Ron DeSantis – setbacks followed by successes

Ron DeSantis, up for re-election for Florida governor this November, is viewed as a potential GOP 2024 presidential contender instead of Trump. A Tea Party conservative, he has caught the headlines recently  for his hands-off approach to the pandemic, despite an infection surge, and more recently for a push to ban students from learning about sexuality or gender identity in schools.

  He was born 14 September 1978 in Jacksonville, Florida. What is intriguing are his negative influences running over the November election this year, though all the indications are the Democrats would have an uphill struggle to win. But he has the tail end of the blocked, frustrated tr Pluto square his Mars still running as well as an undermining tr Neptune opposition his Jupiter/Uranus midpoint and a loss-making tr Saturn square his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint. Which doesn’t mean he’ll lose but he’s certainly not delirious with joy. From May to early August this year he has a crushing and dispiriting tr Neptune opposition his Saturn/Pluto midpoint, repeating through 2023, on and off till February 2024.

 Once he loses that debilitating influence, 2024 is a different matter. He will pick up the upbeat, super-confident tr Pluto opposition his Jupiter in March 2024, repeating June/July and across the Inauguration in 2025. Plus a ‘lucky break’ tr Uranus square his Sun/Jupiter midpoint running from July to late October 2024 and April 2025. Plus a charming, popular Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Venus in 2024.

  He’s also getting a major triumph in 2029 when his Solar Arc Jupiter is conjunct his Sun, which may be connected to electoral successes or other events in his life.

See previous post July 18 2020.

34 thoughts on “Ron DeSantis – setbacks followed by successes

  1. Thanks Marjorie – I too am a FL resident (36 years) – I was in PBC during the 2000 election recount (Bush/Gore – senator Rick Scott and R. Desantis are the worst, their far right wing born again fervor borderline fascism is frightening. There was a time I would define south fl as NYC with palms, not anymore – especially in Palm Beach County – it is becoming the deep red “south” their racism is out there for all to see – gerrymandering, and way too many confederate flags flying on Ford and Ram trucks these days.

  2. Still disturbing, tho no longer surprised, to find another extreme right-wing Virgo. Are the males of our sign worse (I used to like them, but that was decades ago), or is it just because there are more of them in the public eye ? or is the influence of Pluto in Capricorn, all the Capricorn energy in recent years ?

    Although the horrors in Ukraine dwarf any of our issues – political or personal – it should also be clear by now how necessary democracy is, and keeping away racist/neo-nazi/fascist influences from our own government and other influences (media, corporations). Way too many Americans loved – and still do – autocrats like Putin, whether from the right or the left.

  3. Going back to DeSantis. He seems to be a frontrunner for Republicans Presidential Candidacy in 2024 IF Trump won’t run. Right now, Trump is still letting his supporters believe he is running, but per Majorie’s previous posts, which seem to indicate a very downbeat 2022/23 for him, I think something will blow those plans by early 2023. So, it’s likely DeSantis will run.

    However, I have a feeling about Foreign Policy becoming much more of an issue in the US politics again, and there likely being major shuffle among Republican ranks in particular due to this.

    • @Solaia: Watch Tom Cotton. He’s a sleeper.
      As to the Dems, I think Mitch Landreiu would be a very good candidate. Is he interested is another question. Stacey Abrams needs a stronger resume. So if she becomes GA governor this November, doing 2 terms successfully would put her in good stead for a run in 2032. But running before then is risky. And Buttigieg is still a force.

      • @Troy, I agree about Stacey Abrams. She needs more experience. Mitch Landrieu, a good guy, doesn’t have much of a national profile and comes from a prominent Dem family from now very-red Louisiana. Tom Cotton is one scary dude, an extremely right-wing Rhodes Scholar, bordering on fascist, who is lacking in any humor, humanity or, fortunately, charisma. The Republicans definitely attract these vile specimens now.

      • @Troy, but she is already the President of United Earth. I also think Georgia needs her as Governor. Georgia becoming more Blue would actually be good for business. Texas is becoming incredibly unattractive locations for businesses aiming to attract young, educated women and families as workers because of limitations they are imposing to female healthcare (yes, they say it’s about reproductive rights, but in Italy, where medical staff has right for “concious objection” on abortion, this really reflects to female healthcare overall, with regions with high number of objectors also having worse female healthcare in general). Florida, with a decisive “Red turn” might not be far behind with policies.

        As for Tom Cotton, I seems more of a traditional “Hawk” than a Trumpist “Dove’. In case he has not taken money from Russians, he could make some splashes. DeSantis, BTW, accepted 50k of campaign funding from a Russian oligarch seeking for “perks”. Obviously, not a large sum, tables at Mar-A-Lago event go for more, but there is some potential for this story to grow, with Russian money having flooded especially to Florida real estate market.

        • I didn’t know about DeSantis accepting money from a Russian oligarch, but that won’t matter much to Florida Republican voters because they voted for Rick Scott three times (twice for governor and once for U.S. Senator) even though he was the CEO of a company which was responsible for the largest Medicare fraud ($1.7 billion) in U.S. history.

    • I remembered Marjorie posted Elizabeth Warren’s “Good news ahead” on May 29, 2021 who looks very upbeat 2024. I wonder how she’ll fit into this.
      — She also has Jupiter in Aquarius which is interesting since it catches the super-successful tr Pluto conjunction from April 2023 right through till late 2024.

      Over the election she has a raft of helpful and uplifting though minor Jupiter transits to various midpoints as well as one discontented one. Whatever happens she looks as if she is on a roll and more than upbeat about the result—
      I can’t imagine she would be upbeat about a Desantis win

  4. “I don’t see it so much as pretentious, but she seems to have difficulty in connecting with people, unlike, say, Stacey Abrams.”

    This is an astute observation and I think true to many Libra Sun ladies in public life. As a Libra Sun, I think it has to do with how we tend to carry ourselves. A coworker I eventually became a good friends with once told me she initially had trouble connecting with me because I seemed “such a swan”. She was not wrong, although she came to work with me during a period of intense internal turmoil, I wasn’t showing much.

    • For some reason, this came up, but was really answer to Nicole Sours Larsen’s comment on Kamala Harris

      BTW, I personally don’t think Harris will run for Presidency in 2024 if Biden has to renounce. She is ambitious and driven, but seems to know not only her own limitations, but those of American political culture, which has a surprising misogynic streak. See, in fact, how Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton have been treated all through their careers, and some comments on Pelosi in particular here. They are politicians to core, but incredibly good in what they do, and that just isn’t allowed to women in the US. And I don’t honestly think this has changed enough for a woman to be a viable candidate for Presidency in the US for next 10-15 years at least.

      • @ Solaia,

        You are absolutely right about the sexism and misogyny in American politics. Hillary Clinton was (and still is) the most qualified person to be President of the United States. People came up with a million excuses why they didn’t vote for her in 2016….but they were all superficial excuses (she wasn’t “liberal enough,” they didn’t like Bill, she’s a “hawk,” etc). Those some people who didn’t vote for her certainly didn’t mind voting for Trump…and even some of the far-left people who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton started making excuses for Trump. It was obviously sexism that played a role (and women can sometimes be other women’s worst enemy; I’ve met many women who still think women are too “emotional” to be President).

        Nancy Pelosi has been the strongest and most effective leader in recent years – she’s been more effective than Biden and Schumer. It’s amazing how Pelosi has been able to navigate this politically polarized climate and she’s been a genius at making compromise and getting legislation passed. Really, she’s holding the entire Democratic Party together right now (she’s probably the ONLY one holding it together). Yet, she gets relentlessly criticized by the far-left and the far-right….and much of it has to do with the fact that she’s a woman holding a position of power.

        Amy Klobuchar was my preferred Presidential candidate in 2020….but even I knew this country wouldn’t give her the time of day. So, I voted for Biden in the primaries.

  5. Thanks, Marjore. As a Florida resident, I feel lucky he is our governor. I wouldn’t like him running for president for selfish reasons. His wife was declared cancer-free recently, maybe the transits are related to his wife’s medical issues and are not political

    • You Florida people can keep DeSantis, though I struggle to understand why you would ever want to. He’s Trump 2.0, something the US and world can certainly do without.

      Also sad to see that the Pluto in Libra generation to which he belongs, so far, isn’t putting up the kinds of progressive, forward looking-leaders we might have hoped for. Between DeSantis, Alex Jones, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, it seems as if we are stuck in a reactionary loop rooted in the Pluto in Leo-governed 1950s. I see little that is hopeful within this trend.

      Here’s hoping the overall zeitgeist shifts when Pluto finally starts moving into Aquarius this time next year.

    • What is wring with you? DeSantis is marching Florida residents into fascism. Banning books, taking over colleges, making protests illegal. Open your eyes.

  6. Saturn is also about to square his ascendant and conjunct his natal moon which can’t be good for his image or mood – let’s hope.

  7. As a Floridian….and as a resident of Jacksonville (where DeSantis was born), I find Ron DeSantis absolutely appalling. However, for whatever reason, so many people in this state love him.

    I’m sure DeSantis will win reelection this November – this is a red state now. Although, I am a little concerned about him possibly running for President in the near future. It’s a horrifying thought that he could make it to the White House.

    Anyway, I’m not going to obsess over elections like I did in 2016 and 2020. When I think of what the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria, Ukraine, and Yemen are going through right now, the political polarization here in the U.S. seems rather trivial.

  8. The thought of this lying sleazebag in a position of greater power, where he can do even more damage to the country, absolutely appalls me. While I like Kamala — I’m from California, which is far more accepting and tolerant towards minorities — I can see why she didn’t get traction as a presidential candidate.

      • I don’t see it so much as pretentious, but she seems to have difficulty in connecting with people, unlike, say, Stacey Abrams, who just oozes competence and empathy, or Val Demings. She doesn’t seem a particularly dynamic or even viable presidential candidate. She also has a lot of staff turnover issues, as does Amy Klobuchar.

          • @Troy, the sad thing is that I know there actually is depth there, but it doesn’t come across. I have a number of friends who’ve worked for California politicians and who’ve remained deeply loyal after they’ve left their staffs. But none of my political friends seem to know her or even mention her, which is an indicator. I think we’re agreed she’s a flawed politician.

            And by the way, everyone I know I from political circles loves Nancy Pelosi. She’s generally regarded as the most astute political strategist around.

    • She’s got a cold, hard, obstinate chart – intensely driven, resistant to anyone pushing off her own track, not a sharer and carer even superficially.

      • @Solaia, I remain in awe of your knowledge of American politics! And I grew up and have lived my life in and around the political world. I hope you’re right about Kamala, that she doesn’t run. And yes, women in American politics are held to an impossible standard.

      • Thanks for that insight, Marjorie. That makes sense. In thinking about her I’m struck how none of my extremely well-connected California Dem political friends ever talks about her or even mentions knowing her.

  9. I can understand him looking downbeat about the midterms as Democrats may not do as badly as many predict. He won’t lose in his Governorship so its likely the midterms he upset about. I think I remember someone saying Chuck Snhumer looks fairly chipper in January 2023. But Desantis looking upbeat in 2025 is perplexing. If Kamala replaces Joe and goes up against Desantis then I wouldn’t be surprised if he beats her. I have no faith in her leadership abilities and it seems most Americans don’t either.
    I’m hoping this is not the case and he’s just happy to be the new GOP top dog replacing Trump.

    • If the Democrats don’t do as badly as predicted it will be due to Trump’s meddling in the primaries and giving Republicans such wacky candidates in the general that their Democratic opponents will win by default.

      I can definitely see that happening in Georgia if Hershel Walker is the GOP nominee and he turns out the black vote against him.

      As for Kamala Harris I have zero idea how you’ve come to that opinion of her except for listening to talking heads because she’s just the VP and has very little to no power.

      DeSantis will probably be the next president because the 2025 inaugural chart has an Sun/Pluto conjunction which a lot of astrologers have deemed that whoever is the next president will have the mentality of a dictator and that definitely describes DeSantis.

      All of the astrologers have predicted that 2023 and 2024 will be bad economically worldwide and we know from history that however the economy goes so goes the American voter.

      • The 2021 Inauguration has Pluto on the MC conjunct the Sun so a GOP dictator doesn’t follow. The opinion on Kamala Harris is mainly down to her afflicted Saturn in Aquarius plus plus.

    • Hey Ava, curious is you felt wildly outnumbered by pro-Santis Floridians or if it’s more of a mix on the ground ? (The way it looks from up East is “everyone” in FLA luvs Santis.)

      • Florida is still purple and races are always super close, and no not everyone loves Desantis in FL, especially not in de largest voting blue counties of South Florida and Orlando/Tampa areas.

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