Giorgia Meloni – ambitious plans to restore Italy’s stability

Giorgia Meloni, a right-wing adherent of pro-Mussolini politics, is riding high in the polls for the September 25th election. Pundits say if she fulfils the predictions she should have enough to form a coalition to  become Italy’s first female prime minister. Her next hope would be to transform Italy from a parliamentary republic, ruled since the war by a series of short-lived, unstable coalitions, into a directly elected presidency, similar to France.

 In Italy Mussolini is not regarded as repellent as Hitler, and Meloni insists her policies are not pro-fascist but centre-right. Her party’s policies include a tougher line on immigration, opposition to gay adoption and abolition of the “citizenship wage” — a guaranteed basic income.

  Born 15 January 1977 6pm Rome (from  memory), she is a hard-working, ambitious 6th house Capricorn Sun trine a lucky, successful Jupiter in Taurus in her 10th. She has a Yod of Saturn sextile Pluto inconjunct an 8th house Venus in Pisces; and another sort-of Yod from Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct the Black Moon. With the Black Moon also tied into a T square opposition Uranus square Saturn in Leo.  And her Chiron is conjunct her South Node in Aries – a complicated lady with fated path in life. Ultimately successful but with twists and turns and setbacks along the way.

 She’s looking marginally deflated across the election until late October and indeed beyond with tr Neptune conjunct her Sun/Jupiter midpoint and then opposition her Saturn/North Node midpoint. She will hit a patch of good fortune from 8th November till December 3rd – so coalition wrangles may prove successful. Though she’ll have to have it done and dusted before early December since thereafter she’s into a run of catastrophes and calamities.

 Jupiter crosses her Midheaven from May 2023 onwards till late 2024 which should see her forging ahead triumphantly. 2024/25 will be years of surging confidence. And Saturn is heading for her peak from 2027 lasting for several years thereafter.

  She’s certainly ambitious though there’s no saying she would win a presidential election even if she did manage to get the two thirds majority to push it through.    

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  1. Very much appreciated your comment! Let’s see what will happen after the election. Though you already commented previously in other post, Italy will continue its instability in the coming years….

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