the murdered journalist in Malta, the “legal” side of things would seem to be at best inept, at worst corrupt.

  3. Mars in the Ascendant at 24 Scorpio on the London December 2019 Solar Eclipse Chart squares the Sun Uranus Conjunction at 21-23 Leo in the Cyprus eclipse chart. The Cyprus Mercury at 8 Leo is opposed to Venus at 7 Aquarius in that eclipse chart. I think there is genuine anger in the U.K. Foreign Office over the inept way the Cypriot legal system has treated this girl. Regardless of whether the rape claims were true the courts handling of the aftermath is almost certainly going to cause her lasting psychological harm. The Cypriot authorities would have been better advised to have sent her home months ago.

    At the January Lunar eclipse set at London Venus at 26 Aquarius will be opposite the Cyprus Sun and Mars in early Sagittarius will be moving by transit to oppose the Cyprus Mars/Moon in Gemini and square the Cyprus Pluto/Venus in Virgo. Power struggles which are going to come with a hefty financial cost I suspect

  4. Not to mention it’s very shady reputation for money laundering and the like, it’s “ sex and other people’s money” 8th getting hammered by all the Capricorn activity, the big imminent conjunction of Saturn and Pluto especially and judicial Jupiter too
    Happy new year…

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