Rooney v Vardy – sound and fury signifying nothing

Fur is flying in an unbelievably nonsensical £3 million libel case – ‘a fiesta of fake tan and fury’ – in London between two mega-rich footballers’ wives over the leakage to the tabloid press of trivial social media gossip from a private group. Coleen Rooney, wife of bad boy Wayne, sourced the offending tales to an account of Rebekah Vardy and outed her, resulting in a retaliatory suit for defamation. Though it has been mooted that Vardy’s agent who had access to her account may well have been to blame.  Mobile phones were lost in the North Sea, laptops refused to divulge their secrets but the runaway feud stumbled on into the hallowed halls of justice. It’s been described by an onlooker as a ‘train heading towards a cliff edge with two passengers on board, neither of whom is willing to disembark’.

 Coleen Rooney, 3 April 1986, has been  married for 14 years to Wayne, mother to his four sons Kai, Klay, Kit and Cass, forgiver of his various infidelities, lives in a £20 million house and is constantly on Dubai and Caribbean holidays. Over the years, she has been on TV shows, written  magazine columns and produced fashion ranges. She is an upfront Sun Aries square Neptune Mars in Capricorn; with an intensely determined and indulgent Venus in Taurus conjunct North Node opposition Pluto with her Pluto in a confident trine to Jupiter.

 Rebekah Vardy, 17 February 1982, married to Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, formerly in a liaison with pop singer Peter Andre, mother of five kids and lives in mansion with a tennis court, gym, indoor pool, sauna and marble-topped bar. She is a Sun Aquarius trine a volcanic collection of Pluto, Saturn, Mars in Libra which is turn squares her Venus in Capricorn.

  Both of them are determined personalities with stressed Venuses and one key problem may result from Rebekah’s Jupiter being conjunct Coleen’s ramped up Pluto which will lead to oneupmanship games and a tussle for the upper hand. And has been spotlighted by the recent Scorpio Solar Eclipse.

  The end result is hardly likely to bring much financial reward though with hubby Rooney being worth £100 million and hubby Vardy earning £7 million a year it hardly matters.

  Rebekah looks uncertain and deflated in the immediate future though back to confident form in 2023. Coleen is edgy this year, on a downer in 2023 and only retrieving her mojo through 2024/25.

   Ukrainians are being slaughtered, the poor can’t afford to eat and heat, and the brainless ones blunder on regardless. They could have given the £3 million to a foodbank or refugee charity and earned themselves some kudos. Sound and fury and even less substance than the rancid Depp v Heard case.

18 thoughts on “Rooney v Vardy – sound and fury signifying nothing

  1. Could it be that the football association may have certain responsibility in the way these football wives/ girlfriends are jettisoned into the public arena due to the role their extremely well paid footballer husbands/partners play(sorry about the pun), in society. Do they merit certain training in the job of presenting a public face in the game, after all there is the example of Marcus Rashford speaking for poor children, if the young women involved were presented with the need to maintain certain standards, after all they are there due to their partners talent in the game, not their own talent, it must be quite a conflict for the men to keep those young women better behaved, I do know that football is an important part of the general culture but we do no expect such young people propelled into stardom to always keep a cool head and a sense of proportion, I feel that the young women also need support from the powers that be.

    • If these young womens’ marriages bring them incomes and fortunes in the tens of millions, isn’t it their own responsibility to pay for a therapist who can help them get their heads screwed on right? Why would the public have any obligation in this matter?

  2. BBC “Breakfast ‘News’ ” spent a solid ten minutes yap yap yapping about this ridiculous, boring, trivial, inconsequential piece of pettiness at prime news time yesterday – all the time a major war is waging on the European continent.

    Oh, and they had to drop in the phrase ‘Wagatha Christie’ every minute to show how clever they are.

    The BBC has lost the plot.

    I sincerely hope that the Government introduce a voluntary subscription funding model for the BBC.

  3. Never heard of any of these people before. It seems I’ve not missed much.

    I have a hard time imagining how one could be given a life at those income & privilege brackets, and not just relax, chill out, and be happy and generous.

    I’d be willing to be quite laid back myself, for only $10 million…

  4. There is less to these two self-centered women than meets the eye. Just goes to show that money cannot buy you
    class, intelligence, or style. Truly pitiful.

  5. The lawyers are responsible for taking on such low lives, whose ego’s outstrip intelligence and reason. It’s a q.e.d. Of the collapse of all morals and reason …Truly disgraceful, it’s the end of civilisation when such crap is headlines

    • No, it’s Britain’s trivialised and puerile press which is to blame, for giving it so much unwarranted attention.

  6. I originally thought this was two spoilt women going at it (and it is to an extent). But Vardy is driving all this – I don’t get why she’s doubled down rather than let it all blow over but that’s fragile egos for you. No time of birth for her, Colleen’s Saturn is on her Sag moon – holding her accountable for the BS. There’s a rulership / obstinacy connection there with the Jupiter – Pluto of the synastry.

    Have to say I am find the trial details entertaining. Every time the QC asks a question, Vardy comes up with a foot-in-the-mouth answer – they’re running rings round her. Sad part is she won’t learn anything from it. All she knows how to do is point the finger of blame, claim she was joking or be implausible. She has transit Pluto hitting her natal venus square pluto – so maybe this will take her down a few notches.

    • Mars Pluto conjunction plus plus – is always a hint of a never-say-die determination that can’t let go arguments.

      • Indeed, talk about the scorpion stinging itself. She really seems clueless about how this was going to go – surely her counsel did some test questionings. Seems to me like it’ll be a pyrrhic victory at best.

        Today was about how she has been selling access to the paps photographers. What I got to wondering is how much can she actually be earning through this? Can only be a few hundred quid per photo. How is that worth selling out your life when hubby is earning £7 million per year. It’s such a trivial amount of money yet, maybe Venus in Capricorn can always be needing more.

        The other highlight is the court sketches.

        • The court sketches are….something else!
          The whole case is insane. Both women are tough and determined, as Marjorie says. And both suffering from tunnel vision and possibly narcissism. However, Rebekah Vardy has a troubled story that includes childhood sexual abuse, being thrown out of her family home at 16, a previous 6 month marriage, a couple of other children, and Jamie Vardy’s family refusing to attend their wedding. There’s fighting and drinking through her history too. The Mars Pluto and Saturn effect maybe? Bit of both victim and perpetrator?

          Coleen, on the other hand, has 10 GCSEs, and has devoted herself to Wayne Rooney since they were 16. She’s certainly stuck with him through copious quantities of thick and thin. Mars, Neptune and Pluto working together to sustain her illusions perhaps. Plenty of Neptune in this case, from the phone at the bottom of the sea, the very unwell and invisible ‘agent’, and the mind-boggling lack of substance to the whole tawdry thing. I am amazed it got to court.

  7. Big people tantrums. I’ve started wondering if there is not some other way the media could make a living instead of being display theatres for the worst in human nature. Do you have any astrological hopes, Marjorie? Could it be a passing fad? even a very long drawn out one?

  8. The only sensible thing to be said is that this will provide employment for the lawyers and amusement for the rest of us.

  9. Marjorie, your last paragraph sums up for me how little these vile self-important celeb types contribute to the greater good.

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