Roger Moore – Venusian overdose of charm


Roger Moore, the suave, consummate English gentleman with a twinkle in his eye, who played James Bond after Connery and before that Simon Templar in the Saint, has died.

Born 14 October 1927 12.45am London, he was, not surprisingly, a Sun Libra with a 10th house Gemini Moon opposition Saturn square Venus in Virgo. Lots of soft charm and a way with women, seeing him through four marriages. He had a wide Yod of Mars in Libra (Sun) sextile Neptune inconjunct Jupiter in Pisces in his 8th, so he would have the ability to project an expansive manner – and accumulate a good deal of money. He owned rights latterly in the Saint, which set him up for life with its global distribution and rolled through four high-paying Bonds.

But he also had steel in his spine, grit and determination from Sun Mars square Pluto.

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