Rupert & Jerry – a love that didn’t age well + Mick Jagger

  The odd couple are reported to be splitting up. Nonagenarian, media mogul Rupert Murdoch and model Jerry Hall, formerly of the Mick Jagger tribe, raised eyebrows when they were hitched six years back, but now according to reports have decided to call it quits.

  There were some positives about the match with her Cancer Sun sitting in his relationship 7th house conjunct his Jupiter and her social-butterfly Venus in Gemini opposition his Sagittarius Moon, plus her Pisces Moon probably conjunct his Pisces Sun. But it was always going to be an argumentative combination with a composite, can-be-competitive Sun Mars conjunction. Plus there’s a power-couple composite Jupiter Pluto conjunction giving them both a morale boost initially at the prospect of an attention-grabbing relationship. But once the shine wears off what brought them together would start to rankle and they’d both be fighting for the upper hand and last word.

  She was born 2 July 1956, Texas, no time and he 11 March 1931 11.55pm Melbourne, Australia.

Both are strong, unbudgeable personalities – she has a super-confident Jupiter Pluto in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio and doesn’t give way easily. He has Pluto and an 8th house Mars opposition Saturn in Capricorn square Uranus – so hard-driving, and do-or-die determined.

  Tr Uranus has been upsetting their apple-cart since 2020 as it moved through early to mid Taurus hitting the composite Jupiter Pluto and then Sun – with more upheavals in 2023.

 The wedding chart of 4 March 2016 hinted at an excess of confidence and indulgence from Sun opposition Jupiter sextile/trine Pluto Moon; along with a constant-bickering Mercury square Mars.

  Both of them look downbeat this year. She has tr Saturn dampening her usual high-spirits as it opposes her Jupiter Pluto and squares her Saturn into early 2023; with a confused tr Pluto square her Neptune in 2022/23 and a romantically  disappointing tr Neptune square her Venus this year as well.

  Similarly he has tr Neptune square his Moon and a frustrated and impatient tr Pluto opposition his Mars. Both of them have a complicated relationship past and she’ll be well used to emotional hitches and glitches having had four children with the notoriously wayward Jagger. Murdoch has been married four times and an Australian newspaper quoted Andrew Neil, a former editor of Murdoch’s Sunday Times, as saying advice to wannabe brides was – “Don’t fall in love with Rupert. He turns against lovers and chops them off.”

Add ON: It’s a great pity there is no birth time for her which might explain a lot. She’s clearly always gone for difficult relationships.

 With Mick Jagger, 26 July 1943 2.30am Dartford, England, her Saturn opposed his Taurus Moon with her Jupiter Pluto in square and her Venus Mercury was conjunct his Saturn.  Saturn in relationships gives longevity and endurance but cuts down on warmth. Her Pluto square his Moon would make her possessive but her Uranus was conjunct his Leo, Sun, Pluto in Leo which would not make for a settled mix. Her Sun falls in his 2nd so money would be an important element in the mix.

  Their relationship chart has a composite showbizzy Mars opposition Neptune square Mercury Sun which would be argumentative and not mutually supportive – egos would loom large. There was also the classic power-couple Jupiter Pluto conjunction so togetherness offered great influence. But the internal dynamic especially with an ego-maniac like Jagger wouldn’t be pretty.  Especially since there was also a dominating composite Mars trine Pluto.

 There was less Saturn in her relationship with Brian Ferry but dollops of Mars with her Cancer Sun conjunct his Mars and her Mars square his Uranus – plenty of hot attraction to start with which turned into running competition to win arguments.  Their relationship chart has a seriously aggravated composite Sun Pluto square Mars (Moon). He evidently wanted to marry her but a even more successful rock star turned up in the shape of Jagger so he was dropped.   

Her Jupiter Pluto in Leo will crave flamboyance and gold glitter. She’s not a lady of simple tastes.

13 thoughts on “Rupert & Jerry – a love that didn’t age well + Mick Jagger

  1. I wonder if illustrator Antonio Lopez’ birthdate sheds any light – turns out she was engaged to him in her fledgling modeling days – before the rest came calling.

      • Could well be w that famous golden mane. I get a lot of Neptune as well in her “image” – early on anyway – and her love for foreigners suggests a 9th house Venus tie in.

        I guess Jagger is quite the specimen for astronalysis, due to his many consequential relationships. ( What an Orr Treaty that could be!)

        But back to rising signs – I’ve heard the mid heaven often gets mistaken for the rising when people have risen to prominence.

        A few days after the news broke some headline claimed Murdoch had tired of Jerry’s controlling and spendy ways. Sounded like complete horsesh*t . A lame plant by the sour tornado himself. Her low key wedding attire says the exact opposite.

        The news genuinely stunned me. Not that I thought it was Big Luv all the way. But I believed two experienced grownups had gone in with eyes wide open and steady intentions. That it was unbearable is a deep disappointment.


  2. The song….She is a hard woman to please (Rolling Stones). Is it about Jerry? She would have stayed with Jagger if he had not cheated on her over and over again. I doubt she could be happy with Rupert because Jagger really is her life time love.

    • Mmm
      I think so too, by far, regarding lifetime love. I always believed she was his too, though he looks “finally” settled w Melanie Hamrick.

  3. I would think the noon chart for her with Aries moon opposite Libra Neptune goes along way to explain picking difficult relationships. That opposition almost certainly plays out with her finding aggressive manly partners while she plays out the placid, agreeable Libra end. Eventually it all blows up.

    And that’s before you notice the opposition t-squares Uranus in Leo wanting distance. The moon is inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio – difficulties getting close. And meanwhile the Libra neptune trines Gemini mercury-venus having eyes for other possibilities.

    All of which sums to the same problem – the Cancer Sun / Pisces mars want something deep and close; the rest of her can’t handle it so repeatedly pick problem partners to doom it to failure.

  4. Anyone knows the rising of Jerry Hall? I do think it’s Leo, anyone agrees?

    Jerry welcomed the young girlfriend of Mick and praised her at a interview… I wonder what are their synastries…

  5. Saturn is conjunction the Moon in their composite chart. Second and fourth house respectively – can’t help feeling that Jerry wanted some stability and security for a while. Looks like the marriage was a reaction to her previous relationships for her. A kind of father figure. Mercury/Uranus midpoint is on their composite Mars, not a meeting of minds.

  6. Could this “domestic” account for Times proper Journalism last weekend publishing Carrie FO story? Does Murdoch relate to Putin? In terms of previous comments about other black swan events is Mick Lynch a positive black swan?

  7. Thanks Marjorie. ‘The odd couple’ indeed! Can’t help wondering what’s prompted this.
    I looked quickly at Bryan Ferry (26th September, 1945) and Mick Jagger (26th July, 1943) – both have a zig-zag cat’s cradle tangle of a natal chart. Mick Jagger’s Saturn is conjunct Jerry’s Mercury and Venus, his Chiron exactly conjunct her Jupiter/Pluto, and they have his Venus opposite her Mars. His Leo Sun is conjunct her Uranus. His Uranus in Gemini is conjunct her South Node too. Bit of a (lasting) rollercoaster?

    Bryan Ferry’s Mars in Cancer is exactly conjunct her Sun, trine her Mars. His Saturn in Cancer trines hers in Scorpio, but might be square her Aries Moon, and is square her Neptune in Libra – not very warm and snuggly.

    It seems that the relationships that make a lasting impact in one’s life are often the one’s with the ‘awkward’ aspects. Certainly, Saturn is usually involved, signifying a lasting connection perhaps. The quincunx or inconjunct also seems to make a regular appearance – I’ve known a number of Gemini/Scorpio and Taurus/Libra couples for example. No wonder the 7th house of partnerships is also the house of ‘open enemies’!

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