Royal roundup – family rifts and undercurrents

The Queen will understandably be having a sad and upsetting year with tr Saturn opposition her 7th house Moon over Prince Philip’s death and funeral, repeating until January 2022 and tr Uranus in square to her Moon from late May till March 2022. In addition with tr Saturn now heading downwards into her First Quadrant for several years ahead she is moving through a lower energy and less ambitious time. Whether she ever abdicates is questionable since her sense of duty is unbudgeable but she will step back more and more – with further considerable upheavals in 2023/24 when tr Uranus tugs on her Fixed T Square and opposes her Midheaven.

  Her Coronation chart is also showing signs of a dip with tr Neptune square the Mars from the middle of this month on and off into 2022.

  Prince Charles with his Solar Arc Moon square his 4th house Neptune exactly now is also sad and uncertain with his father’s passing. His Solar Arc Pluto is also opposition his 10th house Moon so he will be feeling the weight of expectations on him as well. He’ll be stepping into a more visible and hard-working phase ahead with tr Saturn now rising above his Descendant and aiming for his peak from 2026 onwards for eight years. Before then 2023/24 will be a time of radical changes, with tr Uranus opposition his Scorpio Sun; slightly panicked and nervy with his Solar Arc Neptune conjunct his Jupiter and opposition his Uranus; but successful as well with tr Jupiter moving across his 10th house.

  His relationship with his mother, never easy at the best of times, is going through a considerable adjustment exactly now and into early 2022 with the composite needs-space/different-agendas Sun square Uranus catching the tr Saturn square tr Uranus hard aspects. And there may be some – no doubt discreet – tussles for the upper hand going on over the next three years as well with tr Pluto conjunct the composite Jupiter and opposition Pluto.

  The two major headaches at the moment are Prince Andrew who should have been despatched to far-distant exile long time since to firewall the Royal Family against contamination. And the Harry/Meghan fandango.

  Andrew clearly thought his father’s death gave him an opening back onto the Royal stage and he has an unnervingly upbeat Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Sun in early 2022 as well as a confident and charm-offence Solar Return from February 2021. But that’s followed late year by a discouraging Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his 8th house Mercury – which may be a financial setback or more deep and dark secrets weighing him down. More significantly he does have tr Pluto conjunct his 6th house Mars and Venus in Capricorn from early 2022 to late 2023 which will be exceptionally frustrating and emotionally highly-charged. With luck that will put the blockers on any hopes he has of getting back into the spotlight.

  His relationship with his mother, on whom he is reliant for private funds since being stripped of his Civil List position, will be fraught through this year with tr Saturn conjunct the composite Mars and opposition Pluto. But that’s minor and she clearly still keeps him close. Charles and he are more obviously at odds through 2021/22.

  Prince Harry is suffering under a confidence-denting tr Neptune opposition his Virgo Sun from exactly now as he returns from the family funeral, on and off till January 2023; with a stuck Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Pluto in 18 months time; plus a debilitating and less successful tr Saturn through his lower-profile First Quadrant for some years ahead. This year is good for cash, the following two definitely not.

  His relationship with brother William is going from bad to worse this year with the tr Saturn square tr Uranus hitting on their relationship chart Sun square Mars, exactly now, worsening from mid June across their mother Diana’s memorial unveiling. And won’t heal anytime soon; ditto with Kate. There is a chill with Charles and more unrest into early 2022. Muddles and confusion with the Queen.

  Meghan has her Leo Sun in the line of fire of tr Saturn in opposition exactly now and tr Uranus square from mid May onwards, into early 2022. So a high-tension, one foot forward one foot backwards, year. Though her ambitions will push her upwards and onwards. Again financially this year looks good for her, next two less so.

  Her relationship with Harry is showing the strain of family fall-outs with the composite Moon square Pluto Saturn under huge pressure and discouragement this year through till late 2023, indeed 22/23 may be worse with tr Pluto opposition their composite Moon. Her relations with Charles and the Queen aren’t improving and will be even more aggravated in 2023/24, as will her interface with William and Kate at that point.

The Princess Royal will continue stalwartly to pack in more engagements than the others. Though her 2022/23 looks emotionally challenging with tr Pluto opposition her Venus; and her Solar Arc is in a ‘shocking’ conjunction to her Mars in late 2022 for a setback, followed by a very blocked Solar Arc Pluto conjunct her Mars through mid decade so she’s at a game changing phase of her life which won’t be easy to negotiate.

  Prince Edward and Sophie will step up to fill in the gaps with Philip gone and Andrew/Harry off the Royal duty roster. Edward is moving out of a less prominent few years with tr Saturn crossing his IC into his Second Quadrant at the end of last year. His relationship with the Queen is affectionate and fairly tight but will understandably be going through a period of adjustment this year. His interface with his older brother Charles is less easy with undercurrents of pushing and pulling and some irritation – and that won’t improve. If anything the years 2023 to 2025 will be stressful between them. The same goes for his relationships with William and Kate which will go through a dip over the next few years.

  Sophie Wessex, evidently a favourite with the Queen, will be upbeat in 2022 and assuming her birth time of 12.46pm holds good then on an upward career spiral for many years ahead. Though her relations with Charles and William and Kate aren’t that settled at the best of times and like Prince Edward will go through an uncertain transition in the next few years.

  There is no doubt that the family dynamic will change considerably when the Queen goes.  

10 thoughts on “Royal roundup – family rifts and undercurrents

  1. “The Duke of York has gone into business with a former private banker who was once at the centre of sexual harassment allegations, it emerged on Monday night.

    “The Duke set up a company, Lincelles, with Harry Keogh last year, according to Companies House records. Mr Keogh resigned from Coutts in March 2018 following allegations from female colleagues that he made unwanted physical contact and lewd comments.”

    Now I know that Andrew is not gifted in the brains dept, but you’d think that even he could put some effort into not repeating history, wouldn’t you?

  2. Dear Marjorie,
    I love your use of “catch phrases” in your Astrology of Today’s News section.  For example recently in the Royals Round-up your use of: one foot forward one foot backwards—a perfect description.  I want you to know that I’d read your Astrology of Today’s News even if I wasn’t interested in Astrology—just for the excellent writing you do with fun catch phrases and your coverage of recent news events.
    Kind regards,

  3. Between the elections and the royals, it has been a fascinating year to see how the planets play out. New hints of additional chapters of the Sussex biography reprint to come, might be the next turbulence mirrored in the sky. Thank you for staying on the story.

  4. Maybe we should try not be pulled into rumors and instead focus on the amazing community that Marjorie enables through her astrology gifts.

  5. Meghan might want to be a Californian senator, but I bet that there are a queue full of people that will fight tooth and nail for it as well. Still if she succeeds, she will find herself on the civil list, just not the British one. So how will she be addressed? Senator Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex? Or will she discard it as being irrelevant to her lifestyle and ambitions?

    Still she is pretty expert at hitting below the belt, which is a requirement for any politician these days. And her refusal to accept any wrongdoing on her part is just common sense as far as Americans are concerned. So by that definition she should go far. Scary int it!

  6. There is a rumor that MM might be tapped to fill CA Senate seat if one of the two aging senators resign soon. The Governor can appoint a replacement. The rumors that MM is still eyeing the Presidency are still out there.
    Wondering if she has positive transits for 11/2024 and/or 11/2028.
    Continue to enjoy all these posts.
    Thank you.

    • This politically-attuned Californian thinks it highly unlikely. There a long and well-qualified roster of highly experienced California politicians waiting in the wings for a senate seat to open up. Meghan Markle wouldn’t be among the top runners.

      • I’ve always found it curious that Meghan thinks she’s equipped for political office. If she thought the British tabloids were tough on her, how on earth would she cope with the rough and tumble of American politics?
        Her opponents would be raking through her past with a fine tooth comb.

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