Rory McIlroy – a Taurus showing his vulnerabilities

The golf Ryder Cup has been a disaster for Europe with the US team winning by a record margin. Northern Ireland golfer Rory McIlroy unusually broke down in tears afterwards saying he felt he had let his team-mates down. He was out of form over the first two days and suffered heavy defeats in his three matches, but ended on a high note with a victory in the top singles match on Sunday.

  McIlroy, 4 May 1989 Belfast, is a stalwart Sun Taurus opposition Pluto trine/sextile Saturn Neptune Uranus in Capricorn. Although he can be unpredictable with the triple conjunction, he’s normally rock steady.  But his Solar Arc Neptune is now exactly square his Sun and Pluto making for confusion and disappointment. As if that wasn’t enough he also has the tr Uranus square tr Saturn also colliding with his Sun and Pluto – a life-changing phase. Plus he has a couple of undermining Neptune transits in hard aspect to two Jupiter midpoints.

  The Europe captain Padraig Harrington, 31 August 1971 Dublin, a charming Sun Venus in Virgo square Neptune; with a cool Air Grand Trine of Mars in Aquarius trine Uranus trine Saturn in Gemini is not having his best year with his Mars catching the tr Uranus square and tr Saturn conjunction through this year into early 2022. But he’ll pick up from March 2022 in confidence with a potentially successful two years thereafter.

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  1. Most of the golfers say the Ryder Cup is the biggest pressure they ever feel. Usually they’re on their own in tournaments – they only have to deal with their own results. They spend their whole lives being the boss of themselves, potentially answering to no-one.

    The Ryder Cup suddenly has 11 teammates depending on their play. You can’t mentally prepare for that weight of expectations.

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