Ron de Santis & Greg Abbott – a sharp reality check

Ron De Santis, Governor of Florida, is on a mask-defying rampage as his state becomes the epicenter of a more transmissible surge of COVID-19 with hospitalizations climbing. Local school boards are refusing to follow his executive order banning mask mandates, despite threats to withhold funding. He was elected governor in 2018 with a 0.4 percent margin of victory. His stance has played well so far to his base but the virus may well be the deciding factor in his 2022 re-election and his hopes of GOP nominee in 2024.

  He’s in an oddly mixed year with an undermining tr Neptune opposing his Virgo Sun till early 2022 and tr Neptune also taking the shine off his lucky Jupiter/Uranus midpoint as well in 2021/2022. He looks panicked and confused this December and trapped in an enraging situation from early 2022 on and off till late year with tr Pluto square his Mars – and that is exact across the November elections. But he’ll be in ranting and raving form all the same and by 2024 he picks up a confident tr Pluto square his Jupiter, so whatever happens he won’t be down and out.

  Democrat Charlie Cridst may be the best hope against him but his Astro isn’t looking too cheerful ahead.

 Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, is facing the same problem with hospitalizations soaring on the back of his stalwartly anti-mask stance. He’s in a guddle and a muddle this year with an undermining tr Neptune opposing his Mars/Uranus midpoint (2022 as well) and the tr Saturn square tr Uranus colliding with his Uranus, and Sun/Mars and Sun/Neptune midpoints until early 2022. But thereafter he looks more upbeat and confident in January and again August to early December 2022 with tr Pluto energising two of his Jupiter midpoints. Not all of his plans will work out but he looks fairly buoyant. Where he hits the skids is in 2025/2026 with tr Pluto square his Mars and Neptune in Scorpio.

7 thoughts on “Ron de Santis & Greg Abbott – a sharp reality check

  1. Thanks for writing about this Marjorie.

    As a Floridian, I can honestly say that Ron DeSantis is absolutely the WORST governor this state has ever had – at least in my lifetime. I’m glad he’s not looking to happy and upbeat in 2022….but I know that doesn’t necessarily mean an election loss for him.

    I’m voting for Charlie Crist in the Democratic primaries next year – I don’t know if he’ll win the nomination this time around, but we’ll certainly find out next August.

    I did vote for Charlie Crist in the general election back in 2014 when he won the Democratic nomination….but back then, he wasn’t my first choice. I was still nostalgic for Alex Sink (who I voted for in 2010). I was skeptical of Crist back in 2014 because he had already been our governor from 2007 to 2011 as a Republican and he switched to Independent then Democrat within just a few years. I saw him as a flip flopper back then. Although, when Crist was our Governor as a Republican (and then as an Independent), he was fairly moderate and did a reasonably good job. I like where Crist stands on most issues these days…so, ironically, he’s actually my first choice for the primaries this time around.

    Nikki Fried – who is our current Agricultural Commissioner and only Democrat representing Florida in a statewide office, is the other high profile Democrat running. She’s a good candidate too. She’s also a moderate (and I like that). Fried is the first American Jewish woman to win a statewide election here in Florida in 2018 and that was pretty impressive. I voted for Fried in 2018 – if she wins the nomination next year for governor, then I’ll have no problem voting for her in the general election.

    Just curious, has anyone taken a look at Nikki Fried’s chart? I know she was born on December 13, 1977 in Miami, Florida…but I have no idea what her birth time would be. I am friends with a few local Flordian Democratic volunteers who know Fried personally; perhaps I could ask one of them if they could ask Fried for her birth time.

    • Glad to, see you back, Chris! (I’m a San Diego, California Democrat, strongly opposed to the governor’s recall. Newsom has been a better governor than I ever expected, in exceptionally difficult times.)

  2. I live in Texas, so much appreciate you commenting on Abbott’s chart. I could go on at some length on what a disaster his governorship has been. Sadly, it looks likely he will be re-elected. (Nov. of 2022).

  3. Much obliged Marjorie.
    I could go into a diatribe about this reading, but given my anger I might say things not suitable for this forum. Suffice to say I had hoped M.M would defeat that crippled wretch in Texas next year. As to Florida, Crist is old news and Fried doesn’t stand a prayer. Good luck Dems!

  4. Marjorie..Thanks a bunch for your post!
    Very much appreciated. FYI Charlie Crist, former governor & current house member isn’t the only one running for Desantis’ seat. Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, the leading Democrat in Florida’s capitol Tallahassee & lone democrat elected into the Florida executive branch. has been one of the most outspoken critics of DeSantis, taking her message to national cable television news and building her name recognition through gas pump stickers in the state. We will see who else will enter the race this fall. My thought is that red red TX will probably re-elect Abbott.

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