Royal reigns – a macabre hand over ++ Hanoverian monarchy

Accession or Coronation chart? Which is the key marker? Birth versus baptism might be a reasonable analogy and looking back it does seem the Accession chart is the relevant one. Accession happens the moment the old monarch dies and there is usually a proclamation on the same or next day with a coronation some months later.

Queen Elizabeth 1 was handed the Royal baton when her half-sister Mary died on 17 November 1558 JC at 6am and her Coronation came on 15 January 1559 JC circa 7.30am.

  Her death on 24 March 1603 JC at 2.30am most clearly affected the Accession chart with the tr Neptune in Virgo opposition Venus square Saturn in Sagittarius in hard aspect to the Sun square Pluto opposition Midheaven. On the Coronation chart there is not much showing at that point.

  Queen Victoria acceded on the death of William IV in the early hours of 20 June 1837 with a Coronation on 28 June 1938 around 12noon. When she died on 22 January 1901 at 6.30pm in Ryde, England, on the Accession chart tr Neptune was approaching a conjunction to the Sun and tr Saturn (Venus )in Capricorn were trine the Mars and sextile the Uranus with again less showing on the Coronation chart.

 In Elizabeth 11’s case she acceded sometime over night into the 6 February 1952 and was proclaimed Queen at 5 pm that day. Her Coronation was on 2 June 1953 at circa 11.20 am.

  When she died the transits to the Accession chart were starkly obvious with the rock-solid Aquarius Sun opposition Pluto being hard-aspected by tr Saturn (Moon) square Uranus North Node causing a massive upheaval and a dead-halt.  The Coronation chart had some hints but was nothing like as clear.

The time of the Queen’s death is recorded as 3.10pm  which will be the chart of Charles 111’s Accession. It is less problematic than the Proclamation chart. Though it could be divisive/argumentative with Mars close to the Descendant and preachy with such an opinionated 9th and communicative 3rd house. Intense Pluto and Saturn in Aquarius in the 3rd along with a muddled Neptune will make for stubborn insistence on beliefs. Plus the marginally autocratic Saturn square Uranus – it could be high-handed. A much-travelled Sun Venus in the 9th and along with Mercury suggest a good deal of foreign travel.

  What is noteworthy if perhaps a touch previous is that the Fixed Moon Saturn square Uranus on his Accession chart will be upended by tr Pluto in Aquarius across the mid 2030s  which is the point at which Princes William will be at a crossroads. The Eclipse Saros cycle on the day he was born ends in 2036, leading some astrologers to suggest he could be the last monarch.  Charles will be 88 then and labouring under tr Pluto square his Scorpio Sun.

Add On: The present Royals are part of the Hanoverian Monarchy which moved onto the throne on 1 August 1714 with the coronation of King George 1. That chart s equally coming to a grinding halt in the mid 2030s with the Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the Mars for the first time  and tr Pluto opposing the Leo Sun. Even before then the late 2020s sees the Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the Pluto which will put up warning flags. 

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  1. Just a random thought, Mary Elizabeth Truss becomes Prime Minister having ‘ kissed ‘ hands with Elizabeth II on September 6th..Elizabeth dies on 9th September, Mary Queen of Scots is crowned on 9th September 1543…is there something much deeper being played out here ?

    • Perhaps the death of Queen Elizabeth II coinciding so closely with the accession of Liz Truss is an example of synchronicity.
      Would the ancients have considered it an unfortunate omen, in particular regarding the career, fate and trajectory of Liz Truss and her stewardship of the UK?

  2. By mid century, the UK will no longer be majority ethnically British in population composition.
    In such circumstances, one can see that the monarchy will lose the popular support necessary for its continuation.

  3. I have just heard on the radio that the Duke of York is taking charge of the late Queen’s corgis.
    The Queen may have arranged it, of course, but it is peace of mind regarding her dogs, who will miss her terribly.

    • I read that Andrew and Beatrice gave his mother the most recent dogs, with the understanding that they’d take care of them if/when she passed.

  4. Marc Morris’ The Norman Conquest (a great book) describes how the Anglo-Saxons chose the valid heir (a secular process) from among claimants (after the king’s death) then crowned him (ie, took the oath of duty to the domain in a religious ceremony). After all, King Harold who defended England at Hastings had no royal blood. How did he become king?

    Plantagenets simplified this process, given the luxury of a clear line of succession, no hit men squads for potential claimants, and fewer marauding foreign invaders.

    But I can still find echoes of the old Anglo-Saxon process in today’s process. The claimant is identified when the previous monarch dies, selected by in the Accession Council (formally timed by the proclamation) and crowned when he/she takes the oath of duty and service to the domain.

  5. Yes-this has all been so interesting—thank you. I do hope that William eventually becomes King. I believe he has a tremendous healing energy. I also hope that his family is still in the spotlight (in some way) after 2036 primarily because I think Charlotte is one tough, strong cookie. I think George is quiet, sensitive and private which is of course, fine.
    Somehow, I think Charlotte can be a transformer in some way. Just my hunch.

  6. Back in June you wrote a post about how the Mars-Uranus-NN conjunction has signalled turning points in history. When August rolled around we didn’t see much and, while Mars has moved on into Gemini, I suspect future astrologers will come to see the death of the Queen as the major event.

    Very interesting series of post and so much astrology to look at and learn from.

    • GnarlyDude, the triple conjunction (and any planetary alignments) don’t have to manifest at the exact date. They can trigger or be the start of something big around that time and later manifest in the future. Interestingly, the Hunter Biden saga began to loom large at this time period as significant events around him surfaced, the Queen has died and perhaps other things are being brewed up behind the scenes that the public has not become aware of. Regardless, we look back in a couple of years and see how this time period was an extremely significant turning point in history.

    • @GnarlyDude forgive my ramblings, I’m not an astrologer but I find the whole sequence of events, from Boris going, Liz Truss winning the PM job, acquitting herself quite well in PMQs (which seemed to surprise a lot of people including me), then as she’s reading out what she’s going to do about the financial crisis/energy bills, gets halted in her tracks due to the sudden passing of the Queen. After 73 years Charles is catapulted into position of King virtually overnight without warning, and the entire world is mourning the loss of the Queen. The whole scenario of this past few weeks strikes me as very Uranian – it’s all happened so quickly and unexpectedly in the sense of like a zap of lightening. So maybe the action was delayed a bit, but now working full blast? More than that though I’ve always understood that Pluto swept away much, but not what was needed. The Queen, as a person poor soul, has been allowed to rest finally, but what she stood for, all those good decent values, remains. Not only that, it seems a large part of the world has recognised what a good leader really is. Even Putin found something nice to say about her. The Queen has visibly raised the benchmark by which leaders should be judged and also behave. Words like duty, serve the people, have become common in discussion. People will remember and hopefully so politicians relying on a vote. Truss has come onto the stage with the new King who seems to be a handling a horrible situation well and I think he’s been amazing. I’ve heard reports that the outpouring of grief in Scotland may open up the conversation around Scotland and the UK and that maybe people won’t be so easily led by Sturgeon? Who knows? Maybe this mayhem is all a herald of the tide turning, good things moving forward. More togetherness, less divisiveness. Certainly not today or tomorrow but maybe this is a turning point? Light at the end of the tunnel of that Pluto sweep? Took a while to get here, it’ll take a while to climb out, but I don’t get the feeling any of this is awful. But then of course as I said, I’m not an astrologer 😉

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